Thursday, December 3, 2009

Needlers Holiday Party

Yesterday was the Needler's Holiday Party. Needlers is a small group of friends who meet 3 times a month to sew together at the Parsipanny Library. We are an off shoot group from the Garden State Quilters, although you do not have to be guild member to be in the Needler's group.

I made my favorite potluck dish; deviled eggs.

Here is a little trick I use when I have to remember to bring something important. I put my car keys on top of the item to bring. In this case, it was my eggs, which were in the fridge. I hate to admit, but there have been times when I've left the house forgetting something, and this trick really works for me.

At the party, we enjoyed lots of great food:

Here is the grab bag table. This year we decided to exchange gently used quilt related books. It was a really great idea and didn't require any shopping - yea! Under the table are bags of food that we collected for the food pantry.

Here are quilts that we brought to decorate our room. I can't believe I did it again. I forgot to take a photo of the display of little quilts! Darn! I thought I was doing well, but I must have gotten distracted - again. :(

Here is Sue's tree skirt:

Shar's snowball:

This was pieced by Shar's son.

This is mine, made several years ago.

Janes's little tree skirt.

Barbara C's collection that she decorates her mother's room with. Cute pink and black Christmas fabrics.

Barbara C's elegant blue quilt.

Pretty blue trees on the back.

This is Mary Ann's quilt for her grand-daughter. So cute! and original!

Getting ready for the book grab bag -

Thanks for a fun day ladies!


  1. I think on your last photo there is a peek of the little quilts. Oh how I wished you would have gotten that shot! LOL Looks like a fun time had by all.

  2. Oh what fun!!! A great way to kick off the holidays!

  3. Great party! I'm glad I got to come via cyberspace!

  4. Lots of lovely projects again, thank you Barb. The key idea is great, except with my memory, I would forget where I put the keys LOL.


  5. Your quilt is outstanding!
    The tree skirt with the reindeer is adorable. And the snowball quilt is a good one.
    I have never thought of leaving the keys in the fridge with the food that needed to go with you. What a creative problem solver you are.

  6. I agree the food was great, the gift exchange was fun and LOVED seeing all the quilts!

  7. It was fun to attend the party via email. Thanks.

  8. What a clever idea about the car keys! That trick will definitely save my bacon sometime soon!


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