Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wednesday Roundup

Hooray - I finished setting and adding a border to my big star quilt -

I have to work on a better name for the quilt.  Here it is draped on the railing outside my house-top sewing room.  It turned out to be a pretty big quilt!

While unable to sleep in the middle of the night recently, it dawned on me that the only way to get this quilt together was to hand piece it - uugghh.

I cut this quilt out 2 years ago, you can see the post here.  I am hand piecing it by eye - seems to be working well so far.  There is a lot of prep in marking the center, clipping the curves, pinning and finally sewing.

I'm using the map I printed above to keep things straight.  If you are considering an apple core quilt; DON'T.  That is my advice.

Another Halloween quilt I'm working on is a new 4-patch posie quilt.  Not as great as I had thought it would be, but we'll see.

Here are strips waiting to be sub-cut and sewn.  I just love the illustrations.

Some close ups - what a funny vamp he is.

I hope you are enjoying some early fall weather - it has been great here in New Jersey!


  1. Star quilt is looking great . Love the look of your house. Yes the grass always looks greener on the other side.

    Thanks for the advice on apple core. I have Cindy Blackberg's stamp sitting here waiting to go. Hmgh maybe not.

  2. Your star quilt looks great (and so does your house!) I plan to take your advice on the Apple Core. Started a doll quilt one maybe 6-7 years ago, and found it to be a bear. Halloween is a wonderful idea for it, though! I'm certain that you will find a way to make the four patch work to your liking.
    Headed to NYC on Friday for the weekend, and am thrilled to hear that the weather forecast looks beautiful!

  3. congrats on the lovely star quilt and home. wheee, fun to see all the Halloween. hmm, those posies look like they need some sashing or alternate blocks in a different color...I love that particular fabric too - I have a bunch. There's a new line of Halloween fabric out now that I really want but I'm trying to convince myself to hold off and wait for them to be on sale next year. Darn Halloween fabric just sucks me right in...

    1. Your stars are wonderful, I love your color selections!It looks rather nice overlooking your garden too!
      Hand piecing, oh my you are a trooper.
      I am working on a Halloween project now your fabrics.

  4. WOW!!Your Big Stars quilt is a super star quilt!!! It's just so wonderful!! I love the photo hanging from the house! Your Halloween quilts are so fun! thanks for the warning about Apple Core quilts.. I'll stay clear and admire ones that other people make. Halloween fabric are such fun!

  5. Great finish. This weather is such a surprise!!!!!!!!

  6. That shot of the star quilt hanging off the balcony is gorgeous! It looks like a picture out of a magazine. I wonder what would be it's new name.
    I have to admit, Halloween is one holiday I never got into. I tried celebrating it for my kids' sake but didn't last for too long. I must be the only one? I wonder!

  7. The stars quilt is awesome! And the apple cores are so cute.....but glad to know I don't need to make one now! Thanks!

  8. lots of halloween goodies here~! i've been spending some time decorating for fall but have yet to get anything out that is specifically for halloween . . .
    i think i'm in denial about summer being over . . .
    beautiful home you have and the star top looks great~!


  9. You big star quilt is wonderful! I love your color combinations in the stars, the setting fabric, the border, everything! Very lively and pleasing to look at. Your Halloween quilt looks like fun too!

  10. Being a glutton for punishment, I will probably try an apple core quilt someday and then be reminded of your admonition! Great job on fussy cutting the cores.

    Your star quilt is wonderful and looks great hanging from the railing!

  11. What fun Halloween fabrics! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your star quilt. I'm trying to decide on the next quilt and that one is definitely under consideration. I just can't decide! And the secret to making an applecore quilt is to make giant applecores LOL!

  12. Thanks for the advice on the Apple Core - I am still tempted to make one though. I'll send it to you to fix!! ;)

    Your star quilt is beautiful...lovely colors and I like how you positioned them around the star two at a time.

    I have never seen a Halloween 4-Patch Posy - anxious to see how yours turns out!


  13. Love your star quilt!! It looks like a great place to take photos of quilts:)

    Now, I've always wanted to do an apple core quilt, but I think I'll be happy enough watching yours progress. What fun fabric!!

  14. I love the star quilt--it sure does sparkle! What fun all the Halloween quilts are too. I must be on the same wave length as I pulled out the fabrics for Halloween bags for the grans this week. Thanks for sharing all the quilts today.
    Ardis in TX

  15. I just finished my star quilt, too, and also am not thrilled with the name I chose, but it stuck, so there you go. (Scrappy Stars, if you must know).

    I'm liking that halloweeny quilt--it's interesting how you are putting it together, with those blocks like square stacknwhacks. I've got to read down further in your blog to see the technique, if you posted it.

    I've missed reading your blog--school started and I was swamped for a while--but it's easing up a bit, so I get to check back and see what's up with Barb!

    Elizabeth E.

    1. Your star quilt looks fabulous!! I look forward to seeing how you quilt it. I've never tried an apple core quilt - I'll remember your advice :0) Yours looks very fun though. We've been having the best fall weather - I LOVE it!

  16. Love your star top - and I think the rail is the perfect spot for quilt pics. The Hydrangea looks awesome.
    Apple Core - advice is noted and appreciated.
    Thanks for the Halloween inspiration.

  17. Delicious stars!

    Good advice on the apple cores; I wonder though, will I follow good advice?

  18. Love your star quilt it really shines! The photo of the quilt on your balcony is really wonderful. Your house looks lovely too.


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