Saturday, January 26, 2013

Cabin Fever - For Real!

Happy Saturday- I'm late for a Fun For Friday and I'm early for a Tuesday post.   I've lost a week due to an unwelcome, unwanted and unappreciated virus.  Perhaps you've heard my cough it has been a "cough heard 'round the world" kind of thing.

Here is my 18 year old UFO Log Cabin quilt top so far:

Look at these striking combinations.  The blocks are 10" square-ish.  There appears to be a heavy trimming hand at work here.

As you can see, it is a everything and the kitchen sink mash up.

I have 35 blocks that still need to be set.  All this just sitting around, moving to 2 different homes, across state lines  and through many US Presidents.  And why?  I think it's the general weirdness of the overall combination of dated fabrics.

Can it be saved?  Should it be saved?

Here is a project I finished before the plague set it.  I think I'll name it "Inauguration Day".  It is made up of patriotic prints.

 The backing is an Americana toile fabric.

It has found a home on our family room dining table.

Stay warm and well and have a great Weekend!


  1. I love the general weirdness of dated fabrics! I vote for saving it! where else would you find the range of prints in one quilt? There is hours of entertainment here. alphabet fabric is my favorite!

    I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Yes! Yes! It's wonderful. The more dated fabrics the better--providing endless hours of entertainment and conversation. Besides, it's a gorgeous quilt! Glad you're feeling better.

  3. I sure hope you're feeling better! It seems everyone has had this damned flu/cold yuckiness. LOVE the quilts! I've always loved the diagonal stripe setting. Beautiful!

  4. yes it can and should be saved. I loved it instantly who cares when the fabrics are from. finish it up and love it. or send the blocks to me - I'll happily take them. wheee! ugh hope you're feeling better.

  5. I don't think you should save it--I think you should send it to me! : )
    It is everything a log cabin should be. Dated fabrics? One day they will be calling it "vintage". This is the best kind of quilt.
    I am totally smitten by Inauguration Day. It is a gorgeous little piece!
    I had that really fun virus the week of Christmas. There is no getting away from it once it finds you! Glad you are improving. And the cough only hangs on for a few weeks--isn't that encouraging?

  6. I like the table runner. I had not thought of using just log cabin blocks for one. As much as I like log cabin quilts, I should make one like this. The backing fabric is good. I like toile fabrics. I see you have some presidents on it.

  7. You sure don't need that bug - hope you will soon be coughless & back to feeling 100%. Your log cabin quilt has so much going for it - especially the range of fabrics - each one has a story to tell! Now - should you ever weary of that super Inauguration Day runner , it could find a welcoming home at my place.

  8. I was hoping you hadn't run out of fun - I missed you on Friday. I'm sorry to hear you've been sick - I hope you are feeling better soon!
    I think the variety of prints makes those log cabin blocks so interesting. It's a very striking top so far - I think it's definitely worth finishing. I like the measuring tape fabric :0)
    I love the runner! The little red centers sparkle. You are on a log cabin making roll.

  9. So sorry to hear you've been under the weather, Barb, but you picked a good week for it! So cold & wintery!
    I think you should put the log cabin together. You have so many blocks finished! I know what you mean, though. I have a few similar unfinished projects and sometimes it's difficult to summon the enthusiasm to finish them. However, the number of great old prints in this one warrants the trouble, I think. History!

  10. Oh dear, I do hope you are feeling much better soon!
    Congratulations on your finish! I love the toile backing.
    Yes, I think you should finish the log cabin quilt. It is a great history of fabrics.

  11. The mix of different fabrics just adds to the charm - and invites close inspection too! The overall look is very vibrant - beautiful. Sorry to hear you were not well :(
    Every Stitch

  12. Sorry you were sick. Sounds like it was awful. Hope you are all better soon.
    Love the little logs in Inauguration Day.
    Your UFO is very striking. From a distance the fabrics don't look dated and close up they are fun to look at. I'm trying to get the "shoulds" out of my life so I don't want to tell you it "should" be finished. It isn't fun working on something you "should" do so I'll hope you are someday inspired to do it. ; c )

  13. Sorry the bug visited you. Love your inauguration quilt. The backing is awesome. Is it a current fabric ? And by all keep the log cabin.

  14. Sorry you've been sick. It seems like something that really hangs around.
    I really like your Inauguration Day piece. Perhaps the log cabin in-progress will be a future quilt historian's dream. It was fun to see the fabric blast from the past.

  15. hope your feeling better soon this next week with warmer temps should be better . I think you should finish the quilt you could always use it for the back of a quilt it your not in love with it...
    I think its whimsical in a way and well its about fabrics over the years which is just fun.
    love the little quilt I am considering using some of mine to make a table runner too. love your color choices and that red star fabric for the center, fun!

