Friday, January 9, 2015

Fun For Friday - January

Last Sunday, I finally had my favorite New Years treat:  Fondue.     I love love love cheese fondue.  Here is the link to my favorite recipe form Joy of Cooking.
BUT WAIT!  They don't tell you the secret, fail safe ingredient and technique.
After you grate the cheese, toss is with flour and coat all the pieces completely.  Add a little at a time until you see that it all evenly and lightly coated.  I learned this from a Fondue restaurant and it makes your fondue perfectly velvety and smooth - everytime.  Also, get the wine boiling, then slowly add the four coated cheese while whisking.  I like it with green apples and red grapes in addition to the french bread.
Pop Culture is such fun.  Here is how I keep up with what's what in the zeitgist:

My Number 1 go to to see what is new and newsworthy:
I read it faithfully every single week.  Without it I wouldn't find out about new TV shows, Movies, Books or Podcasts.  They also cover music but I'm not really into that (old).

They have recently been featuring podcasts as well.  Here are some that I really like. (you can find them on itunes or their websites)
Best true crime drama series and huge phenom:
If want even more about this look here:
I wake up everyday and listen to this for motivation:
This one is very naughty, but I find very funny.  It's about celebrity gossip and what's trending.
These are perennial favorites:

I'm using a new App on my smartphone for exercise and I'm really loving it.  Who doesn't have 7 minutes a day?
Anna of Thimble Anna, posted a link to this hilarious spoof on Downton Abby.  I almost spit my coffee.  Enjoy!

Here's some Pup Culture:  coco doing the dishes = not very cultured!!
Happy Pop Culture 2015!


  1. LOL! I can't stand pop culture! My dog knows that same pose! Happy Friday Barb.

  2. I like the tip about the flour and cheese. I wonder if it helps with cheese soup, too.
    I am totally out of the pop culture loop. I have only heard one podcast in my life, I own a dumb phone, and I've never read Entertainment Weekly. In doctor's offices I usually browse Sports Illustrated. : )

  3. I love your Friday Fun posts. I listen to some of those podcasts but will have to check out the others. I've been saving Serial up for when I'm doing some hand sewing, I really should get onto organising some :)

  4. I've never tried to make fondue. I want to try to do it now. I loved Serial, hated for it to end. I have gone back and listened to several episodes again just because I miss it. I will look into some of the other podcasts you mentioned. Thanks! Love the pup culture.

  5. Thanks for starting my weekend right! Looking forward to hearing the podcasts while taking down the tree. Does Coco do floors too?

  6. LOL for Coco !! My cats do the same..... no comment !
    In France, we drench some pi├Ęces of bread into the fondue.....but yours looks yummy !!
    Great Weekend !

  7. Great tip for the fondue, I haven't had it in a very long time. Who doesn't love melty cheese over yummy treats?
    I started to listen to Serial over the holidays and got off track. Now that you have recommended it, I am going to start all over again. Did you finish? I have heard it is off the charts with the number of people who love it.
    I will say when I am at the Dr's office and flip through People Mag, I have no idea who the people are! Yes I am getting old!

  8. I have gotten totally addicted to podcasts (again) since listening to Serial. My new favorite is Backstory, but will definitely check out your recommendations! My dogs went to the same housekeeping school as Coco - all the best dogs do!

  9. Referring to Coco, I'm sure you can use all the help you can get with the dishes! I'm a Downton Abbey fan, and I loved the spoof!

  10. Really enjoyed the Downtown Abbey spoof. Hadn't heard of it before. You are the gal in the know for all the fun stuff. Thanks!

  11. My kids always want pizza fondue for their birthday suppers - it can get a bit globby (not that 10 year olds care about that) so I will try your trick with the flour. Your cheese fondue sounds heavenly :0) Enjoyed the Downton Abbey spoofs - thanks!

  12. Great tip about coating the cheese with flour! I wonder if it would help in making a smoother broccoli soup etc?

  13. So much great info all in one place. I will have to be catching up for sure.
    Wow Coco is pretty (in holiday finery) and helpful too. I could use a hand with the dishes. LOL

  14. Oh fondue! It's been years, must reacquaint myself. Thanks for the tips.

  15. I have never made fondue and I am going to now. Have you ever used Wondra flour? I use this to make any type of sauce or to thicken stews etc. It's very fine and mixes quickly to make the sauces velvety.

    1. Hi anonymous - yes, I have used wondra for gravy and it's excellent. I didn't have any in the house once, and the regular flour worked well, but I bet Wondra would be even better - happy cooking!

  16. I have just watched the Downton spoof and laughed, thank you. I needed that this morning. Now I'm off to investigate the podcasts you recommend. I've never listened to one before - really, where have I been all my life?

  17. Oh Oh…..I LOVE fondue!!! I grew up doing fondue!! Haven't had any in y-e-a-r-s!!!

  18. I first heard about Tyler Oakley on that Frontline Episode of the Like Generation. Glad to see he's found his audience! I've been looking for the Downton Abbey spoof so thanks for posting it. (That's how I get my handwork done!) Glad to know someone so cultured!

  19. You're so good to keep up with all the hip and cool -- I can't seem to squeeze it in -- except while standing in line at the grocery store LOL. I used to listen to podcasts all the time when I traveled -- now I can't even remember how to download them -- I need to get that figured out -- I really miss stuff like This American Life! Have a great week Barb!!!

  20. Funny!!!! I enjoyed them both.. AGAIN! I will have to catch up on the episodes I miss after I come back!

  21. It's hip to be cool Barb! Thanks for sharing.
    A good fondue party is fun - I'll use your tips next time.

  22. Haven't done fondue in quite a while. Looks yummy!
    Ah, so this is how you are up on the latest.
    That Downton Abbey spoof was hilarious indeed!

  23. those downton abbey videos were so funny. I am behind the times because I don't know what text santa means.
    When I had dogs they liked helping with the dishes too.

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