Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Well Begun is Half Done & Humming Right Along

Easy for Mary Poppins to say......

On Sunday I remarked my whole quilt.  I didn't want to take any chances with the second half.  A stitch in time, saves nine and all that.

The Crayola markers were the best.  They even showed on the darker browns.

I laid the quilt on my table, smoothed the backing and pulled back the top to expose where I had cut the batting.  I slid my travel pressing surface underneath.

I matched the batting exactly where I had cut it away.

This is my favorite way to join the two pieces of batting.   (look at my marked up hand from the markers!!)

Plain soap and water and like magic it's gone!

I worked my way across the quilt pressing the bonding tape.

Thank goodness Coco was there to support me~ doesn't she look guilty?

I secure the finished side to my table, then smooth the backing.

I clip the backing down keeping is nice and square, being careful not to pull it out of shape.

The measuring tape is showing where the battings have been joined.  I picked a spot mid-block so it will be good and quilted.

After a gajillion pins I was back in business and back to machine quilting the second half.

I felt there a little too much un-quilted space at the outer edges of the cable.  I filled it in by marking a point then quilting in the ditch and then hitting that mark.  I sort of makes an outer cable echo.

I marked it here to show you the line, but usually I eyeball it and just hit the dot I've made.  I think it is a good solution.

The craziest thing happened last week while I was quilting.   A hummingbird flew in the front door and up and into my sewing room!

The poor thing!  I took the screens out and finally caught her in my hand and released her.  A few minutes later I saw her at the feeder.  I'm sure she need a drink after that ordeal! here she is just taking off.  It is so hard to photograph them as they move soooo fast.

This is the second time I've had a hummer in my house, you can see the other time here.

The next post will have the finished King George Quilt!


  1. I was wondering how you would attach one batting piece to another. Very good idea.

  2. Fascinating process, Barb! This quilt is looking wonderful!
    That is incredible about the hummingbird. You caught it in your hand? Wow!
    I've had a robin and a bat in my house. I'd rather have had a hummingbird. : )

  3. very interesting to see how you did this. I love this quilt and look forward to seeing it finished!
    Thats a lot of quilting in a few days!

  4. Can't wait to see it finished--that quilting is gorgeous--and I like the dark thread. hugs, Julierose

  5. I think you have the patience to move the mountains! Your quilting looks amazing. Gives me hope with some of my large quilts..You make it look so simple.. All I have to do is just do it! Right?
    I remember when last time you had a hummer in your porch.. They love hanging out with you!

  6. I do not know if I would be brave enough to tackle a large quilt like this, but I sure appreciate your tips and how you managed it! Beautiful quilting!

  7. Awwww, she wanted to quilt with you. And Coco -- that's wonderful that Coco can help you keep your quilt in place while you're working LOL. It's looking great -- boy, what a job!!!

  8. Now I know how you do such good work on your quilting...Coco helps! I need to talk to my assistants, they are sleeping (literally) on the job! She clearly looks like she's working for treats...LOVE it. Give a belly rub for me. And the quilt is gorgeous!

  9. Your house must smell sweet :0) A happy rescue! Your quilting looks wonderful!! I bet the Crayola marking stays put and the second half of the quilting will go smoothly. Such a great idea to join the batting like that. Thanks for showing us your in-progress pictures.

  10. You're on the home stretch now, knowing that will keep you going! It's so clever to have quilted half at a time. Coco is such a sweetie sitting on your quilt so it didn't blow away. It just goes to show how lovely you are that hummingbirds come to visit.

  11. So fun to see the progress on this quilt, and what a great idea to use the Crayola markers! And surely that hummingbird must be a good omen for this project, right?


  12. I am so impressed with your diligence....I have not touched my quilt that I am supposed to be working on....
    I think you must be very special if hummingbirds keep wanting to come hang out with you!

  13. Love all the markers to get your cables marked. Have you used them before? This will be so awesome when finished. You really are brave cutting the batting and then putting it back on. Looks like it worked great. Happy Quilting

  14. It appears that both you and the hummer are both moving at rapid speeds. You two are both birds of a feather humming along together.

  15. Way to go on getting King George quilted!! Whoop! Whoop!

  16. Maybe it's time for a hummingbird tattoo!
    Thanks for the demo on the batting, marking, etc. I thought you were very brave to cut your batting like that. But I see you had a good plan all along ; c )
    Like what I see on your design wall!

  17. Your dog has that classic who me look lol. Lovely quilt.

  18. I'll bet your arms are downright buff after all the wrestling with Gorgeous George. Looking forward to seeing it on yout bed, finished!

  19. I've been fascinated by your step-by-step story of quilting this gorgeous quilt. Smart choice to take out half the batting, but then putting it back--that's definitely another chapter in the story, and a brand new challenge that you've met successfully.
    How interesting to check out your other hummingbird-in-the-house story, and you were stitching the same favorite cable in that quilt too. History repeats itself.
    Your posts are always fascinating, Barb, filled with lovely projects to enjoy and tips to remember.

  20. Oh...George is looking so good! Very smart and interesting how you are doing it in halves. It would probably be much harder if you didn't have Coco's help! Crazy that a hummer came in to visit you and I'm really impressed that you caught it!

  21. that batting tape is pretty neat. I am going to have to be on the look out for some of that.
    That is pretty amazing that you caught the hummer. I have feeder out for them and they are amazing. They come check me out while I am watering the garden.

  22. Coco is so sweet, I love the picture of the doggy quilt weight! Wonderful quilt, and we are lucky you are sharing this process. Great work!

  23. Love the backing fabric.....can't believe you have yards and yards of that pattern.

  24. My Max does the same thing when I am sandwiching a quilt. I always say it's his way of showing me he likes my quilts. I love the fabrics in your quilt, looking forward to the final pic. Oh my I can't imagine trying to catch a hummer they move so fast! I love what I see on your design wall too!

  25. That is a great way to put the batting together! I have seen that tape - one of my quilting buddies had some. Exciting to have a hummingbird visiter!!

  26. Absolutely amazing quilt! The quilting is spectacular... and you are brave to tackle that size on a regular machine... very inspiring!


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