Friday, April 2, 2010

All About Diane

A couple of days ago my good friend, Diane, featured some of the doll quilts I've made for her over the years on her blog; Persnickety.

Today, it's Diane's turn here. This one I received this year and did a post about here. I decided to machine quilt it with red thread and bind it with mottled black single binding.

Here is one I received for my birthday last year. They are like little sister quilts with similar coloring. The backings are cute too.

These are such cheerful and fun little quilts - I just treasure them - thanks, Diane! (and anyone else who helped with them ;)

This is a birthday post card that I received - isn't it adorable?
Love the cake lady!

This is one of my favorite little quilts. It features sweet little picture shirtings. I hand quilted this one and it hangs permanently in the sewing room.

This is a sweet little pincushion (but I use it as a little pillow on a wicker doll chair) that Diane made me several years ago - So lovely.

I love the honey pot backing fabric -

Note to Diane - I know there are a few more pieces that you have made me, but darned if I could lay my hands on them at the moment. They may be packed up with holiday appropriate decorations -
You can see the most recent Christmas doll quilt from Diane in a post here.

Coco update a before and after:

7 weeks.
now - 12 weeks

And finally, Happy Easter, or Passover, or any other Spring reason to celebrate!


  1. What sweet doll quilts and other goodies. Quilting friends are teh best!!
    Look how Coco has grown! What a cutie!!

  2. Love those little quilts! And, I don't think that I've seen an Easter tree before. The carrots hanging from it are really a cute idea.

  3. Wow has coco grown! And Diane's quilts are so cute. I love the shirting one!

  4. Your little doll quilts are fantastic and I love your carrot tree!

    Cocoa is growing fast and looking more gorgeous every day.

  5. What lovely little quilts. The carrot tree is wonderful and hasn't Coco grown?

  6. So Coco looks like he's gone from bay to teenager in five weeks, he's a big boy. Loved seeing the goodies and the carrot tree is wonderful, I love that a lot.

  7. Love the little quilt with the little shirting prints - I have the one with the little beagle. Speaking of dogs, what are you feeding that sweet Coco??

  8. What a wonderful collection of little quilts you have made and received!

  9. Sweet, sweet little doll quilts! And pup has gotten big, they grow so fast.

  10. Coco is so sweet. We do love our pets. I have a pet snouzer, Muffin. Your work is wonderful and thank you for sharing. Happy Quilting!


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