Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Fling

Happy Monday -

It's so beautiful here in Northern New Jersey. The tulips and other spring flowers are blooming, as well as all the gorgeous flowering trees. A little chilly lately, but the sunshine is most welcome!

Here is a little folky doll quilt that I designed and made in 2002. I like to hang it during the month of April and May. I love the funny pink and yellow color combination. It's one that I have hand quilted.

Here is a close up

I used one of my grandmother's hankies in the top of the pitcher. It is tiny cross stitch on very fine cotton - why would blow there nose in this? Or is it just for dabbing?

Here is a few sneak previews of my Lincoln Challenge. I'm doing this with Jill and Susan to commemorate the 150th anniversary of his birth, I think. Anyway, we're all running late on this challenge. I showed the center to Jill and Susan, so now you can see it.

This is how I got the silhouette- I purchased this silk screen, but decided not to use it because of the way it felt, and I was concerned about ironing and washing it. So, I pressed freezer paper to it, traced it, cut it out, then pressed it on the marbled black, traced it, cut it out, and finally appliqued it to this background of the generals of the Potomoic. whew......many steps, but I'm very happy with the result.

I've been worked on another challenge for several weeks (months) and it will be revealed soon. I've also made a few gifts, which I can't show either. So instead, here is an update on the hand quilting. You can see the whole quilt here.

This is how I do feathers; first I do the spine, then the outer curves, then I go back and forth to fill them in. I feel there is less traveling this way and I can do more continuous quilting. It's probably not true, but that's how it feels to me.

And lastly, several more pineapples done - hoping to make some more today.

Enjoy the colorful bounty of spring today!


Mary said...

OMG - Abe is fantastic! You are a clever girl.
Spring has sprung here too.

Karen said...

You are one talented lady! First of all, the pink and yellow combo works so well. The quilt is a very creative way to use the hankie that belonged to your grandmother.

The Lincoln piece is such a good idea. It grabbed my attention right away. Your creativity is A#1.

Anonymous said...

Still loving those pineapple blocks!

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

WOW WOW AND WOW! loads of fabulous stuff today! love spring fling because it has gorgeous geese! Lincoln, love that! great portrait!
and the pineapples are so perfect I can barely stand it! woohoo! way to go!

Jan said...

Great post - love them all! I saw that Lincoln panel, and thought it was so stark; never thought of doing something like what you did. It looks so cool. Pineapple blocks are so interesting - black with a spot of color. The little liberated quilt, well, I just love that. Aren't they a blast to make? The quilting, especially on the pitcher, is great. I love motif quilting; really breaks up the quilting process.

PatchworkRose said...

Love those pineapple blocks :-)
Have a great Day

Lori said...

I seriously enjoy the pink and yellow together!!! A sure sign of spring.
The Lincoln challenge quilt is amazing! I love seeing how you did the silhouette. Amazing work!!!
More lively pineapples- you've been busy!!

Anonymous said...

you're brilliant! where did you find that background president's fabric?

QuiltSue said...

Spring Fling is just gorgeous and how lovely to use your grandmother's hankie like that.

Sue-Anne said...

I love your challenge quilt, it looks fantastic and very arty. Still loving your pineapples and your handquilting is so good!
And what a fantastic idea to show off a special hanky!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful quilting and what a happy little Spring quilt.


Crispy said...

Wow so many wonderful things in this post Barb. I LOVE the Lincoln piece, he's my all time favorite historical person. Interesting to see how you attach a feather.


Barb said...

Hi Amelia -
Your setting don't allow for a follow up email, but maybe you'll see this.
The panel was given to me last year. I'll ask and try to tell you who the maker was, I suspect it was Windham Fabrics, you may want to check their website.
thanks for the comment

Barb said...

Hi Again Amelia -
I realized after I wrote the first response (poor English and all) that you may be asking about the Lincoln silhouette panel. It was silk screened and I purchased it at a show and there were limited quantities. Sorry, I don't think it is commercially available.

Janet said...

I could never blow my nose in something so lovely. Thanks for sharing how you quilt your feathers. I'm experimenting with some feather quilting and I'm pretty sure I'm not doing it right - I'm too far along now to change but I think I'll try your method next. Love your pineapple blocks!

Lynda said...

Your spring quilt is perfect for the season and the hankie is almost certainly for dabbing, in a showy manner! I love the Lincoln quilt - what a feat!

Linda in NC said...

The little Spring 2002 quilt is fun and cheery; great use of the special hankie. The pineapple blocks are fabulous - wonderful interpretation.

Quilts And Pieces said...

I LOVE your spring quilt! And the lincoln challenge quilt is way too fun!