Saturday, November 7, 2009

Crystal Meth for Quilters

Thank you for all your wonderful comments and congratulations! I wish all of our new blog friends could have been there. And you too Mary! We missed You!

Thank you also for coming to the show yesterday, I saw so many of my quilt friends. I even managed a quick lunch with Jill, Susan and Kathie of Inspired by Antique Quilts, which was a treat.

I'm looking forward to posting photos of the amazing quilts, but today is the last day, so I want to give everyone a chance to see the show fresh.

The Mini-auction was wonderful. Kim and I had a great time running the tables and auctions. We had many nice women helping us, thank you all!

The best of the day? The door prizes. We have two funny, talented and generous women who run the door prize table. Tickets are 2 for $1.00 and the chance of winning is probably 80% or higher. You pick out 2 slips of paper, if you get an X, you get lotion, a pattern, or a scrap bag. If you get a number, you win the corresponding prize.

They had over 750 numbered prizes. Addicted? Oh, yes. There was some concern that I may need a sponsor and program to get "off" the door prizes.

Here is what I won: (I also won 2 minis, and Kim gave me the half square triangle one, which she made and won).

The item in the gray bag is a Christmas gift for my daughter that I was trying desperately to win and ended up trading 3 fabric bundles and a bag for. I missed Kaffe's Museum Book, the woman in front of me won while I waited my turn....

Here is what I purchased:

The bad news; the door prizes sold out last night. The good news; today will be a drug free quilt show day, whew.....


  1. to funny!~ Sure wish I could have snuck over last night... hubby has the car today, so I'm outta luck...
    But I will sneak over sunday to the guild speaker in the afternoon...
    hope you two enjoy your weekend!

  2. Woo-Hoo! It sounds like a lot of fun and good times!!!

  3. Oooo I can hardly wait for quilt pictures :0) You certainly were addicted to that door prize table LOL.


  4. You had a great time hanging around the door prizes and didn't you get some great things. I was a bit remiss not congratulating you on your blue ribbon, I'm not surprised because it is a fabulous quilt.

  5. Congrats again on your winning quilt(s). Didn't you get more than ribbon? If not, you certainly deserve one for the most quilts entered. I lost count, but enjoyed the diversity of your work.

    The quilt show was wonderful - very well organized and well run. Enjoyed looking at all the quilts and shopping with the vendors. Great job and kudos to the guild.

  6. HOLY CRAP, BARB! What a lot of great stuff. Can't wait to see the quilt show pics.

  7. Goodness me!! It looks like you had a great day!!!


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