Sunday, January 6, 2013

Vermont 2012 Quilt Challenge

Happy New Year!  I'm finally back from my holiday and ready for some sewing!  Never mind those decorations that are all waiting for packing, it will get done.

Last June, while attending the Vermont Quilt Show I had dinner with Lori and Sue and Jill at the New England Culinary Institute in Montpelier, Vt.

They brought me a FQ of pretty green fabric and invited me to a challenge.   I'm always up for a challenge!

Here is my finished project.  A skirted doll quilt.  I was inspired by a quilt at the New England Quilt Museum that had a chintz skirt.

It started with with a Fat Quarter of this fabric:

It was difficult to work with this medium print.  I ended up using pinks and greens to make the pieced quilt.  I didn't have a pattern for the skirt, so I just sort of winged it.

Here is the back.   I used every single inch of my challenge fabric piece. 

Here is Jill's top.   Lori has a the whole story about her quilt.  I'm so impressed that she saw a way to make a good size quilt.  Love those zig zags!

Here is Lori's quilt.  I love the pink binding and the little string piecing and it is hand quilted!  Read more here.

This is Sue's.  The medallion style is perfect for this fabric.  What a great idea to add our names to this one.  It looks like a beautiful antique quilt with beautiful quilting.  Click here to visit her blog.

The fabric was a real challenge, but being friends with these ladies couldn't be easier!

It is also fun to have a fancy quilt for my little doll bed.

I'm looking forward to a new year of sharing projects and ideas, hope you are too.


One Minnesota Quilter said...

Adorable! Your little friends are enjoying it too. ;)


Pat said...

So sweet!! A wonderful way to use your challenge fabric & the ruffle is so cute. Happy stitching in the days ahead!!

Sue said...

Agh Barb. It's a very ingenious way of using your fabric and love the doll bed- so cute.

Linda in NC said...

So cute! I've loved seeing the four quilts from your challenge. Hope y'all are planning Challenge 2!

Once again you found fabulous fabric for the back. Is it from your stash, or (hope-against-hope)is it a new fabric? If so, I'm on my way to the car - bye! (Or is that buy?!)

Shirley said...

Great use of the challenge fabric. Have enjoyed seeing all your endeavours. Clever ladies.

Carrie P. said...

those little quilts are so great but I really do like yours. so unique.

Sandra Henderson said...

So, I'm going through my new magazine, Quilt Almanac, 2013 and fall in LOVE with a little log cabin quilt...
I'm like , MAN! This is so me.... I'm reading.
Holey camoley!!!~
You go girl!~

Love this little quilt. Heck, love all you do, always have... Sorry I'm not online much and just not into blogging. Maybe one day. Tried it again, not the same. We will see...
Love your quilt!~

Janet said...

That was a clever way to use the fabric, love how it looks on the doll bed. I loved seeing what all of you came up with, you all did very well.

Janet said...

I love it! What a brilliant idea to make a ruffle. it looks fabulous on your doll bed! It's so interesting to see how different your quilts turned out. The backing fabric is lovely - I still haven't used my piece of that fabric yet. :0)

Karen said...

You did something unique with your fabric. Not anything I would have thought of doing. I have enjoyed seeing all the different ways the fat quarter of fabric was put to use. All very creative.

Taryn said...

I like how all three of you found a different solution for using that print. Great inspiration!

Rachaeldaisy said...

Isn't it amazing how a piece of fabric can inspire such different projects! I adore your frilly doll quilt!! I also love that tiny cushion on the bed, too cute!!!

Dixie Howard said...

What an adorable doll quilt, Barb. Love how you used the fabric! Happy new year.