Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Back to the Muggle World

We aparated back to the Muggle world after a wonderful time at the Harry Potter theme park at Universal Studios.

I thought I'd take this opportunity to share the HP quilt that I made Hanna a few years ago.  It was not easy to find HP fabric at the time, but between ebay and a few friends, I managed to get enough for a quilt and two pillow cases.  It was a real trick of magic to keep this a secret for her Birthday.

I pieced it together out of many of the HP fabrics, and used the lightening streak (Harry's scar) as borders.

There is a panel on the front and back, thanks to ebay.

The pillow cases have only a little official HP fabric on the side, but the batik stars worked well here, I think.

Here are a few photos from our wonderful trip.  Does this young lady look happy and excited, or what?

The architecture of the buildings and castle and plantings were really well done!

I even managed to find sewing in the wizarding world at the robe shop.  The tape measure moved up and down at different lengths by magic*

Hagrids hut, very cool.

The buildings of Hogsmeade were snow topped, just as in the movie. 

Everything we had heard about the Butter Beer was true; it was delicious!  I sampled the special Hog Heads Beer, which is only available here in Hogsmeade, it was quite satisfying with my shepherds pie.

And now back to the Muggle world.  I sure wish I could wave a wand and finish all my housework so I can back to quilting!


  1. That looks like so much fun!!!
    You did an awesome job on the quilt. I bet she loves it!!!

  2. Mio figlio impazzirebbe per una trapunta così!!!
    Ciao Domenica

  3. Your pictures are great! I love the HP quilt with real Harry Potter fabrics...VERY cool (shhhh! don't tell my daughter that there were actual HP fabrics at one time...). let me know when you find the wand that helps with muggle housework...

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  4. Yeah, I would say she looks a bit excited LOL. What a fun place to visit, someday I hope to make the trek :0)


  5. I wonder if I could talk my DH into making that trip...if I tell him about the housecleaning wand there may be a chance!

  6. Best vacation EVER... you're the best mom! xo

  7. What a fun quilt! And lucky you to go to the theme park -- I've heard it's fabulous. Your pictures are great -- thanks for sharing them!

  8. A great quilt!!!

    Love the photographs!

    I wish there was a housework magic wand too!!!

  9. I love it, Barb!!!! Would you believe I "tore up jack" (a country expression meaning looked everywhere! LOL) looking for HP fabrics -- not for the kids but for MY "all about me" quilt! LOL I have the very panel you used in dd's quilt!! :-D I love the lightening streak border (your usual flair, I see! :-D). Definitely has to be one of the coolest vacations ever!!
    We're re-listening to all the books to get ready for the movie next week!
    Mary Lou

  10. Great HP quilt! My girls got me into the books and now I am the real HP fan. I'm going to do a movie marathon of the dvds then go see the new one.
    Wish I could go see the theme park. Looks awesome

  11. I bet she loves the quilt. If you should happen to find that magic wand, could you send it over to me for a short trip please?

  12. I didn't know such a place existed! It's fabulous.

    Your DD is darling and I'm sure she loves her quilt. It's pretty special..both front AND back!

  13. how special oh treasure all these moments you have this year with her.
    Looks like it was a fun trip!
    wonderful quilt , full of great memories for her I am sure always

  14. How fun!! Thanks for the photos - you brought Harry and his world into my world! I think Hanna enjoyed it (ya think?)

  15. How fun!! Thanks for the photos - you brought Harry and his world into my world! I think Hanna enjoyed it (ya think?)

  16. Sounds like a great trip. I'm still wishing for Mrs. Weasley's self knitting needles. Or the pots that wash themselves, oh the wonders!

  17. How fun..... I love Hagrid's hut. Thanks for sharing your adventure.


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