Friday, August 31, 2012

Fun For Friday - Glue, Paper, Scissors

Happy Last Friday of August!

Last Friday I hosted a little luncheon here at my house.  I've seen quite a bit of mason jar crafts lately and was inspired to make these as favors for my friends -

I mod-podged vinage pattern instructions onto the jars and embellished them with pearl buttons and ribbon.

I put crushed shells in the bottom and a tea candle.  They could also serve as pencil cans in the sewing room or little wild flower vases.

I also worked on my Illustrated Discovery Journal.  I started this scrap book over 15 years ago - long before pinterest was even thought of.

This was a companion to Simple Abundance, one of the most transformative books in my life.

Here are some sample pages.

This is where I glue images of things I like, styles I admire, items I'd love to buy or own.

There are no rules or order, just a book of my tastes.

It is very therapeutic to sit with my school supplies and arrange pages.

Lastly, another real classy lunch date with Norma - Bendix Diner.  Norma says it has been here for over 60 years.  Looks like it too.

Now this is New Jersey Diner and Dive if ever there was one.  Look at this picturesque location!

Norma had chili dogs and I had a ruben.  We shared the onion rings.  The food?  Not bad.

I don't know about you, but I'll be thrilled to welcome September tomorrow.
I'm really looking forward to Autumn!


Sujata Shah said...

Those little personalized jars are perfect for so many things! I like the idea of a visual autobiography. A great place to keep rediscovering yourself.
That diner looks like it would be a great place to shoot scenes for a period movie! So cool!
Just got back from a foggy morning walk. It's so pretty outside. Yes, I am ready for fall too.

Pinkadot Quilts said...

I want on onion ring right now!!! Love them, they would be in my scrapbook!
Yours sounds like a nice reference for when inspiration strikes.
I love your jars, what a great idea I bet they all loved them too. I am also looking forward to fall. It is my favorite time of the year.
I have not read Simple Abundance, I will put it on my list.

Mayleen said...

I'm so impressed with your creativity! The mason jar candles are really neat and remind me of fall which, yes, I'm definitely ready for. We're having a few more hot days though.

Many of the pictures in your scrapbook could be in my scrapbook (if I had one)! The transferware, black trays and spatterware are my kind of things.

The diner food - unfortunately for me it would mean heartburn!

One Minnesota Quilter said...

I bet the candle jars are charming when lit....cute idea!

My Mom, who is 84,has been doing scrapbooks like yours since I can remember. Many an evening I would see her with scissors, glue, magazines, and her book happily snipping away lost in her dream world. She is still making them and it has always been great therapy for her.

The Diner looks like a place we would visit - those old places aren't going to be around forever and the new ones just aren't the same.


Lori said...

Wow! That's quite the pile of food!!! lol

Love the scrapbooking. I used to do that and I'd prefer that over pinterest.

Nifty Quilts said...

Wonderful jars! Using those old patterns is brilliant. I like your journal too. Yea, there's something about scissors and glue. Rings of childhood and that authentic self we're looking for.

Kyle said...

I enjoyed all your creative Friday news. I'm ready for fall too. Your new header is great!

Anonymous said...

Great jars and wonderful idea about the journal. That Diner looks like the one in the movie Jersey Girl with Jamie Gertz and Dylan McDermot. Good movie. I believe it was made in 1992 or 93. I'm also ready for Fall. My favorite time of the year.


Jan said...

I loved the Simple Abundance book, too, and read it two years running. Your scrapbook/journal is very cool - I keep files, and also collage photos of quilts, but haven't done it for a few years. You've tempted me to get back to all of these things, so thank you!
Your jars are a wonderful gift for your friends - I can see how a candle would glow through the pattern pieces :)

Kim said...

Oh nice journal, love that idea. (and love the things you have chosen to enter in the joural)

I have to say Simple Abundance changed my life too.
These jars are too cute, what a great idea, are the patterns on the inside or outside?

Have a great Labor Day weekend and
Happy Sewing

Janet said...

I love the vintage pattern pictures. I like the pictures in your scrapbook too. I always mean to start something like it but... I bet it's fun to look back on and be inspired.

Maureen said...

You are inspiration in the fun department, Barb! I think Simple Abundance spoke to a lot of us.

Rachaeldaisy said...

Barb, I love visiting your blog, it's always so fun!! Those jars are so gorgeous!!! Such a special thoughtful gift for your friends. It so lovely to see your journal full of beautiful images. The diner you went to is so cool. It's like something out of a movie. And your Ruben made my mouth water... it looks so delicious!!

Linda in NC said...

Happy September! Fall is my favorite season, totally invigorating.

I loved the peek into your visual journal. I've been doing something similar but less organized off and on for years though mostly my inspirational photos are in file folders or stacks here and there, driving my tidier-than-I husband crazy.

Thanks for the tip on Simple Abundance. I hadn't heard of it before, but it's on my "to read" list now!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted you to know I had a chance to visit your blog this am and enjoyed catching up. I too am ready for some crisper days.

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