Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Surpise Gift & A Private Collection

During my recent visit to Illinois, I was hand delivered this wonderful belated Christmas gift from Diane, of Persnickety.

How cute is this presentation!

And inside this wonderful little doll quilt top and backing - Adorable!
Thanks, Diane, you know just what I love! I'm looking forward to quilting it soon!

Inside were these two kitch-delicious kitchen towels - how timely now that we have a doggie in the house again!

Your belated Birthday gift is on it's way this week Diane~

When I stayed at my friend, Mary B's, a few weeks ago, she had amassed all the little quilts I'd given her over the years. It was really fun to look at them. We have have had no set purpose for exchanging little quilts over the years and it's always a fun surprise.

Here they are laid out in her upstairs hallway -

And for a closer look; here they are one by one:

These are all the awful things that Livia says in "I, Caudius", our favorite video series.

Inspired by a similar one made by Diane, of Persnickety.

This is a Gwen Marston design.

Some these blocks were made in a Margaret Miller workshop.

These blocks were made at a Jo Morton workshop.

I love this one, it was paper pieced.

Back to puppy duty.....


Karen said...

My favorite is the compass style piece!

antique quilter said...

oh my more inspiration for my already obsessed little quilt making days !!!!
oh my I love the one that Diane made you for you what great fabrics :)
hmmm love the flying geese and the funky pumpkin and the ...
oh coco wants to be with you just look at that cute face!!!!

Rose Marie said...

A delightful collection of minis and a cute puppy to end the show!

Browndirtcottage said...

Wow...Wow....what a great friend and great quilts....how wonderful!!
That's some more good stuff Maynard!

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

so cute! i love those dish towels!!!
i'll take you doggie if the potty training drives you crazy... ;-)

Sue-Anne said...

What a gorgeous gift! Your little quilts are beautiful. You have certainly made a few. I love the signature quilt.

Kathi D said...

Puppy duty or puppy doody? :)

Mary said...

Ahhhhh Cutie Coco.
Do you have a count on all those little quilts you've made? It has to be over a hundred?
My room is done!

QuiltSue said...

There are some great quilts there, especially the mariner's compass.

Janet said...

I love the dish towels and the little quilts. It's a fabulous collection and I'd have a hard time picking a favourite.

Crispy said...

What a cute little gift, love the towels. The minis are wonderful!!


Diane said...

Barb, I'm working on a letter to you today but couldn't resist making a few comments here. Thanks for sharing Mary's collection of doll quilts. I especially liked the paper pieced New York Beauty with Smithsonian reproduction and Australian Aboriginal fabrics in the same quilt. It works!

Glad you liked your gifts. You are so easy (and fun) to shop for.

Anonymous said...

you do beautiful work. re: the sayings quilt. why did you use both spellings of lovable/loveable? it's curious and interesting. please do tell!
ameliapck at gmail dot com