Sunday, November 15, 2009

I'm on Pins and Needles

I'm so excited about my new Selvage Edge project! I was inspired by the Selvage Edge Blog and Karen Griska's wonderful book, Quilts from the Selvage Edge available through Amazon.

So, here is my first official finished project:

I have labeled each page of the book with the corresponding needle. I've also put them in the order of most use for me.

Why did I not do this sooner? 20 years into quilting and I just now thought of it? Duh.

These were my needle books until today. They are cute, and both of them were gifts from quilt friends, but what are these needles? What are their purpose?

This is the "stock room" for the needles, I had no less that 5 packs of the same size quilting needle.....
I sorted the selvages into long and short, doesn't this look neat and pretty? Well it isn't's a mess up there with cuttings all over that work space.

Mid afternoon I received 2 wonderful packages in the mail full, and I mean, stuffed with an incredible array of selvages. Thanks Carmella and Kathie!!

Here is a sneak peak at what is next. I have made many more of these blocks, but I am unhappy with the way the color thing is going and think I will change that up today.

Hi Mary - hope the moving in and getting settled is going well!


  1. BEautiful needle case , wow I am impressed!!!! I love how organized it is! Have to admit to not knowing which needle is which sometimes too!!!
    oh your new project looks wonderful...I have seen this book and thought about it!
    very creative uses for the selvages
    have fun playing!

  2. I started saving selvage edges not too long ago. I have not decided what to make. I wonder if a pincushion would work. Might be hard to get the pins in.

  3. What a great idea! I need one of these! Love Richard Hemmings can never have too many of these.
    Carmella and friends were right on it when you sent your request, sitting with a large stack of fabrics during Wednesday's meeting, whacking away.

  4. Barb,
    That's a great case. I'm copying you!

  5. It is so cute?! Who knew selvages could be made into such a fun project?! I love how your needles are organized too. Great idea!

  6. That's it -- I am now saving my selvages! I am always so inspired by your creativity. Great project!

  7. your needlecase is the perfect combination of creativity, organization, and selvedges!

  8. How clever! Love those skinny pieces.

  9. That is the best needle case I have ever seen!!! You are so very creative Barb!!


  10. I need to make myself a needle case like that! I have a really cute one, too, with no idea what random needles are in it.

    I guess I had better start saving my selvages, too. Look at what a good influence you are!

  11. Great idea! Makes you look at selvages in a different light and really like how you have labelled your needles. Enjoy!

  12. I love your needle case - it is so clever.

  13. I love that needle case!!! I seem to save selvages for a bit and then finally toss them as I'd never have enough. Then I go and see something so pretty as this! *sigh*

  14. I love your needle case. I am working on selvage pincushions for gifts. I have made 20 so far. Aren't selvages fun!

  15. saw this on Karen's blog.......oh my gosh I HAVE to make one of these. It is terrific. Thanks so much for sharing with us all.

  16. I made a needle case and included a unusual needle that you place in the spot you take a sewing needle out so that you know where it goes when you are finished with it. Works like a dream. Sometimes those needles look the same to me! Happy holidays.

  17. Hi Anonymous -
    that is a great idea! thanks for visiting!


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