Friday, August 3, 2012

FFF - Olympics!

Happy Friday!  I hope you have been enjoying the games in London.

I added some U.S. objects the London objects on the mantel and hung lights, our Olympic torches, he he.

And here is coco in the canine all-around olympic events:

Diving:  9.9 (for ear cuteness)

Sunbathing:  9.8

Staying up late for prime time coverage:  8.0

Watching daytime coverage:  8.5 (for use of pillows)

Finishing Kibble in record time:  10

Decorating her sleeping crate:  10+

coco's final overall combine score earns her Olympic Gold.                      Good Girl coco!

And for added fun this week, I got a patriotic pedicure.

Have a Great Weekend and Go Olympians - whatever the country or sport.


  1. Coco gets 8.0 for staying up late?? Bias, I say! But, you are right... She's all gold.

  2. Coco is a gold winner for sure!! What a super star! How fun to have patriotic toes!!

  3. My dog uses a pillow too! They are so smart and cute! Winners for sure!

  4. Way to go Coco! We have added another event at our house: puppy wrestling. The 6 yr. old lab mix is a great coach for the new puppy!

  5. What a great and imaginative post you crazy girl! Coco seems to be having a great time.
    Love those toes too.

  6. Coco's trainer gets 10! You are so funny!

  7. So sweet! And yeah, 8.0 for staying up late.....and for perfect form on the couch.....legs are straight, head is down.....very little splash! Ha!

  8. Good girl Coco!! Maybe we'll see her picture on Wheaties or er... Kal-Kan??? Love your decorations and pedicure!!

  9. You're too funny! I'm thinking you were a little generous on your scoring for the staying awake part -- Coco looks like she's happily snoozing there. Happy Weekend!

  10. Coco making us all smile, love it!

  11. What a fun, happy post...LOVE it!

  12. So glad you are enjoying our fabulous Olympics - though I don't think anyone could be enjoying it as much as we in the UK.
    However well done in the pool wonderful US swimmers especially the great and lovely Michael Phelps, a true gentleman.
    Loved your post!

  13. I love how you've decorated your house for the Olympics! Although you do need a London quilt now...

    Lucky Coco, Zeus wasn't around to give him any competition! Congrats to him!

  14. Way to go, Coco!!! (I think the quilt on the sleeping crate scores a gold as well!!)

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  15. Love it, It's great to have Olympic fever. I am amazed at everyone who even makes it to the games.

  16. Coco is so sweet - and very gifted! Was there much splash when he hit the water on that last dive - a clean entry always adds points.

    Being on the road this summer, this is the first Olympics in many years that I have not had an "Olympic project" started at the opening ceremonies & completed by the closing.

    Love those toes!!

  17. What a fun post to read :)
    With great photos to enjoy!
    A gold medal for best blogpost awarded to you!

  18. Loved your post. I've enjoyed the Olympics so much this year and Coco added to it! I just found your blog this week and love it. I don't even remember how I found it but am glad I did. I'll be catching up on it after the Olympics.


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