Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Mark" this a Snow Day!

Hooray for a snow day!

I finally got my marking tools together to do a post on marking.  This is my collection:

Those white things in the box are soap slivers, which really work well, actually, and definitely wash out.

Instead of reviewing the ones I don't use - I'll tell you why and for what purpose the ones that I use.

These are the marking tools I use for prep work, weather it be tracing applique' pieces, marking lines to sew Half Square Triangles, etc.

My new favorite are the Sew Line marking pencils.  The leads are made of some miracle ceramic something, and the line is fine and nice!

They offer several different colors, grey, pink, white and I think yellow, although I dont' have that one....yet.  I even invested in 2 of them so I could have a light and dark one at the ready at all times.

For marking quilting lines I use these; Crayola washable kid markers, the water soluable blue pen and the sew line pencils.

I have had great luck with the washable markers.  They are cheap and mark really well. When washed in the machine with Clorox 2 color safe bleach, all marking has come out for me.

I love the blue markers, both the regular and fine line work great.  I have on occasion accidentally erased lines by mistake, and once humidity played a factor.  Again all marking has always come out for me. I used this on Mother's Garden.

Sew line is great.  Mary V. used the white on her red & white quilt for long arm quilting it and all the marks came out.  I'm using in on the white Olympic Star Quilt.  I should have made more definite marks, I used a light touch and now it's a little hard to see.

This is what we woke up to:

This is my heated bird bath.  The center fell and melted, but the birds were not up and about....

Coco is wondering where her yard is.  It doesn't look quite right.

 She decided to sit and think it over....

Finally she takes a leap of faith and then is on her way.

My start on Lori's Quilt Along - hey, that's not blue....and what's with that pink?

Let me know if you have any input about marking tools.  Generally I feel whatever works for you is what works best.

**So many people asked about the "Don't Drink and Quilt" t-shirt, here is where you can find it:  Cafe Press they have several cute quilting related T-shirts.


Barb said...

Enjoyed seeing your marking tools and snow...

Meredith said...

I am glad you have found making tools that you enjoy using. I woke to snow. This is the third one so far this winter!

Janet said...

Hi Barb,
Wonderful info on the markers. Thank you for sharing. I've wondered about the blue marker in humid climates,TX.
I can't believe how beautiful the snow is. I bet Coco enjoyed it.
A heated bird bath, never heard of that before. Shame on them for not using it. Obivously to cold for man or bird. I do like your fabric choices.
Happy sewing,

Janet said...

Great post on marking! I love to mark with soap slivers. I even have a favorite brand :0) I find some soap is soft and breaks easily. Coast soap is just right and marks nearly everything - sadly they've stopped selling it where I live. :0(
I'm far too afraid to mark with Crayola markers - this is irrational because my kids color themselves and their clothes regularly and it always comes out.

Cheryl said...

I like the Sewline chalk also. Never thought to use the washable markers.
The snow looks like so much fun!

Janet said...

I love reading about different markers, thanks for all the information. Coco doesn't looked too impressed. I love the colours for Lori's doll quilt, looking forward to seeing it come together.

Amy said...

Thanks for this post on marking. I do have one question - I used the green sewline pencil on white fabric and it didn't wash out all of the way. I washed it in warm water and wondered if maybe that was what caused it to set in the fabric. Any tips on how you wash the quilt after marking?

Thimbleanna said...

Thanks for all the great information. I recently bought the sewline collection, but I haven't used them yet. One would have to finish something first LOL!

Anonymous said...

Wow that's a lot of snow! Pretty though! Thanks for the info on your favourite marking tools - never used the wash-out markers but I like the Sewline pencils too. K

Teresa Rawson said...

I LOVE talking about marking tools!!! You should see the load of crap (examples of marking tools) that I haul in to show students when I teach a hand quilting class!!! I try to cover ALL the bases of marking possibilities from the mundane to the weird. I LOVE pulling out those soap slivers! They all go..."oh-h-h-h-h-h-h...." I, too, have that Dritz kit of skinny little chalks and the holder...and the cute little sharpener (makes me feel like an elementary school teacher when I use it...remember the teachers that used the "chalk holders?"). I'll have to try the Sewline pencil...I have a Fons and Porter one with the white leads, and it works pretty well. I still use a 0.5 mm mechanical pencil from Staples (get 'em by the dozen"). Great post, and I love the pictures of Cocoa in the snow. We got 4-5 inches here near Ann Arbor yesterday and last night, but life went on today, much to my 8th grader's disappointment!

