Tuesday, August 21, 2012

We got Pinned

Last week the cup cake club got together as Susan's house to make a little pin cushion - how cute is this!

All Creative Credit goes to bitty bits & pieces, Kimberly Walus.
Thanks for such a great tutorial.  You can get it by clicking here.

Thanks Jill for the great idea,  I just can't wait to get started!

Look how cute all of Jill's red supplies are -

Crafting is hard work, as you know, so we took a  break for lunch.  Aren't these the prettiest plates?  I wish I had this in fabric.

I love a fresh summery lunch.  Chicken Salad, bread and fruit, lovely.

After our break we finished our cute pin cushions.

The metal stamping really gives these the finishing touch.  Thanks to Jill's DH for lending them to us.

Hanna sent a quilt back home with us this past weekend.  Her dorm room is so small the beds have to be bunked and she's top bunk, so 2 extra quilts is too much.

This is Good and Plenty  (named because there is so much black and pink.)  It was a challenge quilt as a result of a polkadot fabric exchange.

I had forgotten to include it in this post about challenges.

Sorry about the floor shot, the design wall is in use.  Thanks coco for your help!

The backing is pieced together greens (as if that needed to be noted). lol

A polkadot shaped label, just for fun.

Hope you are all having nice weather and that you are enjoying the end of summer.


  1. That was such a fun day, Barb. Glad you got Hanna settled in for another year at school, where does the time go? There's an ever so slight hint of cooler weather here in NJ, signaling fall, when I find more time for the sewing room...yay!

  2. Those pin cushions are too darned cute! Love them in the red! And yeah, those plates are gorgeous! Would make a beautiful quilt color scheme. And I love that Good 'n Plenty quilt! So fun with all the dots, and the lime green back is awesome! Bright Bright Bright! Love it!

  3. Those pincushions are adorable! And "Good and Plenty " is so happy! All those dotty fabrics and bright colors make me smile -simply wonderful!

  4. Your little group does the cutest projects, and you always look like you are having a great time! Good and Plenty is really cute, and I love how you always finish every project with such flare and creativity...the backing and label make it a perfect finish!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  5. What cute pin cushions! The polka-dot quilt is so colorful and fun. Thanks for the (as always) cheerful post!

  6. Those pink and black plates look so elegant. They should have some luscious French dessert served on them.

  7. What an adorable pin cushion....

  8. I love the pin safety pin fabric and the pin cushion. Of course I love your dotty quilt too!

  9. How fun to have a pincushion party with your friends. The pinnies are so cute!! Love the red and white! And love your quilt!! So wonderful and colourful!

  10. What darling pincushions!! Those plates are so pretty. A fun project with friends :0) Love the dot label on the polka dot quilt - a polka dot fabric exchange sound fun!

  11. Polka dots and pincushions...perfect. I especially liked the metal stamping. It really added a special touch to the pincushion. It's a fun name for your group!

  12. Looks like a fun day!!
    Love the Good N Plenty quilt!!

  13. You sure know how to have fun with friends! That lunch looks delicious.
    I think this fall I have got to do some little projects. they look so cute when you make them.

    My son wont use his quilt because he is not sure what he would do if it gets dirty. Silly guy! I should give him more than one like you so he has not choice but to use at least one.

    That's a gorgeous quilt. I love how you combine colors and make traditional patterns look so funky and fresh.

  14. Barb your work is amazing. Today was the first time I visited your blog. You are a inspiration and I will be more enthused to continue on my quilting projects. Thank you again. I will continue to follow!

  15. Hi Sandy -
    Thanks for your sweet comment, you a non-reply blogger so I couldn't send you a note, so hoping you'll see this.

  16. Those little pin cushions are so darn cute! And I'm in love with your Good and Plenty quilt! It's wonderful!


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