Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Block Swap 2015!

Both Swap Groups are closed - thanks everyone!  I'll be back to regular blogging.

Modern fabrics should be bright - no pastels
Civil War prints should be medium to dark.

Here we go!

If you want to be in this years swap, you must send me an email at  I will send you a confirmation.  Sign ups will close when I get the limit or September 1st, which ever comes first.

This year we will be swapping, 4" finished bow tie blocks.  You'll be making blocks and sending them to me.  I'll swap them and return to you.

I'm going to limit the groups to 40 in each.  If we get that number, then we'll be swapping 80 blocks for each group.  I won't know the exact number until I close the sign ups.

Once again we'll have two groups; Civil War fabrics and Modern fabrics.

Modern blocks will use light grey low volume print or solid grey with a bright modern fabric (no pastels).  Please use only good quality, 100% cotton.   Here are some blocks that I've made.
If you are wondering what I mean by low volume grey here is a pinterest board to give you the idea.

Civil war blocks will use muslin with one civil war reproduction medium or dark print.  Any off white muslin will work and work well with others.   Please use only good quality 100% cotton fabrics.   Here are some blocks that I've made.


2 - 2 1/2" squares of printed fabric (the bow)
2 - 1 1/2" squares of printed fabric (the bow)
2 - 2 1/2" squares of background (muslin or grey)
Mark a line diagonally on the smaller square.  Take care, you may want use a sandpaper board as the pieces are quite small.  I glued sandpaper to a clip board for mine.
Sew the small square onto a corner of your background just to the right of the drawn line.  This allows for the tiny bit you loose when you press.
Press toward the dark side.  I like to use a hot dry iron for this as steam sometimes causes skewing of the fabric.
Trim away the background and the first layer of printed fabric.
Sew the 2 1 /2" printed patch to the to the background patch.  Press toward the bow fabric- please don't skip this step!
Sew the two units together.  Press the last seam OPEN.  Please press this seam open so they lay flat.  Last time a few swappers who didn't do this step.
Now admire your little 4 1/2" (unfinsihed) little bow tie block.
I added this information to a tab at the top for easy reference.

Here is some inspiration - but remember to use our swap fabrics~

You can see more on my Bow Tie Pinterest Board.

In Review:
  • Send me an email and let know which group you would like to be in.
  • Civil War Era reproduction fabrics with muslin.
  • Modern Bright fabrics with grey or low volume grey print.
  • I am setting a limit of 40 for each group.
  • Follow my instructions carefully and use your very best sewing and pressing skills!
  • Deadline:  in the mail to me on or before October 31st - no exceptions.
I hope you'll join!  I think it will be great fun!

I will send an email after sign ups close with all the details on final block count, etc.


Pinkadot Quilts said...

I love that you picked out gray for the modern swap! Perfect!!!

Janet said...

How many blocks will the participants be making Barb?

Quiltdivajulie said...


Nancy said...

Asking along with Janet: Will each participant make one block or many block? Will they be all the same and you'll divide them up? I've never participated in a swap. Thanks.

OT Quilter said...

Yay! Cute, cute cute blocks, and one I've never made before! Thanks, Barb.

Diane said...

Sooooooooo tempted! I love the grey backgrounds! I've been collecting those. Resistence is futile. :)

CecileD said...

Thank you for this post and tuto ! I will choose my fabrics as soon as I will come back to home !
How many blocks per quilters please ?
Big hugs Barb and thank you again ! ;)

Rachaeldaisy said...

You are such a super duper awesome swap hostess!! Count me in for Civil War... :) It'll get me into my sewing room which is just what I need to break the drought.

Barbara said...

Sounds terrific! Looking forward to participating in the Civil War swap :) Thanks, Barb!

fiberchick said...

Am in Canada. Can I participate in the Modern Swap? How many blocks do we sew?

Nifty Quilts said...

Does that mean we each make around 80 blocks?

LONA said...
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Julierose said...