Friday, August 26, 2011

A Real Hum-Dinger!

Happy Friday -
What a week here in NJ.  First the earth quake and now a hurricane?  crazy times.

On Tuesday shortly before the earthquake, (yes, I did feel it) a hummingbird flew into my family room through the open back door - what??  No-way.

I tried guiding it out but he only wanted to fly up, not down and over to the door.

I finally gently put my hands around him and then released him.  It was amazing.  Especially for a bird person like me.  What a gift.

I'm sharing a quilt and story today that I made years ago.  Yes, the machine is still waiting for a part, so only hand quilting at the moment.

I named it Bird Lady - see next photo

The backing fabric is beautiful birds.  After completing this quilt, I felt it was looked too new, so I threw the whole thing in the washer with a box of taupe rit dye.  They were out of tan.  I thought my quilt buddy Jill was going to have a heart attack when I told her that.

This is another copy cat quilt.  Here is the original "Evening Star".

Here is a close up of some of the fabrics I used.  I collected large scale florals and fruit for quite a while to make this.

Look at these modern fabrics, asian coi and little red riding hood.  All I can say is, I thought the color and scale looked right.  


Here is my favorite cable machine quilting that I did on the border print.   

It was awarded "The Governors Award" at the New Jersey State Guild show in 2007.  I was presented with a hand signed letter from Jon Corzine, the governor at the time.  I have put it in a very safe place, and now I can't find it...ever do that?

Making this quilt was destiny for me.  I found this oversized calendar page of it in 1990 while living in Illinois.

Then I took this picture in 2003 on a historical home tour in Indiana.

Then I found the photo in my favorite quilt book.  It finally dawned on me that I kept admiring this same quilt over and over.

When I finally made the quilt in 2004, after moving to New Jersey, I learned that it was made in Summit, New Jersey.  Destiny, right?

Here is a photo (of a photo) of a smaller version I made with left overs for a non-quilting friend.   Notice; less blocks, wider border ;)

I have an entire file folder of quilts based on this simple star pattern.  I've made many versions, including my recent baby quilt.  The possibilities are endless with this timeless block.

Wish us luck with Irene!  We're going to be battening down the hatches tomorrow for her.


Teresa said...

I've been through a couple of hurricanes (years ago...not in Michigan!). Good luck! The worst thing for me was the relentless sound of unending wind and rain, which normally I love to hear, but it gets old ofter hours of it. It seems magnified by stressing over how friends and property are holding up to the pounding. First the earth moving, now all the blowing and rain...let's hope that things really DON'T come in threes! That little hummer might be looking to come into your house again before the weekend is over. Beautiful quilt! I love your courage shown by throwing it in the washer with dye!

I'll be thinking good thoughts for the next few days...

In stitches,
Teresa :o)

Pinkadot Quilts said...

Your quilt is beautiful, I love the fabrics you chose. I am so impressed by your certificate, did you put it in your sewing room?
I know earthquakes, hurricanes, what's next fire? I missed the earthquake I was in the car. I think I will be around for the hurricane because I am not leaving the house and I have sewing projects in the pipeline! Good luck weathering the storm.

Pinkadot Quilts said...

Forgot this...once in my garden I was weeding on my hands and knees...a humming bird landed on my back! I only knew that was what it was because it was flying around my face!!! I had a red shirt on so I think it was "attracted" to me.

Angie said...

Your quilt is wonderful - thanks for sharing! Just the type of quilt I am always daydreaming of making. You have inspired me to start my own collection of appropriate large-scale florals.

Having lived with hurricanes all my life, all I can say is be prepared to be without electricity for several days, maybe even weeks. That's when having a treadle or hand-cranked sewing machine comes in handy! Hang in there & good luck from New Orleans.

Sujata said...

