Friday, February 1, 2013

Fun For Friday - Morning!!

Morning is my favorite time of day!  I'm an early riser and I love having a quiet house to myself for awhile.  I'm one of those super obnoxious people who go around humming and singing in the morning.  My poor family....

I have a morning routine that very rarely alters and here it is:

I make a cup of coffee (thank you Kurig for being so fast) and step into my office.

That is what Rich calls my table and my spot on the green couch in the Gold Living Room.  I took over the living room 3 houses ago for morning time.  It is a pretty room and often under used - so I use it for me time.

I take my coffee (and usually coco) and sit.  My first task is to make an entry in my Five Year Journal.  It is awesome.  There are only a few lines to fill in and now that I'm on Year 3, it is fun to read back.

The second thing I do is a little spiritual reading of some sort.  I've read the Bible 3 times by doing it one day at a time.  This year I'm working on "The Wisdom of the Tao" and a book my friend Mary B gave me; "Help, Thanks, Wow - The Three Essential Prayers".

Then I either do a little more reading, or I write a note to someone.  I often listen to my book and a do a little applique' and have a second cup of coffee.  Sometimes I work on my laptop, but I'm trying not to get into that habit.

Here are two more new books that I got from Mary for Christmas this year: "Making Time", and "How to Live on 24 Hours a Day".   I'm sensing a theme here.

At 7 am I can almost always be found watching Good Morning America.  They don't know it, but there is a suburban NJ woman helping them co-anchor the show.  I weigh in on nearly every topic, especially the legal issues.

Okay, so maybe that wasn't exactly fun, but it wasn't quilting related either.  You know what is fun?  PUPPIES!

Not into the Super Bowl?  Animal Planet hosts the Puppy Bowl click here to see some footage.  It is so cute!  I can't stand it.

Have a Fun Weekend!


  1. Barb, sounds good and relaxing. I too have a little morning time. Like you I am up at 530 , drink coffee and do a little stitching before starting my hectic day.i even hate when we have visitors and it totally disrupts my morning ritual.

  2. I love quiet mornings. I am not far away from that p[point. Love your office built over the quilts/tops.. I can picture you singing and dancing there!
    I would be so afraid of spilling my coffee on the.. NOT! I do the same thing. My favorite seat in the house is on the couch with the big table to put my whole life 's worth of stuff on it. Which is mostly made quilting related. And, my big mug of tea!
    I saw the glimpse of puppy bowl on GMA. The puppies were cute, I must say. Those books sound interesting, I will definitely check them out.
    Ha! I just realized, that's lot of rambling.. .

  3. I am also up early (5) and love the start of the new day. Anything is possible!

  4. Ah-ha! Now I understand why your blog comments to me always come so early in the morning! My DH is a morning person and does the singing in the morning thing too. I've grown accustomed to it, and in fact am now an early riser, but still not a morning person!

  5. My mornings consist of packing three lunchboxes, making three breakfasts, tending to the pets, and driving carpool. I think your routine sounds much nicer! One day...

  6. Your routine is a good one and one that I miss. I married a night person who is a light sleeper and is very grumpy in the morning if I make the slightest noise. I have given up my morning routine for him and really miss it.

  7. Hahaha -- thanks for the Puppy bowl link -- Too Cute!

    I'm with you -- that little used living room is perfect for Me time. Your morning routine sounds like Heaven!!!

  8. Lovely start to your day. And thanks for the book recommends.

  9. It sounds like a great routine - so relaxing! I am SO not a morning person. At 7am I can most certainly be found in bed in denial that I have to get up and start breakfast :0)

  10. I love early mornings too just lets me start the day the way I want to and the quiet in the house at that time I have treasured over the years.
    love your command center pictures!
    time? hmmm think I need to read those books too!

  11. Hi, Barb. I'm the same way, except I retreat to the sewing room. Do you shout at Nancy Grace? We do. Be well. Lane

  12. Not a morning person myself Barb. I wish I was.I'm a real night owl and rarely go to bed before midnight then like a full 8 1/2 hours sleep. The dog is crossing her legs by the time I get to let her out in the morning.
    You are to be commended for achieving so much at such an unearthly time.

  13. We have a lot in common...I too am a morning person and WE LOVE THE PUPPY BOWL!! There was once something called "The Puppy Channel" that never got funded, so it went away. WE LOVED IT! Nothing but video of young puppies...doing very kittle, but doing it so cutely! Like trying to get off a at a time. Oh, it was so CUTE! Just music and raw video of total could anyone be in a bad mood after watching that?!? I would be willing to bet that there would be less depression in the USA if there was a Puppy Channel to turn to when times are hard...

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  14. Love the Puppy Bowl! I, too, am a morning person and have my spot on the couch where I have tea and pet my dog. Thanks for the book suggestions. I really liked Ex Libris by Ann Fadiman and my book club now has it on the list.

  15. sounds like the perfect way to start the day and very similar to what i do . . . not always an early riser anymore though~!
    those books all look interesting but i may have to google search the last two . . .


  16. Your posts always make me smile.

  17. I love mornings too. I wish I could sleep a little longer, but I'm usually up by 5:00 or earlier. That's when I do my blogging usually and also like to take a walk and do some sewing. I'm leaving soon for an estate sale to see if I can snag some bargains!

  18. You are a lucky woman - have a great day.

  19. Good Morning Barb! I loved reading about your mornings. I too love those quiet hours in the morning. It's great that you read inspiring books at that time, they would set you up to smile all day! I want to see a YouTube video of you co-anchoring GMA, that's so funny!! Thanks for the puppy link I'm off to have a look.

  20. I would SO love to be your neighbor.
    You just really make use of your time like nobody else I know.

  21. I love Anne Lamott and didn't know she had a new book out...will track it down....thanks!

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