Monday, March 8, 2010

Closing Ceremonies

Happy Almost Spring! Three wonderful things happened today. I wore flip flops to walk my puppy, I saw a bunch of blooming yellow crocus' near my front door and I saw a robin hopping across the lawn. All sure signs that spring is coming - finally!

To celebrate the 2010 Winter Olympics, I endeavored to finish the quilt I started in 2008 commemorating the Summer games in Beijing. I always wanted to try a lone star. It was a bit challenging as the bias always wants to fight you, but I'm relatively happy with it.

I really like commemorate quilts of all sorts, and the Olympic theme doesn't seem very popular, so this is the second one I've done. The first one was my "Obama for President" quilt, which featured the Olympic Rings in the eagle's beak. I started stitching it during the opening ceremonies of those games.

This time, I marked the quilting designs during the Vancouver games. I'm going to quilt a feathered cable design on the borders, and a feathered wreath in the plain block and half block spaces.

Two of the corners turn nicely, and the other two are going to end where they are - just like on the good old antique quilts that we love.

Here are the rings, and in case you didn't know, there are 5 to represent the 5 continents, and the colors represent at least 1 color in each of the participating country's flags. Cool, huh? I appliqued these intertwined, putzy, but I'm glad I did.

I hope you can see the marking. It was a dark day and it was tricky getting a good photo with the white.

Last and least, look at this "big" puppy with her stick. She's been a "good girl" in the house for 5 days. Hooray!


Anonymous said...

Oh, she is adorable! I have an 8 year old male chocolate labrador called Basil (did you ever see a UK TV classic called Fawlty Towers? Basil Fawlty was the crackpot hotel owner.) Anyway, your pictures bring back many happy memories of my Basil's puppyhood. Please keep posting them! Sue In Normandy.

Sue-Anne said...

She's so cute!

Your commemorative quilts are fantastic. A great way to document our past for future generations of quilters.

antique quilter said...

I have always wanted to make a lone star too, one of these days!
What did you mark your lines with?
I love how you did the letters for Beijing
free hand?
wow she is getting big, yeah 5 days!!!!
thats a good sign, bet she is enjoying this great weather we are finally having!

Karen said...

I like eagle designs on quilts. I like your quilt very much! Always a treat to see what you are working on.

Ann Marie said...

Lone star looks good. Seems like you used stencils for the quilting design. Is that what you usually use? And what do you use for marking? I keep looking for the perfect marking method.

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

look at those eyes!!! oh mama!
great quilts lady! Can't wait to see them quilted! looks fantastic!

Kathi D said...

I love that blue speckle fabric. It really sparkles!

Crispy said...

Your quilts are beautiful, I'm very partial to Lone Stars.

The quilting is going to be wonderful.


Mary said...

Ahhhh Coco! Keep her pics coming. It's amazing how big she is already!
Love,love,love the Olympic Lone Star. It will be nice hand quilted.
Miss you.

Lori said...

I love your Olympic quilt. It's an amazing lone star!!

Ahhhh, is all I can say about Coco!

Jill said...

Barb ~ I love the lone star. The colors and placement are so perfect. When I look at it on my monitor it almost

The quilting on that will be SO awesome. There is nothing as elegant as nice feather quilting on a plain fabric.

Reilly says thanks to Coco for sharing her rawhide treats!


Jenni said...

Oh that pretty little face - and such a good girl! Not to mention your commemorative quilts. Wonderful.