It is always a fun visit when I stop by your blog! As soon as I finish reading, I look forward to your next post. It warms my heart.. Always!
Congratulations on the ribbon on the quilt. I know some quilts are just meant to be. This one sounds like it for you!
I can't believe the humming bird came into the room!!! And you managed to take the picture and carry it out in your hands? Even that little humming bird knows your soul!
Stay safe during the storm.

Christine said...

I have everything crossed for you and wish you all the best and that nothing will happen. Please all make sure you all stay safe.
Barb I love your quilt, I love the stories with your quilts and it makes me wonder about why I make the quilts I make.
I have a few quilts I keep looking at and thinking one day, maybe now is the time.
I think that little bird was sending you a message..
Stay safe
ps. I have put my name down to come to Baltimore on the Prairie next year and NY

Christine said...

I have everything crossed for you and wish you all the best and that nothing will happen. Please all make sure you all stay safe.
Barb I love your quilt, I love the stories with your quilts and it makes me wonder about why I make the quilts I make.
I have a few quilts I keep looking at and thinking one day, maybe now is the time.
I think that little bird was sending you a message..
Stay safe
ps. I have put my name down to come to Baltimore on the Prairie next year and NY

Jan said...

Oh, I know the quilt yours was inspired by. Wouldn't you know that it is one that's on my list, too?! The fabrics I had pulled aren't nearly as cool as the ones you used, though. I loved this post!
Keep safe. I sure hope this storm dies out in the ocean.

Meredith said...

It is beautiful. It is pouring here now. Thanks for sharing your inspiration/story. I enjoyed it.

Susie said...

I like your quilt. Be safe thru the hurricane. We had a hummingbird get stuck the same way in our garage a couple summers ago. It knocked itself out on the ceiling trying to get out. I picked it up and set it on a ledge of our house. It came to and as if flew away, it's mate (we think) flew out of our woods and they both flew away. We could only say "aaawwwwwwwwww"!

Barb said...

Loved your story about the humming bird and the quilts. Yes...please keep safe!!

Tamara said...

as they say in texas, hunker down! (the last hurricane i rode thru i was about to climb thru the radio and strangle the dj if he said it one more time!) be safe, be prepared and good luck! let us know how you fared as soon as you can.

love the quilt, im afraid of big blocks i think, i just cant get myself to make something thats not a million pieces!

Letterpress said...

Lovely story and lovely quilt--so glad you got a ribbon! As far as not finding things, all the things I can't find are in a safe place. Somewhere.

We have hummingbirds in our garden and lately they've been flying up to my sewing room window, hovering and then flying on. I wonder what they see? All my pretty fabrics? My quilts in process? Hopeful thinking on my part.

I have several people I love out on the East coast, so I'm watching the storm from (very dry) Southern California. Wishing all you guy well and to be safe.

Elizabeth E.

Dawn said...

Stay safe - love the hummer, so sweet.
I used that same border! All of your fabrics are wonderful. What a great 'destiny' quilt and story.

Janet said...

That is so amazing that you could gently catch a hummingbird in your house!! WOW! Also the quilt you shared is incredible. Once again you found the perfect border fabric to make a look alike. It is so like the original - and you've seen the original quilt as well - that is so cool!! I like the cable quilting very much. Definitely ribbon worthy! I hope you make it through the hurricane ok.

Karen said...

Oh, what beautiful bird fabric. Good enough to display either side of the quilt.

beth said...

What a great quilt and story. Keep safe.

Miriam said...

Stay safe, Barb!

I really love the border fabric on your quilt. I love the whole quilt and the backing fabric too. Well done on the ribbon!

Dixie said...

Once again you have shown such an amazing quilt! Love the different juxtaposition of fabrics and the bird backing is so great. I'll be thinking of you ladies on the east coast this weekend. Please stay safe and thanks for a wonderful post!

QuiltSue said...

I do hope you are OK and didn't have any damage?

It really seems like you were meant to make that quilt doesn't it?

Kate said...

