Monday, September 12, 2016

Oh My Stars!

Thank you all so much for your nice comments on my Medallion Project!

I hung up my Sumptuous Stars quilt for the first time.  It's perfect for fall.
 I also hung Happy Town in the Sewing Room
It's Fair time in New England!  Hip Hip Hooray.  Is there anything more American?
 Hanna and I love to see the exhibits of flowers, jams, and baked goods.
What beautiful horses.
 we love the petting area!
This Darcy - a 3 month old calf.  Everywhere mom went, Darcy was by her side.
This bunny is so over the whole thing. 
Hanna's college pong skills earned her a new Goldfish:  Pumpkin.
MMMmm the food.  Fried dough and lemonade.  We have plans to attend 2 other major fairs.
We've had a very fun time this summer taking care of Timothy, my son's science classroom pet.  He's a skinny pig, which is a hairless guinea pig.  He does have hair on his cute face.
It was fun making little houses for him.
For no reason at all - he tossed his cage one night, lol.  He moved literally everything in his enclosure!
First Day of school photo of my science teacher son Andrew.  We're so proud of him.  Have a great year at PS 28.
I hit a real speed bump while making my repro swap blocks.  I spritzed a block and pressed it and this happened.
To test my other intended fabric I sprayed each with water.
 I layered them and pressed with a dry iron.
 Here you can see the transfer onto the muslin :(
These may be slightly older fabrics and not as colorfast.  Without knowing what process everyone uses when piecing their quilts, I think it is safer this time to pre-wash and begin again.

Have a great week!


  1. fair week here in frederick, md, as well...mmmm fried dough...the perfect bad!

    1. Yum - enjoy!! Corn dogs are my other weakness!

  2. Your quilts look great hanging in their new locations -- I LOVE that Happy Town quilt! You guys are so funny -- looks like you had a great time at the fair. And new Goldfish -- what more could a girl ask for LOL? Congratulations to your son too!

  3. Your quilts look so good hanging! Sounds and looks like the fair was a good one, plenty to see and do! At least you found out about the dye in those fabrics before you got too far with them.....

  4. Great post! I love Andrew's First Day of School pic--keeping up the tradition, right?

  5. Your quilts look so perfect in the places you've hung them. I love all the fair photos! What fun! Clever Hanna for winning a gold fish. I bet Andrew is the best teacher, It's great to see he wears colourful ties. What an awful moment to see the dye run. Thank goodness you realised earlier than later. I'll never forget that post where you were making the red and white quilt for Hanna and you threw all the red and white fabric into the washing machine together and I thought it would all turn pink but the red didn't run at all. You just never know.

  6. Great quilt displays, Barb.
    I attended the Sandwich Fair in NH (Columbus Day weekend) a few years ago and really enjoyed it--from Ox pulls to frying pan tosses, it was very fun!
    What kind of creature is Timothy?

  7. Fabulous quilts and perfect for a fall display. I love small local fairs too, but sadly we didn't make it to any this year. Next year for sure!

  8. I just washed a quilt I made over 30 years ago in the days when I pre washed everything. It was a log cabin with red solid center squares and binding. I added a few color catchers to the washer and the red bled like crazy. There were cream strips that looked red or pink and red blotches on lots of other lights. I almost panicked. Then I washed it two more times and used a total of thirty color catchers before finally drying it. Now I can't even tell there was any bleeding. What a relief!

  9. Fun post! I love the Star quilt and Andrew's tie! I also would like to know Timothy's species?

  10. The fair looks like so much fun! A sure sign of fall. Our first sign of fall here in Texas was a cold front - which meant that the high temperature failed to reach the 90s! I'm so glad you reminded us of the potential for red fabrics to run. I am about to start my broken dishes, but will first throw the red into the washer with some color catchers to avoid any problems.

  11. I'm not a huge fan of fairs, but ours is usually in the middle of summer and so hot! Congrats to your son!!
    Love your stars quilt. Im sure it makes a wonderful statement in your dining area. It is really beautiful!

  12. Gorgeous quilts in your homme Barb !! Congrats to your son .... yes you can proud of him !
    My favourite animals are horses and the bunny !! ^^
    I'm sorry for the fabric...I usually never spray some water because I'm afraid of that ! I hope you've found a solution !
    PS : what kind of animal is Timothy please ? So funny !

  13. Your finishes are fabulous. The Home Town quilt is so creative and looks great.

  14. Nice pictures for your gorgeous quilt which suit so well your beautiful home ! You could contribute to quilt magazine...Véronique la masure😎

  15. What fun stuff in your blog today! We once had a guinea pig who lived with a rabbit in an outdoor rabbit hutch. Always enjoy seeing your quilts on display in your lovely home :) So sorry to hear the red bled in your hsts. Nothing more frustrating than that!

  16. Your post today felt like a summer wrap up. You star quilt is lovely like an intro into fall, as well as, Andrew heading off to school. It's probably a good thing use the Color Catchers with any project especially, a group project. I've had fabric bleed after having been washed multiple times. All I can think is maybe the chlorine count in the water was different that day and caused a chemical reaction. Who knows.

  17. I have that repro red in my stash! Thanks for the heads up! Loved your fair shots. DH and I enjoyed the Arlington County VA fair this year. What a great date! And here's to a great year for your teacher son. My teacher daughter started, and is already looking tired. Bless them!

  18. Oh my I miss the guinea pig days! We've had three (Nutmeg, Basil and Sorrel) at various times and our favorite girl (we think?) Nutmeg lived for over 8 years! She and Buddy (the lhaso apso) were in love. It was so cute to see them rub noses and snuggle. They are such funny little creatures.
    Your star quilt is perfect for this time of year and looks gorgeous on the wall!
    I love the fair too, but we have to wait until October in GA so we don't melt. It's worth the wait.

  19. Oh boy--those darn reds! It's so disheartening to have them bleed like that--something that's happened to me more than once, unfortunately. I love your Happy Town quilt--so fun!

  20. We went to a Polish festival a few weeks ago, the food was out of this world! Lots of fun crafts to see too. How exciting for Andrew, he is an official "adult" now. That's a shame about your HST, all that work.......

  21. Fun post, with the fair photos, etc. Your son looks like a "fun" science teacher. We need good teachers! Your star quilts looks gorgeous on the wall. All of your quilts are amazing.

  22. Your quilts look fabulous on display!
    Love the Fair pictures.
    Such a cute skinny pig, best wishes to Andrew with the new school year.
    I'm sure his students will be lucky to have him as their teacher!

    Great advice, I always pre-wash my red fabrics before using in a project.
    I learned early on thru a dissapointing bleed.

  23. The Happy Town quilt is so cute! And I love to go to fairs. Will be going to the Bloomsburg PA fair next week. It's a big one with lots and lots of things to eat, including potato pancakes and pierogies. Yum!!

  24. I enjoyed your post. So entertaining. Thanks for the tip regarding the red run. I have both those fabrics and I'm off to check them now.

  25. pretty finished quilts and fun fair pics and I cracked up at the pig's house :)

  26. pretty finished quilts and fun fair pics and I cracked up at the pig's house :)


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