In stitches,
Teresa :o)

Anonymous said...

Hi Barb

Thank you for sharing, I loved reading what you use, I have had problems with the blue marking pen when I used it in summer, I think it heat set so I try and stay away from it.
I am going to look for the washout Crayons, I think they would be just great.
All my straight line marking is done using the Hera marker, found that to be easy and nothing to come off later.
I too wash all you quilts after finishing.
The snow looks so wonderful, have to say I miss having now snow where we are. Never mind I suppose we can't have it all.
Take care

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Great post with lots of great information...Can I ask you a quick question?...What method do you use for marking the placement of your pieces? Do you mark the background fabric or do you have some other method? I've never figured this one out and have bee struggling with a appliqué block that needs to have rather precise placement.

Frances Leate said...

Thanks Barb for sharing this information. I am always interested in hearing what other people use and usually learn something - this time about the crayola markers. I live in the tropics and only use the blue washout pen when I know the job is going to be finished quickly otherwise it fades. I never use the fineline blue pen for this reason but prefer thick dark blue lines. Thanks again!

Lynda said...

Your dog's impression of a snowman made me laugh! AS to markers, I've gone back to good old tailor's chalk for dark fabrics and a soft pencil for light.

Shasta Matova said...

That is a lot of snow. I like the crayola markers too. I have those leads you have in the box as well. I will have to look for Sewline.

Anonymous said...

Great info! I am always interested in products others have found useful. Do you pre-wash your fabrics before sewing?

Cute photo of Coco!

Linda in NC

Maureen said...

Thanks for the info. I've seen the sewline pencils and wondered about them. WIll pick them up next time.

Crispy said...

Yep we use many of the same tools but I really want to locate that Sewline pencil, in white. It's always wonderful to get reviews from other quilter :0)


Jill said...

I totally agree with your marking tool info. I love the Sewline. It comes in green also, which seems to show up well on both dark and light, by the way. However, you gave me a real "duh" moment when you mentioned buying two pencils and keeping one for dark and one for light...big duh...what a great idea. I have always disliked changing the lead back and forth!

Funny pics of Coco! Love your color choice for Lori's quiltalong! It will be striking!

Sue-Anne said...

hi Barb, I love the sewline lead pencils too and find that I am using them all the time now for marking. I was a big fan of gel pens for applique but since finding the ceramic leads, I now prefer them.

Good dog Coco for going outside in the snow. My dog doesn't even like going outside if it has been raining, me mustn't like getting his feet wet - how would he cope with snow!

antique quilter said...

great post! informative. I haven't tried the sew line pencils yet I just use general chalks pencils. LOVE your colors for Lori's quilt along
you mean you didn't shovel a path for Coco to go out and do her business?

julieQ said...

Oh, your snow is so pretty!! I guess it is a pain after a while to live with...

I use that blue marker quite a bit, but a word of warning, don't get it hot! I left a quilt in the car in summer with that marking on it...bad news! I used to use just plain pencil...very, very lightly.

Ann Champion said...

I got the Fons and porter version of ceramic lead pencil. I liked it, so I bought a package of the cheapo mechanical pencils when they had the sales in the Fall, and replaced the leads.( they're .9mm, so watch for the size) Now I have several pencils ready to go.
I've gotten as far as buying the crayola wash out pens, but I'm afraid to try them! LOL

We got about 6" of snow. One of our dogs hates it, the other runs out to play. Coco looks like she's not sure what to do?

Ann Champion said...

Doh! Forgot to say..I like your fabrics for the quilt along! :)

OT Quilter said...

Thanks for the post about marking tools. I had never thought of using the washable Crayola markers despite having had dozens of them around the house for years for school projects.