Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Quilt Show & Tow Trucks - Update

I've just learned thanks to a reader that I am not allowed to publish photos of the AQS show without the written permission of the quilt maker - sorry. I'll have to read the show booklet more carefully in future.

I apologize to anyone who may be upset by my recent post.

I'll post some of my own projects in a few days.

Last week brought the AQS Lancaster Quilt Show to our area. I had intended to take the bus with guild friends, but plans changed and I went to for a day trip with my guild friend, Pauline. Poor Pauline. More on that later.....

The weather was beautiful and we had a lovely drive through the rolling Pennsylvania countryside to our first stop. Poole Forge, which is a historical home site and had about 70 quilts on display. Here are a few:

Now on to the big show. It was held in a new convention center which was bright and beautiful. Some of the quilts are hard to see in full view because of the angles of the display, but not much we can do there. I think it was a great first year and it will gain momentum now that it is affiliated with AQS.

Poor Pauline --
After the show I stopped for gas at a roadside Sunoco. The pumps were crowded and I had to pull around a couple for an open pump. After struggling with the nozzle, I realized I inadvertently pumped 3 gallons of diesel fuel into my tank. Oooops.

In New Jersey, we are not allowed by law to pump our own gas. In the Mid-west, diesel pumps are in a separate location. In PA, you better know the &*@# you are doing.

After being stranded for 4 hours, making dozens of calls, 4 different tow trucks were dispatched, and finally we were moved to a hotel. We enjoyed a much needed glass of wine and a free toothbrush. In the morning the 5th tow truck took us to the dealer. We were released form there at around 3pm.

3 gallons of toxic fuel; $10.00
dozens of calls for help; 1 dead iphone
1 non-AAA tow truck, $27.00
1 unexpected overnight hotel room; $150.00
Dealership repair bill; $400.00
A friend who laughed and supported me the whole time?

Thanks Pauline - and beware the diesel pumps!


  1. Such beautiful quilts! I especially love the nine patch at Pool Forge.
    I thought Oregon was the only state that you cannot pump your own gas. Bummer about the mishap, but at least you noticed it before driving any further!!

  2. Sheetz is the place to stop next time your in PA. No confusion at the pump.

  3. another eventful trip thru PA for you!
    boy you can be sure I will be watching the tanks from now on
    I never thought about it
    always figured they were seperate tanks too

  4. Fantastic quilt photos, all stunning in their own way.

    what a rotten end to the day! I suppose at least there was no permanent damage to the car???

  5. Man, oh man, Barb. You sure have your share of travel mishaps. Wasn't there a trip with Mary B. involving flat tires and tow trucks?

    I hope you were able to enjoy the quilt show once you got there. Did you have any money left for the merchant mall? Great photos of great quilts.

  6. Oh, no, what a trial for you. You won't forget that trip, will you?
    You saw some beautiful quilts, though!

  7. Wow some of those quilts are beautiful, but I'm really drawn to anything applique.

    I'm so sorry you had such a horrible experience coming home...at least you had a good friend to share it with :0)


  8. Thanks for sharing the quilt show pictures. I went to the last quilt show all three days, and in each of them, I found different quilts that caught my eye and worthy enough to photograph. I enjoy looking at the photos even of shows I have gone to because of that. You have to catch what you missed the first time.

    Sorry about the car troubles!

  9. Oh the quilts are wonderful! Thank you for sharing! And the story about the fuel is Priceless!

  10. According to what I've read on a couple other quilt blogs, (http://hillscreekquilter.blogspot.com being one), the AQS policy regarding photos states that you're not permitted to post any quilt photos from the AQS Lancaster show anywhere on the Internet without permission of the quiltmaker and AQS. Were you aware of that, and did you get permission? While I enjoyed your pictures, I also feel we quilters must abide by the rules and the copywright protection of the shows and fellow quilters.

  11. Thank you "never bored" for the information. I've pulled the photos from this blog.
    You have a non-reply on your settings, but hopefully you'll receive this update.

  12. I like some of the designs on the Crazy Quilt.

  13. Wow! What an adventure. I thought a diesel nozzle wouldn't fit in a regular tank - valuable piece of info. At least the trial happened at the end so as not to ruin your day (cup half full)! The copyright info is a good reminder, too. I'm headed to a couple big shows next month - I'll have to check the rules! Hope you enjoyed the show and all the quilt sightings.

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