Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Meet Me at the Fair!

I posted this photo on Instagram from our local Agricultural Fair, The Durham Fair, with a promise for a blog post.  So here we go....
We go for the food and the animals but the food is always first.
 MMMmmm, deep fried oreos and a lime Rickey (fizzy sweet and tart drink).
the gold standard of any fair - hand dipped corndogs.
 The canning competition.
 I really like to admire the farm stand presentations.
We fell for these puppies waiting for adoption.  Molly and Gus, 3 month lab mix.
We found our favorite Cows! Mama, Amber and her calf Darcy.
 They were too busy eating to catch up with us.
 A chocolate bunny, lol....
 Hanna and Llama
Oh my, the sheep were in an uproar!  Check out the one who is chewing the railing.
The Goats were so curious about the sheep.  It was the first night of the fair so they were all excited.
There was one big mama pig with her babies.
Here are a few photos from yesterday at the Big E Fair.  It was celebrating it's 100 Birthday and here was the cake (over 200 pounds of cake).
here is what 600 pounds of carved butter looks like:
We paid $3.00 to see 3 bears in a trailer.  Would you?
 the painting was nice, but I hated to see them in a small space.
 They were eating peanuts from their handler.
We saw Karen giving rides - again, I hate to see an Elephant here, but she was sweet.
I petted a pretty little donkey whom I would have loved to take home too!
Block Swap packages are arriving here and there is a tie with 8 packages from each group.  Great job everyone!
Thank you so much for your sweet notes of thanks and also for the little extras.

I hope you have enjoyed visiting the fair with us!


  1. Local fairs are a lot of fun. We used to go have dinner at the fair every year but ice cream is about the only thing there that I can eat now. : (
    Your videos were fun. That is a huge cake. And what a waste of good butter! *LOL* (Can you tell I love butter?)
    I would pay $3 to get the bears out of the trailer, but I have seen plenty of bears in the wild, so I don't think I would pay to see them in the trailer. : )
    We've had an elephant giving rides at our fair the past couple of years--never used to be one.
    Is that a baby donkey or some kind of miniature breed?

  2. What an awesome fair! I love that cake how very cool! The display of vegetable are beautiful!

  3. Thank you for sharing the Fair with us! Loved seeing & hearing all the animals - so cute!

  4. Looks like a great fair!!! Except for the bears and elephant....:-). But love country fairs. We live in an agrarian county in NJ and love all the agriculture.

  5. Gorgeous captures of your fair ...that butter sculpture is amazing!!

  6. Gorgeous captures of your fair ...that butter sculpture is amazing!!

  7. At the fair, ribbons are for the pumpkins !! ah ah !
    Thanks a lot for sharing these wonderful pics ! I loved to see them !

  8. That goat picture is hysterical! Looks like you had a great time at the fair. I'm surprised that they have such big animals -- fun to see them, but also a little sad. ;-( Happy Hump Day!

  9. Nothing looks more yummy than that fair food--and I just finished breakfast--lol! I missed the MN fair this year, so it's fun to see your pics.

  10. I've never EVER been to a fair like that! Looks like fun! The overalls are a nice touch. :)

  11. The veggie display is just beautiful. And the animals are looking in fine rig for their shows. What a fun time. Have not heard of Lime Rickey in a long time. perfect with fried oreos.

  12. Thanks for sharing the fair with us. Loved the veggie display. Those pumpkins are just HUGE! Loved all the animals but I am with you on the bears and the elephant. You dressed so cutely for the fair. Love the dungarees.

  13. The fair looks fun!! Deep fried Oreos!! Yum! Those pumpkins are huge! So fun to do stuff with daughters :0)

  14. Looks like you and Hanna had a great time! Love all the farm animals and the food displays. I think the last time I had a Lime Rickey was in high school, lol!

  15. OOHHH I want a pet donkey!! Thanks for taking us along with you to the fair. What a wonderful menagerie of animals. I love the way your fairs have bears and elephants! Giant pumpkins are so fun. I make a beeline for them when I go to the Sydney Show. How do they grow them so big, and how do they lift them, do they make giant pumpkin pies with them after the show, I wonder if there is a documentary about giant show pumpkins?

  16. I do love the fair but I haven't tried the fried oreos yet. I just can't imagine what they would taste like. And holy pumpkins those are huge! Looks like you had fun! Our quilt guild has a 'cabin' at our local fair and we sit and demo quilting for visitors and sell raffle quilt tickets. That's always fun to look forward to. Luckily we are not downwind of the animal barns. LOL

  17. What a fun trip to the fair and you didn't even show us any quilts! I'm with you on the corn dogs! Yummy.

  18. "And it's HI HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, come to the fair!" It looks like you all had so much fun! I can't even imagine getting that close to a large bear like that! YIKES! Now, I would be in the box of butter faster than anything! Thanks for sharing such great photos!


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