Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Progress Report

Well, I guess I give myself a B-
(full report at the bottom of the post)

I am supposed to be working on UFOs, but I got totally caught up in this:

These are mostly all Judie Rothermels fabric selvages that Kathie of Inspired By Quilts sent me - thanks again Kathie!  I thought they looked good used together so I decided to make a few string doll quilts.

After working on a project with Jill on Monday, I came home with a whole new collection of repro selvages and made some more string sets.

I also set the first three with different color combinations.  It was great fun.  So fun, that I plan to make three more with three different combinations.

Progress on Lori's Quilt Along.  Aren't those little flying geese too cute?  I have some trimming yet to do.

This is a UFO that I found in a box.  It's not on my side bar, but I did sew a few together.  I think I'll find the ruler I used to cut these and try to remember to cut a few once in a while.  I think I'll make a table runner of this one day.

My daughter gave me the "Whoopie Pie" book for Christmas and we made classic chocolate, with salty peanut butter filling -  yum!

With the New Year, I'm trying new recipes.  I get so stuck in the rut sometimes.  Whenever I ask Rich what he wants for dinner it either, pasta, tacos, or fajitas....what a range.  So here is some inspiration that I'm using.

Progress Report:

A   for working on the hand quilting of Mother's Garden
A   for keeping up with Lori's quilt along
C   for working on a UFO not on the list
C   for starting 6 doll quilts, not UFOs
D   for eating too many whoopie pies

final report:  B-


Nancy said...

Those selvages were crying out to be used I can see. They do look great together, and the little quilts are very appealing. So are the whoopie pies. I like your UFO side bar.. good to keep the list in front of you. It's quite motivating.

Lori said...

What fun little quilts you are doing with the selvages!! Trash to Treasure!!!

Cheryl said...

Love the selvage quilts~going to start keeping mine. Sorry, but it makes me feel good that someone else has deviated from the goal of finishing UFOs.

antique quilter said...

oh my gosh those little selvage coin quilts are just adorable!!!!
I am so impressed
I hear you on the whole dinner thing
I am tired of cooking the same old thing, I may just follow your lead
your being too hard on yourself...B+
is better!
send me over a whoopie pie they look yummy!

Ann Champion said...

I love the selvedge quilts! Surely, they don't deserve a C? They were already cut so technically, they were a UFO? I think you should get extra points for working on any UFO not on the list too!
You're making great progress..keep'll work off those whoopie pies. :)

Nifty Quilts said...

Your selvedge quilts are wonderful! I like the way they're framed, drawing you in to read them all.

Meredith said...

You should at least get a B for being honest.

Thimbleanna said...

No, no, no -- that's an A for eating whoopie pies! They look YUM! Do you like the whoopie pies book? Adorable little quilts too!

Karen said...

The selvage quilt is a-maz-ing! Great job!

Taryn said...

I like your selvage strippies...they "speak" to me. Sorry, terrible pun. Tough grader. I would have given myself an A just for not eating all of the whoopie pies.

Jan said...

You may be a bit of a tough grader! They look like they are fun to sew - I love strings.
Had no idea that there were enough Whoopie Pie variations for a cookbook. Yummy!

Linda C said...

Thanks for sharing your strippy selvage quilts. My basket of selvedges is overflowing, and needs some attention. Do you sew them on to a base fabric, or just straight on to each other? Also for those uninitiated, What's a Whoopie pie?

Anonymous said...

Oh I love the doll quilts, what fun.... I am working out swap partners today for the Doll quilt swap and post it tonight.

Maureen said...

Working on a UFO not on the list deserves extra credit! Who would have thought a quilt made with selvages could look so cute? I wonder if the selvage trend will change the way they print them.

Anonymous said...

LOVE what you have done with the selvages! Funny thing....I have four small quilt tops EXACTLY like yours here that I hadn't posted about yet....I was trying to figure out some sort of wool piece to add on.

Betsy Schneekloth said...

Barb, Add "Eating Well" magazine to your inspiration list. I love it and have made many recipes from it. My daughter-in-law makes amazing pumpkin whoopie pies. We have them every Christmas. (Not eating well...)

Janet said...

Hi Barb,
You get an A+. You are sewing
and cooking. Fantastic. Did I say
eating too, yummy for your tummy?

Beth said...

Love your little coin quilts. They are so cute.
Those whoopie pies look sooo good. Yum.

Selvage Quilter said...

Wow, I love your selvage coins. I think you get extra credit for extra projects! You are a straight A kinda lady.

Janet said...

How can you give yourself a C for working on a ufo - I think you need a more impartial grader. :0) What great selvages - they make interesting doll quilts.

Quilts And Pieces said...

I say "A" for those string quilts! They are great! My daughter just sent me an enchilada chicken chili recipe tonight. It sounds like it would fit jsut right in your house!

QuiltSue said...

Looks like you've been having fun and the Whoopies look yummy. They haven't "hit" the UK yet, so I'll have to find an online recipe and try them I think.

Janet said...

A big A+ for the amount of fun you're having. What great selvage quilts. I'm too stingy to cut much off past the selvage. We don't have whoopie pies here, probably a good thing.

Riel Nason said...

Anything involving selvages gets an A+ from me. It's cool how it's all coordinated fabrics that they're from. Aren't quilting friends that share selvages the best? I was at the grocery store the other day and I saw a lady from our guild who i've met recently. She said, "Oh, I just cut a long selvage today, do you want it?" It was the first thing that popped in her head when she saw me. LOL

Quilter Kathy said...

I got a real giggle out of your self evaluation this morning! Thanks :)

Karen said...

The selveges are a unique use for a doll quilt. I still have a bunch of the strips to use at some time.