Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy.....

Good Morning!
This Autumn I've been using a doll quilt that I made my daughter for Christmas 2002.  I made it for her Kaya doll, an American Girl doll.  I really like the scrappiness combined with the solid background.  This is one of those doll quilts that would make a nice full sized quilt too.


Hooray, I finished my first mini-auction quilt.  I quilted it with silk thread.

The back.  Aren't these dancers joyful?

On Saturday, my guild had a member sew day.  It was great.  Susan made homemade pralines and we had salad and pizza and my chocolate cherry cake.  I spent about an hour on non-raffle quilt work to set a few of the 9-patches from Julie's recent swap.  I am going to use 3 different setting square fabrics.  This will eventually by our new "king sized" bed quilt; my first king.  Did I say eventually?

Raffle update.  Can you believe all the blocks are here and accounted for?  In only 1 month.  What a wonderful and speedy job these women did - bravo!   (This is not the final arrangement, just added them as I received them for counting purposes.)

These are the borders I designed.  Thanks to Susan, Pauline and Elizabeth we have them ready to add to the body of the quilt.

I need about one hundred 4 patches for the second border.  Thanks to the sew day, they are done.  Now to string them together.....

And finally, a little coco.  She is exhausted.  She has decided that dog beds, which I've purchased 2 of are not necessary when there are couches around.

In an effort to avoid the paparazzi she has turned away from me.  What a stinker!

Whew!  I've been busy.  And so have all my blog friends, I'm still catching up on my reading!


  1. Wow, you have been busy. I love that doll quilt...the scrappy star against the cheddar background is a winning combination.
    A king-sized quilt sounds like the ultimate never-ending project. Good luck with that!

  2. Love the quilts Had a good chuckle when I saw Coco on the couch!All of our dogs have just assumed that the couch is made for them!!Gail Norback

  3. I just love that raffle quilt!!! The dog pictures are fun. I also tried to take pictures of my dog yesterday. They don't cooperate, do they?

  4. That raffle quilt is fab-u-lous! You should raise a ton of $$ with that!

  5. The raffle quilt is coming along. Have fun with the king size quilt. Just think off all the design possiblities with making quilts that size.

  6. oh my gosh~!~it feels like forever since i've been able to stop by and see all your goings on~!

    the string star doll quilt is awesome and what a great keepsake they make.

    the raffle quilt is amazing and i LOVE the viney borders~!!!~


  7. Your raffle quilt is coming along great! All back in one month...I was lucky to get blocks back in 6 months!

  8. Love those doll quilt. Love the cheddar background. The raffle quilt is beautiful!

  9. I love Kaya's quilt - gorgeous colors and so many fabrics to enjoy. My daughters are wild about American Girl dolls - they have 3 so far but no Kaya yet :0)
    They have made quilts for their dolls themselves but constantly request clothes to be sewn for them.
    The raffle quilt is gorgeous!! I love the appliqued borders - the 4 patches will be wonderful too.
    A king sized quilt - yikes that sounds big!

  10. What a dynamite post: I think that I just love everything that you make!

  11. I lvoe the way coco is using the pillow too!! LOL
    The raffle quilt is awesome and I'd say the ladies have been very busy! Nice work.

    I LOVE the background cheddar. I msut do one like that. Great quilts!!

  12. Boy, you have some beautiful quilt back fabrics. And that raffle quilt is going to be beautiful -- great work by all!

  13. Coco is a cutie!
    I love the raffle quilt! Those vine and leaf borders are amazing!
    Have fun making your king sized quilt.
    I love the mini-auction quilt. The backing fabric is great too!!!
    You certainly have been very busy!

  14. I don't know which I like more -- the front or the back of your quilts!! There is always something interesting to see and feel looking at what you've done!! LOVE it! :-D
    And the design on the raffle quilt is excellent!! Isn't it cool to think that something new can look so elegant and classic and antique-y!?! :-D Very good work going on at your place!
    Mary Lou

  15. The raffle quilt is beautiful!!! I love it. And your dog is hysterical. Aren't dogs the best ever? I think everyone should have one.

  16. Wow I really love this scrappy star on cheddar background !!!
    Back fabric too...
    The raffle quilt will be very beautiful, congrats.

  17. oh you know how much Ilove that star quilt
    still on my list to attempt!
    the raffle quilt looks great!
    I am so impressed.
    Coco is getting big, seems so fast!
    love, love, love those nine patches :)
    we are going to be making millions of them next year!

  18. There's a lot of nice eye candy here! I love the little quilts.The backs are wonderful too. How was the silk thread to work with?
    Your king sized 9 patch already has a warm cozy look. Great setting fabrics you've chosen...and that raffle quilt..oh my! Gorgeous..just gorgeous. I love the applique and the couple of mixed fabric blocks add a bit of extra interest.
    Heh..we have to have leather furniture because of the dogs!

  19. The quilt guild I belonged to for years (I no longer drive 60 miles to get to the meeting) has made the same raffle quilt. You can see it at http://www.floridacabinfever.com/
    and click on "View the Quilt".

  20. What a wonderful quilt!! I love it. Such a classic. And it's coming together fast!

  21. I have been wanting to make a string star quilt like that. I love it with the cheddar background! And how awesome is that raffle quilt going to be!

  22. Goodness you have been busy!! That raffle quilt is going to be beautiful!! My son's lab loves his beds and stays off the furniture but leave a bedroom door open and he will snooze the day away on your bed LOL.


  23. Soo much quilting goodness in this post! I love those applique borders...just wonderful in every way! I really like your little quilts too.

  24. Oh girl....I just LOVE EVERYTHING in this post!! Especially the raffle quilt...WOWZER! Well...I like the star/cheddar one too!!

    Aaah sweet coco....my little Goober gets contrary when I try for his picture too!

  25. those doll quilts are just adorable, really so cute!

  26. I do love that scrappy AND the raffle quilt! What an amazing and talented group you have!


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