Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Checking In

Hello - I hope you are enjoying summer!  I've been very busy and not blogging much (or sewing either).

A couple of weeks ago I went to the Quilt Odyssey show in Hershey, PA. with a few friends.  It is a wonderful show, but they don't allow photos to be published on the internet.  You can see some on this blog (I know....but they haven't posted them on their site yet....)

I was very honored to have 2 quilts in the show:   Mother's Garden and Frankenstorm.

The show is small, but the quilts were what I would call "next level" in terms of quilting and technique.  I'm actually surprised my quilts were accepted.

They sent me these nice certificates and I had an exhibitor ribbon and free admission to the show.  As a big bonus I saw Kelly of Pinkadot Quilts and Sujata of Root Connection.  It is always such fun to see bloggy friends in the real world.

I spoke with Cindy at the Stencil Company about my fan design and she asked me to send artwork.  I'm encouraged that they are considering manufacturing it.  I've made 3 different versions and sent one other design.  Fingers crossed.  Here is my homemade stencil.

A couple of weeks ago I sent Katy of  KatyQuilts a nice comment about this adorable doll quilt she finished and she offered to send it to me.  I literally could not believe it.  How generous and unexpected.  Thank you Katy.

 The backing is a feed sack - super sweet - and the drop diamond quilting is just perfect.

She sent me this lovely note, which I appreciate so much.  Thank you so much Katy!

  I've hung it on the way into the sewing room to remind me what nice people I have met through blogging.

Check out her blog, she is always doing something creative!

Hanna and I had  "Day-cation" to the Maritime Aquarium.  Along with all the fishy and Jelly things we saw, we got to feed Lorikeets!  They are small tropical parrots.  Their coloring is so beautiful.

I think you can tell how utterly Delighted I was!

Sorry for such a long post - I just haven't found the usual computer time lately.

Happy August~


  1. Congratulations on your lovely quilts being included in the show! They are definitely "next level" kind of quilts! The Lorikeets look adorable - how fun to get to feed them. Summer is for enjoying - there are plenty of good blogging months ahead...

  2. I enjoyed seeing your quilts at the show! It's always a treat to see you in person too!
    The little quilt is so cute, how lucky are you!
    I am afraid of birds......

  3. I just love your Mother's Garden quilt--are you going to have a pattern for it? It is just so sweet and sentimental--hugs, Julierose (still 9-patching for GW lol--trying them on my new-to-me- vintage Singer 301A)

  4. How fun to see your own quilts at the show; you are so humble about your work. It's wonderful! Holding the birdies looks like fun. Glad you are having a nice summer!

  5. That's such a great news! I am certain they are considering your stencil design...Congratulations Barb!

    It was nice to see you too at the show and see your quilts hanging there. There were some amazing quilts there and yours was definitely holding their own.. I loved the Christ Collection..It made me want to make a star quilt. The Eagles and Flags and Stars.... as if it was planned for you!

    How wonderful to have received that lovely mini quilt... Lucky you!

  6. Congrats for having TWO of your marvelous quilts in the show. Those brightly colored birds might give you some color inspiration!

  7. Congratulations on your quilts in the show! Sounds like quite an honor, and well-deserved!

  8. Your two quilts are very beautiful !!
    I love that selfmade stencil.

  9. So awesome having your quilts in the show. I remember seeing frankenstorm on your blog but not Mother's Garden. Very different, but each an amazing quilts. Aren't those rainbow Lorikeets just too cute?

  10. Mother's Garden is a gorgeous quilt, Barb! Did you design it?
    I remember when you were making Frankenstorm and I loved seeing that one come together. Such a clever melding of the season and the forecast at the time.
    You made that stencil? Wow--that is really something. I hope they will produce it.
    Hmmm, seems to me I recall last year sometime making a comment about a sweet little quilt on someone's blog and they offered to send it to me--so very generous. Oh, right--it was you! Imagine that. What goes around comes around. : )
    I have never heard of Lorikeets before. They are beautiful birds, and smaller than I would have expected for such brightly colored birds. You should be delighted. That looks very fun!

  11. I for one am really hoping they make your stencils baptist fans are always one of my favorites quilt designs. I love Your mothers garden quilt wish I would have went to the show just to see it again, its my favorite quilt you have made.
    That was so kind of Katy. love little quilts and of course surprises in the mail are the best aren't they?
    Enjoy your August! Kathie

  12. I hope they produce your stencil design. It would be a great one to have. I have a whole box of cardboard stencils from my Grandmother. Love them. The quilting on the small quilt is wonderful.

  13. It's always thrilling to see our own quilts hanging in a show- congrats, they are both beautiful . And I hope the stencil actually goes somewhere, how cool!

  14. Your quilts are beautiful and congratulations on having them exhibited in a special show! I really enjoy your blog.

  15. Your garden quilt is stunning!! I'm sorry to have missed it as I was teaching in Maine. Love your posts!

  16. Congrats to you on your quilts - they are both beautiful! Your new little quilt looks just perfect on your wall and I love your big button. And another congrats on that stencil - that's pretty exciting! I've often wondered what their process was when they receive ideas from people. I've never heard of a Lorikeet - but what fun - they are so pretty!

  17. Congratulations on having your quilts in the show Barb -- although WE knew they would be accepted LOL. Looks like you're having a good summer -- I LOVE the photo of you with the birds!!!

  18. Congratulations on your quilts. I was in Hershey on July 29, two days too late for the show. do you live in PA? I just spent 8 days there, and I would have loved to meet up. Sujata and I had plans to get together, but that didn't work out. I did spend lots of time in quilt shops.

  19. Great post! I've never been to the Hershey show - sounds like it would be worth the trip. Not surprised at all that your quilts were in the show.
    Such a pretty quilt you received from Katy. What a fun surprise!
    Never heard of a lorikeet! Would they make a good pet?


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