Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Dog Days of Summer

Hello!  Today I'm sharing a quilt that I made way back in 1994 to celebrate Hanna's 1st Birthday.
"Sue Confessions"
I free motion quilted "Bubble Gum Bubble Gum in a dish...."  and other things in the border.  Luckily you can't see how bad that quilting is.

My use of unusual backings goes way way back.  This is a Gloria Vanderbilt print.
 I'm not sure when the selvage crazy started, but in 1994 I removed the selvage and machine appliqued it to this block.  What is "total action zepel?"
Evidently I thought is was okay to machine buttonhole stitch as an embellishment while quilting.
 I was delighted to take a second look at this cute old quilt.
As usual coco was on hand to lend her critical eye.
Hooray!  Gwen Marston has a new book out.   I got a surprise copy from Gwen and posted on Instagram.  Get your copy and read my reveiw here on Amazon!
 Sneak Peak - This is the layout of the book.  Great photos and inspiration!
Bird News
Hello there stranger...who are you?
This is a Juvenile Bluebird.  In the next photo you can see he's losing his baby feathers.   These are such curious birds.  They just crack me up. 
 Surprise -  A sibling!
On a sad note, during the heat wave this poor little snake tried to cross the blacktop driveway.  It was so pretty and tiny.
Here is my specimen shelf by the kitchen sink.  I just can't help picking things up.  There is nearly always a hummingbird at that window feeder.
My favorite is this wispy little nest.
Happy Sewing to the Swappers!


  1. What a wonderful mix of show and tell. I love your Sue quilt with all its interesting details. The book is such a special gift to receive. I'll definitely be ordering a copy. The little snake is lucky not to have been eaten by all the birds that visit you. Thanks for sharing all of these fun things.

  2. I would spend way too much time watching out that window! The little snake made me sad, too. Too many people think the only good snake is a bad snake. :( Poor little guy.

  3. I just found a little snake on my door sill! By the time I ran around to grab my camera he was gone. He wasn't pretty like yours and in the back of my head I think he may have been a baby rattle snake.
    What a cute quilt from long ago! Love the selvedge, total action zepel! Hilarious!!

  4. I love birds' nests! The snake was probably a good snake, of which there are many. We don't seem to have many snakes around here - at least I haven't seen one since we moved here 2 years ago. Lots of worms, though!

  5. Your quilt is beautiful and I hope Hanna loved it ! Well after reflexion, I'm sure she loved it ! ;)
    The bird is awesome ! The way he looked at your camero is funny ! But for the snake, little or not, I admit I don't like them...Brrrr !
    Gwen gave you a fabulous present ! :))

  6. I have a terrible phobia (are there good phobias?)about snakes. Even a picture of a dead baby snake gave me the willies. Ugh.

  7. Such a fun post! Love your Sue Confessions quilt! It is fun to look back and see what we did years ago.

  8. That little quilt has the perfect backing. You were ahead of your time with the selvage!
    You are a collector of all things "nature", it would appear. When we were in Oregon I picked up so many shells on the beach. I already have a couple of large boxes of shells, so I made myself leave all but 4 or 5 very small ones.
    That is a very pretty little nest. Any idea what type of bird made it?

  9. The fabric backing on the Sunbonnet quilt has an antique look. I don't ever remember seeing a piece like you used.
    I read your book review on Amazon. I am glad to know a bit more about the book as I already had it on my wish list.

  10. Such fun to see this Sunbonnet Sue quilt that you made for your daughter when she was small.
    I love all the sweet little treasures you've collected and displayed on your window sill.
    Will have to consider Gwen's book.

  11. I had to laugh at the name, Sue Confessions! Clever. This was such a fun the little bluebird ...he's just adorable! I am not a fan of snakes but even HE is a cutie...such a pretty color. I will go check the book out now :) Have a great day!

  12. I love all your treasures! Right now we have a screech owl, I never knew until the neighbor pointed it out to us one night last week.
    I am busy sewing those triangles....oh my there are a lot!
    I just got the book yesterday.....

  13. What a sweet little quilt. I spied quilt a few fabrics from the 90's that I just can't part with. I tried to order Gwen's book yesterday but my connection crashed so I will try today. I'm sorry for the little snake, it is the season for these mishaps. I rescued one last weekend, my daughter was quite impressed at my snake handling abilities. Easy when they are 4" long! I love your shelf of treasures.

  14. A copy from Gwen herself - awesome! It looks really interesting. Your Sue quilt is very sweet - I love the backing. My mom was just suggesting to me last night that I needed to make a quilt like that :0) we came across a tiny snake last week too - I love watching them slither away and at that size I think they're fascinating but larger than that... I'm a big wimp...

  15. Love your Sunbonnet Sues--the snake not so much!

  16. I admire your ability to appreciate and marvel over EVERYTHING! You're a wonderful role model for your kids and, in fact, all of us who follow your blog!

  17. I always love reading your fun packed posts, from Sunbonnet Sue's Confessions, snakes, and teenage bluebirds. What a great week.

  18. Sue's Confessions is such a fun quilt! Great backing fabric and the way you snuck in those selvages--perfect. You take the best bird pics! I've only seen a few bluebirds but none close enough to photograph. I collect little things from nature, too!

  19. I love your daughters quilt. So charming. I am happy to hear you are a magpie too. Drawn to those found objects that delight the soul. I am a magpie too. Sea shells and objects are my favorite things to pick up. I must have at least 100lbs of sea shells. Lol.

  20. You are so funny! Love the name of the quilt and your commentary. What a hoot! That tiny snake is so pretty, I've never seen one with those markings. Then again I'm usually running pretty fast in the opposite direction when I see a snake. We are finally getting a few humming birds at our feeder. We haven't had nearly as many this year as usual. Thanks for sharing your fun little collections.

  21. Your quilting is beautiful! Nice birdie too ♥


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