  16. definitely YES and definitely YES!! :)
    Love both, UFO and table runner!
    Please what is the block size of the table runner?!??
    Best wishes!

  17. Hope you are feeling better soon! Definitely save the quilt. Log cabins are wonderful, no matter what fabric is used! Love your table topper!

  18. Helen -
    the blocks are a 6" finished. Your settings have you a non-reply, so I hope you come back for the answer.

  19. I think the consensus is that you should continue on and finish it. I agree unless you really hate it, then pass it off to another quilter.
    Love your table runner.
    Feel better soon, friend.

  20. Of course, you should finish it! As everyone says. I love the LC table runner and I think I should make one too. I love the backing and still have some of it left in blue, which I had made into wall hangings. I think I might still have enough to make a WH for me, if I ever get around to it.

  21. Keep the quilt and keep working on it. It will bring back many happy memories when you are old. LOL I really like the runner - what a good idea!! I see that you answered my question already - blocks are 6". Going to my scraps as soon as I hit enter. I hope you're feeling better, have a good weekend!

  22. I say save/finish the quilt. The fabrics that look dated to you, may actually seem fresh to your kids--or another generation, and what wonderful memories. Plus quilts that aren't so "special" tend to get used for knock around picnic quilts and going to football games, and end up being the most loved ones. Hope you feel better soon--that cough takes a long time to kick (at least for me)!

  23. Thank you so much for your reply, Barb! :)
    (Sent you an e-mail.)

  24. Yes it can and should be saved! It could become a charity quilt or given to someone who you only like a little bit.
    Add a quick border and call it done!

  25. I'm glad you are feeling better. I vote for saving your fun scrappy log cabin. It's colourful, fun and a wonderland of fabrics. Your table runner is gorgeous, I love the toile backing too. Stay warm and cosy.

  26. So sorry you've been sick. You should definitely finish them, maybe make 2 smaller ones. The time will come when you will want to look back at the fabrics and what they represent.

  27. Oh Barb, sorry you are sick. Did you get a flu shot this year? I remember looking at that log cabin quilt while sitting in your dining room three houses ago. Of course you should finish it. It's part of your quilt making history. Just slap those babies together and call it done!

  28. Oh no I hate being sick....I hope you are 100% again real soon.
    I agree with Tonya and's a real keeper, it look fantastic, finish this baby up.

    Happy Sewing

  29. I just watched Bonnie Hunter's Quiltcam. Are you familiar with it?!?! Oh, it's great fun!
    This is right up her alley!~ To me, quilts like this are a history of your life. Not ALL quilts have to be show pieces. Think of the "Make do" mentality that the pioneer women had. Those look to be your "scraps" of what you've done, where you've been!~

    I love that toile!~ I have quite a bit of it I'm "Saving". for what?!? lol
    Great table runner.

    I didn't watch the Inauguration. I thought the first one was enough. ugh. So much $...

  30. Sorry to hear that you've been sick, but sounds like you're on the road to recovery. Keep going. it will be quite a memory quilt when you're done. Your newest table runner is very sharp and very patriotic! Love it.

  31. Wow, was that you I heard coughing? You poor thing. Hope you are better soon.

    Love the "kitchen sink" quilt - so my vote is keep it or give to some one to finish. Don't throw it away.

    Of course, the table runner is stellar.


  32. I just adore this log cabin quilt. I too just finished a log cabin that was started in the early 90's. my color scheme was purple and yellow, yikes....yours is very beautiful because the colors are warm and it looks a little vintage.

  33. It CAN be saved and it SHOULD be finished! Years from now, all of our fabric will be dated and no one will know the difference -- that quilt will be a treasure! I have a few like it -- I need to finish mine too. I hope you're feeling better by now!

  34. Amazing log cabin blocks! Was that you i heard coughing?!?! Hope you're feeling better very soon.

  35. Ditto to pretty much everything already written. Yes, I vote for saving that log cabin quilt, pushing on and finishing it. You know that the unique blend of fabrics will bright a delighted smile to someone in the future.
    I'm sorry. I laughed at your description of your cough. (you have a way with words) Sorry you lost a week due to that nastiness, but at least you have a sense of humor about it now.
    I shared my new Quilt Almanac 2013 magazine with friends last weekend. They loved your log cabin quilt with the unique, new-to-them, 4-patch center. It was a hit!

  36. Your log cabins look wonderful. I'm so glad you are on the mend. What a siege!

  37. So sorry you've been sick and hope you are coming out of it (your blog attests to this fact).

    This is lovely--a good use of log cabin blocks. I always like coming over to see what you've been up to, because you finish a lot of projects. Inspiration!!


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