Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hello? Anyone Home??

Sometimes I feel like I have nothing to post about.  Then I have to many little things.  Oh well, here goes.

I've been working really, really hard on my Jubilee quilt.  You know it's bad when Mr. Fun says "you've been working on that one a long time...."  Wha?  We did actually move our whole lives during the quilting process.....

I only have 1/2 of 1 border left to quilt!!!

I switched up Andrew and Sigs (and guest) bedroom this fall to feature cheddar.

Mary B. made me this lovely hand dyed quilt.

I love how she quilted it

The other nightstand has this little cheddar beauty that I made years ago.

Speaking of Andrew and Sig - we had a lovely day at the zoo yesterday.
who can resist face cutout photo boards?  not us.

And we fell in love with the baby goats.  These 2 were born to Peaches last Friday.  There were some that were born on Sunday.  I want one!!

I have had several readers ask how I hang my quilts.  Here it is:  The Hang it Dang it.  I was introduced to this by my friend, Elizabeth O'S.

These are available on-line at several websites, just google it and order one.

It has changed my life!   It is a bold statement, but true.

I have just hung my 4th hanger in my sewing room.  It takes more time to find a hammer and nail than to hang it.  It only takes 1 nail and is self leveling.
The instructions are super easy to follow and changing a full sized quilt takes less than 5 minutes, which is how I enjoy different quilts throughout the year.

here is my new hanger and an older quilt "Lollipop Garden"

Sometimes I like to offer a behind the scenes shot of the UTTER CHAOS going on in my life.  This shot taken right after the beauty shot as I walked away from the mess.  As per usual, coco looked bored to death, literally.

Photo cropping has also changed my life......have a great week.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Going Postal - in a Good Way!

Sunday was swap day here at my house.  Susan came to help me and thank goodness, it was more time consuming than either of us expected.

We sorted, counted and swapped, bagged and packaged 7,500 nine patches.

Paper plates really helped us keep the piles separated.

Here is some inspiration from Pinterest -
Look at the cute one on the wall -

These blocks are so versatile the possibilities are almost endless.  I have 75 pins on my nine patch board - check them all out here .  Feel free to add your inspirations to the FaceBook page here.

The nicest woman worked with me yesterday at the post office.  She helped me with 5 international packages, and scanned all the priority envelopes.

I have all the tracking numbers on the worlds longest post office receipt.

I hope you have fun swapping and like your patches.   I look forward to seeing some fun and innovative nine patch quilts!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Sunflowers For Susan

Happy Friday!  Just in time for a visit to NJ, I finished a special Birthday Gift for my friend, Susan.  She was Jill's best friend and creative partner.

You may be thinking "that's it?"  As I approached this project, it was very difficult for me to put "me" into it.  I just wanted it to be Jill's.  This was the last thing on her design wall.  I decided to put them together and add the borders and just let it be.

My plan is to make this same quit for my sewing room.  I have to make 2 blocks first.  I wanted Susan to have all Jill blocks.

Wheel of Fortune - Blocks Made by Jill Reid 2014

I used my home made fan stencil and added an extra line in each blade.  **Stencil update**  The company I sent artwork to can not produce it because it is too large for their equipment.  I'll be pursuing alternatives.

It looks good with my cheddar nine patches that are on the design wall.

I used the border print with the lavender on the back.  Purple was one of Jill's favorite fabric colors and her collection really reflected that!

The machine quilting isn't perfect, so it's just right to me.  You can see where I backtracked.  I used my walking foot.

Have a great weekend.  My buddy Susan is coming on Sunday to assist in the swap.  Here is what the sewing room looks like - a post office!

I won ring toss last weekend at the fair, meet "Ruff"  coco isn't pleased....

And if you ever wondered, here is what 6oo pounds of butter looks like.  It took 12,000 gallons of milk.
Happy Friday!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Flower Gardening

Wow, I really missed the boat on the hexie craze.  I started this quilt in 2003.  I purchased a little pack of paper in Paducah at the AQS show.  I finished it 6 years later.

I decided to use all Asian prints and different blacks.  Even the border is is all hexagon pieces.

It is hand EPP and also hand quilted.  I used to call it my Asian Torture quilt.

The label

Gardening:  Rich and I added 6 more perennial plants to the front border of house.  Unfortunately the previous owners were not gardeners and filled the whole border with red rocks. ouch.

We figure we'll just keep adding where we can (it's very under ground too).  We added all this last year.

I like to clip the tops of the hydrangeas off and just place them in a shallow bowl or basket.  They will dry out nicely.

Here is a dirty little gardening secret that was an accident.  I wanted a pop of red in the front garden island, so I got a 1/2 flat of impatients.

but I never got around to actually planting them!  They looked great this way all summer!  I'm doing this next summer too.

Here are some critters I found this year out here in the country~

Mr. Mantis.  He really looks like he's praying in this photo.

I was weeding and out wiggled this snake to say hello - eeek.

We treated ourselves to an outdoor fireplace from Lowe's - I love it!  I can't wait to use it this winter when it snows :)  

And lastly, I ordered this floral, machine washable slip cover form SureFit.   The fits is not perfect, but I really like the look of it.

This weekend is the big 9-patch swap!!  I'm waiting for 4 swappers.  True Confession:  I haven't finished mine, but I will have them done on time :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Happy Pumpkin Season

I started the week by switching the quits on the first floor.  Here is my "Obama for President" aka "Olympic Star" which is at the end of the kitchen.  I usually hang a bigger one here, but I kind of like the green framing it.  Audrey and Angie started a wonderful blog dedicated to Eagles!   See it here - Quilt Like an Eagle

In the Dining Room on the table.  This is a reproduction of a quilt in the NJ state book called "Sumptuous Stars" 2009.  This is a quilt I wish I had made full sized.

In the Hall (with the) Poisoned Apple 2012.

This was such a fun quilt to make.

Yea! My Hot Flash top is done.  Let us pretend that it is hanging in the right direction - ha ha

Here is my morning glory - going strong since May.

Tip:  Press your applique' on terrycloth towel with the applique' face down and use steam.  I sort of mangle my work while I sew - I've always had a tight hand and envy people who's work stays nice in progress.

See how lovely it looks? you don't get the seam allowance shadowing.

Kyle remarked recently about my American Girl Doll; Annie being in the closest.  I got to feeling bad, so I made a little vignette for her.  She can watch me sew....is that creepy?  I don't talk to her....not much anyway.

Thank you Carrie P.!!  I won this lovely Iphone cover in her recent giveaway.

On the nine-patch front, I'm getting closer to having them all.  If you haven't sent them yet (and you know who you are) you have 10 days to get them to CT.  Please let me know soon if you can't make the deadline.

Whew, I guess that's all the randomness I have today.