Monday, August 9, 2010

While the Cats Away.....

The Mice Will Play!

I decided that since I was home alone for the long weekend, well home with coco, I would "cheat" on my 3 active projects and make something just for fun.  This is my new little doll quilt and it was so fun.

Here is it on my little doll bed, all dressed up with a matching ruffled pillow sham.  (That Annie could use a hair brushing!).  I think my coco has been a little jealous of all the time I've spent with this little quilt.

Here is how it started and the steps to complete this project. 

The Top
Finding this beautiful border print, with a smaller sized motif, perfect for a doll quilt.  **Note, when using a border, think of how you will be cutting it up.  Often you loose every other row due to seam allowances.

Deciding what use as a strippy, 4-patches it is.

Attaching the top border

I pin baste my small pieces with long flower head pins.  I used Dream Request batting because it has a nice drape.

The Pillow
I decided this elegant quilt needed a matching pillow sham, so I made one.  I started by eyeballing the pillow size and adding about 1/2 an inch seam allowance.  I then started on a ruffle.  I use the old double row of basting for this.  

I decided to make a split finished back to that I could insert the pillow when I want to.

Oooops,  I caught the ruffle when attaching the back.  No big thang, I just released it and re-sewed that area.

The Quilting
I decided to take this opportunity to try machine quilting with silk thread.  I used YLI and a 60 needle.  I make a little practice piece with the same materials to check the stitch.

You may think this is a waste of time and material, but I have to tell you I find it works great, I check my stitch each time I turn on the machine, change a needle, spin a bobbin, anytime I stray from quilting, I check again.  It has saved me on the dreaded "un-quilting" that can result in problems on the back.

I usually increase my top tension quite a bit and I use a "3" stitch length.   So, this looks good front and back - yea!

I do all my walking foot, straight line stitching, then I do the free motion.

Here is a close up.  My feathers still aren't as smooth or even as I would like, but I also don't practice as much as I should.  I attached my binding before quilting the outer rows.  I've learned the hard way after binding over my quilting -

Jo Morton suggested using a single binding on small projects.  It is so much smoother and flatter and looks great.  I cut this one 1 1/4, sewed it on then pressed it,  I turned it over and pressed up a 1/8 little seam and pressed to the back to be stitched. 

Here is the back.  I used one other fabric from the Windham Line, "Folk Lore".  And the label.

Thanks coco for being so patient and spending more time upstairs than you wanted to!

And now I will return to my regularly scheduled projects and catch up on all my blog reading.


  1. Great little quilt! Thanks for the walkthrough...

  2. What a pretty little quilt, and sham too. I loved seeing the project in progress.

  3. Oh how fun! If you're going to step back from all the regular projects and sneak something in, that's perfect. Very, very pretty!

  4. What a lovely doll quilt!! - It looks wonderful on the little doll bed with the pillow. I enjoyed reading through your steps. Sometimes you just HAVE to start something new :0)

  5. Barb that little quilt is so cute! And thankyou for the tutorial on how you went about making it.

  6. Wow a great quilt!! I thought it was a full size quilt until I saw the second picture....beautiful!! Oooo I remember those double basting seams....great for setting a sleeve LOL.


  7. Such a perfectly sweet little quilt. I enjoyed following the step-by-step process.
    Please explain the rows of ?? on the shelves behind Coco. Are those maracas? (that spelling doesn't look right, but that's how my dictionary told me to spell it)

  8. Oh I love it! That quilt is so adorable!

  9. I think it's really lovely. I also can't believe how Coco has grown.

  10. I can't believe how big Coco has gotten wow!
    the doll quilt is adorable, I love that fabric line and only found it recently.
    the little pillow is adorable!
    very cute set! I know it will make you smile everytime you look at it!

  11. A little doll quilt is a good way to take a break from bigger projects and it turned out lovely. I especially loved the directions for the pillow. Thanks for sharing the progress, oh and for photos of Coco too.

  12. Ah, it is so cute! The wonderful fabric really takes center stage on this one. The pillow is so adorable with the ruffle. Nice work!

  13. I would pick the quilt over Coco. Just kidding. I like the added ruffle on the pillow.

  14. What a cute little set! I love the fabrics you used..and the riffled sham is so elegant.
    Your quilting is gorgeous!
    I do my bindings on everything(with straight edges) the way you did yours, instead of doing a double thickness. I figure if one layer of the binding gets worn..I'll replace it, so two layers is just wasted?
    Coco looks so patient and sweet! :)

  15. Goodness, gracious!~You "START ME UP!" I have not been to visit you in a while, I've had my daughter and grandson here...
    You are so amazing! I LOVE the lavendar sachets. I can smell them from here. This little doll quilt and pillow is simply beautiful!!!! The hat box quilt is so wonderful. I just LOVE it ALL! and you always, always make me want to do MORE! Remember in AS GOOD AS IT GETS and Jack Nicholson says to Helen Hunt, "You make me want to be a better man..."? Well, You make me want to be a better quilter!!!! :)

  16. I do a single fold binding too. I never have enough fabric to do it double fold:)

    The quilt is beautiful and shows off the fabric perfectly. I will have to look up that fabric line.

  17. Your little doll quilt is so charming! I love the color scheme you picked and the border print is most striking. Thanks for walking us through the process. Would love to try making a pillow like that for one of my doll beds!

  18. You just delight me with this one! OMG...makes me wish for that someday granddaughter SOONER! It will be years before one comes along of course but gosh darn I can't wait to make such sweet little quilts as this one! It is so darned CA-UTE!!

  19. This has turned out fabulous and has given me inspiration for a project of mine which has come to a stop! Thank you.

  20. I love the doll quilt!! Gorgeous fabrics!!


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