Friday, September 7, 2012

Fun for Friday - Making my own Antique

Happy Friday everyone.  I've been away this week so have not done my usual 2 postings.  This is a quilt post, but hopefully will also be fun, you can decide.

In the sewing room I have been watching the first season of Revenge.  Okay, I've been raging it actually. Watching one after another.  So I worked on several little projects and this little Doll quilt was one of them.

It is made of leftover blocks from various swaps.  The center block was in a bag of scraps that Jill and I swapped.  What a bonus for me!!

When it was done I decided it looked too new, so I over dye it with Rit Dye - Tan in a wash tub.

The full directions are hidden on the inside of the package.

First step is to wash the quilt to remove any sizing or other chemicals that may be on the fabric.

Here is my tub with salt, mild detergent (I just used Palmolive and a sprinkle of Rit dye, maybe 2-3 Teaspoons.

Here it is soaking.  I let it soak about 15 mins, checking it and keeping it moving with a spoon.

When I was thought it was cooked, I rinsed it and and here it is while still wet.

And here it is dried - so don't freak out about how dark it is while wet, it will lighten up when dried.

While I was working on this little doll quilt I thought "hey, why not dye some natural muslin as long as I have the basin prepared"?

here it is before -

And after.  I purposefully didn't keep it moving so that it would turn out mottled looking.

It has some funny little red dots (so does the doll quilt) where the dye didn't mix and dissolve all the way  I kind of like it.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Kim said...

Now that is really cute.....what a great way to "age" your doll quilt....I'll have to remember that :0). does it fad at all with washings?

Happy Sewing,

Browndirtcottage said...

You're looks FUN and turned out too darn cute!!! Not much trouble to get that great look!!

regan said...

So sweet! I love that little quilt! And the aging worked out perfectly! Thanks....I'm gonna try that!

And dang......'raging'......I know we're the same age, but I'm too old to know that slang......dang! :o)

beth said...

I'm going to have to try "aging" a quilt sometime. YOurs looks wonderful.

Mayleen said...

Ever since I tea dyed my daughter's too white stockings many years ago, I've enjoyed dyeing fabric. To me, its just fun to see what happens to the fabric. Gives it a little personality and uniqueness! Your quilt and muslin fabric look great!

Sujata Shah said...

I love the softer look of the quilt. Fits better with it's purpose.
I used tea for the muslin I used for dollmaking forever! It was a monthly ritual to boil a big pot of water and so on!
Glad you are back :)

Kyle said...

The dye really softened the look of your doll quilt. I'm always a bit apprehensive to do that, but everyone's always looks great afterwards.
Thanks for the instructions.

Lori said...

I've tried the tan RIT and like instant coffee better. I thought the RIT had a tinge of orange. It's hard to tell by looking at my monitor. Did you like the results?

Rachaeldaisy said...

Such a gorgeous little quilt!! It's so interesting to see your dying adventures... I've never done anything like that, I'll have to have a go one day, I really like the look, it warms the colours up. The mottled aged cream fabric looks wonderful too!! I'm going to check out Revenge, I love those series that you get so hooked on you can't stop watching.

One Minnesota Quilter said...

Fun to do, isn't it? I have done the coffee, tea and the RIT dye at different times for different things and like them all for different reasons. Your little quilt is darling.


Maureen said...

I've never thought to dye one of my quilts. I have heard that Rit is better to use than coffee or tea because of the acids in the later. Not sure if that is true. One of these days I'll give it a try. Love how your little quilt turned out!

Janet said...

I've always been curious to try dyeing a project/fabric to "age" it. It was fun to see your process. I love the little quilt as well - you just can't go wrong with flying geese :0)

libbyquilter said...

a sweet little "leftovers" quilt and i love the back too. i've never dyed anything with the rit dyes but it looks like a simple process and it aged your quilt (as well as the bigger piece of cloth) perfectly.


libbyquilter said...

looking again at that rit dye package on your quilt makes me realize that it really must be quite small . . .
can i ask what size it is?
i suspect that it may be less than 10" square . . . a really tiny one~!


Sue-Anne said...

I always find it amazing at how different fabric can sometimes look with a little Rit or tea dyeing. Your little quilt is very very cute.

Louise said...

My sister and I tea dyed a number of years ago. Sometimes my sister would use instant coffee crystals creating interesting little spots. Sometimes I used various herbal teas which created a subtle change in color. This dying always took that "new" look out of the finished piece. I always had a gallon jug of tea in my frig just for dying.

Barb said...

Your little quilt is just adorable.

Vivian said...

It must be the chicken in me--I enjoy seeing what others' projects look like after dyeing, but I don't think I would ever try it myself . But you made it look so easy. I may have to try it one of these days. The before and after photos show just enough subtle change to remove that "new" look. Nicely done, Barb.

antique quilter said...

just LOVE this little quilt, great job, omg , adorable.
I have always wanted to do that dye one of my little quilts, I just need to not think about it and do it!

Jan said...

Tea dyeing muslin gives a great result. Love your little, liberated pieced bits in this one ;)