Monday, March 22, 2010

Eggstra Fun Day

Yesterday I was invited to a little Ukrainian egg decorating party. Pysanka eggs are decorated by using melted wax applied to a egg with layering of colors and wax to produce intricate designs.

So, Mary - have to re-mixed your dyes in the new house and started in on this years' batch? Mary is particularly good at these and maybe she'll share some of them with us.

Mary Ann, a good friend of Jill's, was our hostess and her house was a vision of Easter Bliss. She set up all the dyes on her counter which made it so easy - Thanks Mary Ann!

Some inspiration -

Hard at work....

When we used brown eggs, the result looked a little like red-ware.
Isn't this a cute egg holder?

Mary Ann provided everyone with a sweet little egg basket to take our treasures home.

Here, Jill is using a heat gun (on low) to remove all the wax to reveal the design - flying geese! Sorry I didn't get the complete after shot.

And here are some results - Sorry I can't give credits, I forget who made which exactly. But you'll know Betsy's!

I made this one using step by step instructions from a book. The book shows what new wax to add, then what color to dip it in to get this look. It's too complicated for me to figure it out...

I brought these little lemon Easter cupcakes to fortify us.

And lucky me, being the last one there, I got to take home a prize. Mary Ann had planned to "award" this to someone, but we were having so much fun, it slipped her mind, so I got to take home these cute egg lights. Today I'll plan to decorate the mantel.

Hope you're having fun with your pre-Easter (or Passover) decorating and cooking.


Karen said...

I have been interested in the Ukranian egg decorating for many years but have never tried it. What a delightful party. I especially like the "redware" looking egg! That would be the one I wanted to try.

Lori said...

Ah, Jill has shared some of her great egg decorating before but I never get tired of seeing what you all come up with! They are so beautiful!!!!

Mary said...

What a fantastic party!!! It looks very organized with posters on the wall and dyes all set up in a row. Even take home baskets and prizes! Your cupcakes are perfect. I can't believe Easter is almost here.

Sue-Anne said...

Those eggs are gorgeous!

Michele said...

What gorgeous little works of art, and how much fun you all must have had! The cupcakes looks tasty too!! Michele

Crispy said...

I love painted eggs and am lucky in having a very intricate one made by a friend. I spent hours watching a lady make up some eggs at a craft fair (I was suppose to be tending the guild's booth LOL).


antique quilter said...

what a fun day!!!!
those eggs are amazing, always thought it would be fun to try and make them .
oh my those cupcakes are adorable!

Teresa Rawson said...

Those are so beautiful! I would love to learn how to do that!

Were they raw eggs? Were they cooked? Were they hollow?

What a wonderful Easter tradition!

Rose Marie said...

This is something that I've always wanted to try .... looks like all of you had such fun and great designs!

Lappesola said...

The eggs are really beautiful.

Sol (Jill's friend from Norway)

Janet said...

Wow, you get invited to the best parties, it looks like such a lot of fun and the results are beautiful.

QuiltSue said...

I'd never seen eggs decorated like this before. They are fabulous.

Millie en Miles said...

These are real ART eggs , incredable, beautifull !! And I love to read you're blog thankd for blogging !!!
Greetings from The netherlands