Thursday, December 17, 2009

Deck the Halls

My most prized Christmas Decoration - oh yes, it was a "major award" from my husband and very "fragile". I am, of course, referring to the movie "A Christmas Story" which is my favorite! This is proundly displayed in the front window of the computer room.

This is my Angel tree. My mother gave me an angel ornament one year which started it all. She passed away December 10, 1990 and friends and family started giving me angels each year. At this point there are over 500 angels on the this tree. I love to sit and look at in the morning while I drink coffee and do hand work.

This is the eating area in our family room. I hang fruit and nut ornaments and the little Christmas advent books that we read at dinner on it.

In the hutch I house our collection of Danish Nissemen. My husband is danish and we always have abliskiver and Flikadila (meat balls) at Christmastime. We've been collecting the Danish Plates since we were married in 1987.

The Elf Shelf
I adore these little guys!

The Snowmen corner
The Family Room tree. This is actually small for us this year, so not all the ornaments are on it. It has several 40's plastic ornaments and bells that were my mothers and, of course, bubble lights!

Here in my American Girl Doll, Annie, in the sewing room with the doll bed I won and my little pink and red tree. It fun to sew and wrap in there with this cheery little tree.

I love these old shiny bright ornaments, especially the ones with the glitter or flock on them.
I love when the house is decorated and lit up during this cold dark month. I hope you're finding time to enjoy the sights of the season.


Vivian said...

LOVE all your decorations, especially that "fra-gee-lee" lamp. I can hear Darren McGavin reading the word from the box as I'm typing this. Your angel tree is lovely, and such a fitting tribute to your mother.
You have a real winter wonderland with all the trees and special decorations.

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

oh my goodness. you have three trees? wowza. I LOVE your elf shelf!!! how great they are! everything looks amazing!

Our Hands For Hope said...

I love the light! That is my favorite movie also. When it first came out I owned a costume shop and had Santa's out at a few different shopping centers. When the scene with Santa came on I laughted till I was crying. The guy I had gone to the movie with thought I was nuts.
Have a Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Great decorations - and soooo love the little pink and red tree. I may have to do one of those myself. Thanks for sharing -- Merry Christmas.

Kim said...

the lamp -uuuurrrrggggg
we own that lamp too...hallmark made A Christmas Story ornaments this year and we have yet another lamp :(
Of course I can't find the Charlie Brown tree from last year- too much packing and unpacking this year
Merry Christmas Barb

Kathi D said...

Your house looks great! and I particularly love the angel tree.

Jacqui said...

Your house looks delightful and oh so ready for this lovely time of year. Thanks for sharing. I get to go home Wednesday and can hardly wait! Merry Christmas.

antique quilter said...

your home looks so inviting.
Love the pink tree for the sewing room and the doll bed well I admit it is perfect for your room!
looks great.
oh the angel tree is so special, what a nice story.
Love the elves...too cute. Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday .

Crispy said...

Your decorations are lovely Barb. The "Major Award" light is the perfect final touch ROFL.


Lori said...

It is all so festive!!! Did you see my Danish elves and my aebleskiver on my blog? Another thing we have in common!!

Mary said...

Oh Barb your decorations are fantastic! You've inspired me to do a little more trimming today!

Janet said...

Everything looks so wonderfully festive at your place. I loved seeing all the trees. I'm mad about the doll bed. The elves are so fun.

Lori R. said...

Your home looks "House Beautiful" gorgeous! Happy Holidays to you and yours.
Love the Elves Shelves and Snowmn corner.
Enjoy..Happy New Year too.

Karen said...

Oh, how fun that you have one of "those" lamps! Love the movie.

Diane said...

Nobody decorates quite like you at Christmas! Amazing. Do you still put out the mice or is it too tempting for the cats?