Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Few Good Turkey's

To all of our stateside friends a very Happy Thanksgiving!

I made this middle turkey several years ago, like maybe 18. Over the years I have found patterns on ebay and various other outlets. They crack me up! The pheasant was an especially great find, I think.

The turkey on the right I picked up at a small guild quilt show in the boutique. It went un-noticed and unloved until it was tucked under my arm, then everyone wondered where I found it. The early bird catches the turkey?

How is this for vintage kitch. I surmise that they were made circa late 50's or 60's, it hard to date a thing this precious. My small group friend, Jane, actually gave me these popsickle sticks decorated with fabric and felt to make a lovely, and do mean lovely centerpiece, or in this case stoop decoration. Thanks, Jane!

And lastly, this is a little quilt I made a long time ago. I used patterns from a much larger quilt, and then hand quilted it. I'm happy to see this old friend every year.

Wishing you all a happy gobble day!


  1. Oh I just love your turkeys!! The one on the stoop just cracks me up!! Happy Thanksgiving my new friend :0)


  2. Oh Barb, you may regret posting this. I have one of those turkeys and it just might come to roost at your house. Leave it to you to actually make them look attractive!

  3. The Turkeys are fun, happy Thanksgiving and thank you for visiting my blog.


  4. Barb I just love the turkeys! I can't believe you now have me looking for something else to collect! Hope your Thanksgiving was super.

  5. It's amazing what people collect for decorations. I've been adding pumpkins for the last few years, but those birds are great. I've never seen any until now. Something to think about.

  6. A turkey collector. Now that is something different. There are chickens galore but not a lot of turkeys but you seemed to have found a bunch of good ones.


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