That quilt is one I have admired in Kiracofe for quite some time and your version is FABULOUS! Scale and colour is what the quilt is all about and your fabric choices are really great - and reflected in the well deserved award! Thanks so much for sharing.
Hope you all remain safe and sound in Irene's path.

Kathie said...

That star quilt is beautiful, love the fact that you used so many different type of fabrics in it. where you ever found some of them is beyond me! Must be I have blinders on in quilt shops and always go for the repros...thats changing I am actually thinking of adding other type fabrics to my applique project at the moment besides reproductions, can you believe it?
love the bird fabric on the back.
Enjoyed the story of the quilt and the hummingbird story...
stay safe....lets hope the power stays on...

Crispy said...

What a beautiful quilt Barb!! You absolutely were destined to make it, there just aren't that many least in my experience :0).

I hope you fair the hurricane well. Stay Safe my friend!!


Kyle said...

Your quilt is beautiful and a wonderful representation of the original. I love if when a project is just meant to be. Thanks for sharing your treasure.

Rachaeldaisy said...

How sweet is that Hummingbird!! I'm glad you were there to rescue it. Thank you so much for sharing this quilt with us!! It's just so so beautiful!! I love the destiny coincidences too. I really hope Irene just packs up and goes away and leaves you all alone!!

Jill Reid said...

Oh Barb...I love the walk down memory lane. I love seeing the quilts you have made, they are all so inspiring.

Love the hummingbird story, too. How exciting. Glad Coco didn't try to catch it!

Stay safe this weekend!

Annette said...

What an awesome experience with the hummingbird. Loved it. i love your star quilts...especially that little one. So cute!

Shasta said...

All three of your quilts are beautiful. You have such a wonderful way with color. I could admire the fabrics in the big one all day.

Ann Champion said...

I'm hoping the storm fizzles out and moves on. I've never had to go through a hurricane..sure sounds scary!
I LOVE your Bird Lady quilt! You've done a fabulous job of capturing the feeling of the original. It's almost spooky that you were so drawn to the quilt and ended up living where it was originally made.
I get birds in my sunroom every Spring. It's quite a challenge to shoo them out without the dog knocking things over trying to "help". Hopefully that bird was a message sent to you that the storm won't harm you?

Maureen said...

Another stunning quilt, Barb. You just keep amazing me! That's wild about the hummingbird! Hope you are okay there in NJ. You all really got hit hard with this hurricane.

Janet said...

Thank goodnes you rescued the poor bird, it must have been a bit freaked out too.
That quilt definitely had your name on it to make and even though the fabrics are a lovely surprise, it looks so much like the antique one. You deserved the award. Loved the cable quilting too, have only done that once by machine.

Sandra Henderson said...

How did you fare?!?! Hurricane Irene in 1999 is what reunited my husband and I!!! Yes, his boat top was destroyed and he had to bring it into my shop to be repaired. I was not there!~drats! but, the gal did not do a good job so he had to come back!!!! Irene is his deceased mother's name and he always says how much I remind him of her and if she were alive he'd never see either of us, we'd be off antiquing, needlepointing,etc. lol So, the rest of the story I'll tell you another day, but we were together ever since. It was magic! :)
I'm so in love with your quilt! I have a hummingbird nest somewhere, that I found in our meyer lemon tree. When I find it, I"m sending it to you...
Don't hold your breath, as it's packed away safely in a box somewhere. But, my memory is long. :)

Sandra Henderson said...

I just hopped over to Amazon and ordered a GOOD used copy of this book! THank you! I've looked at it and thought about ordering it....
I love a good recommendation! XO

Thimbleanna said...

Wow -- that quilt is gorgeous! Isn't it fun to collect fabrics over time for a special project? I haven't done that in awhile and I miss it. I'd have a heart attack of the the dye too -- I'm glad I didn't know about it before hand. Did you do that cable on a domestic machine? I love it.

And the hummingbird. Oh, you lucky girl!!!