Wednesday, April 26, 2017

I do Windows

I interrupt my window washing to bring you this post...

My finished "Girl Friend" quilt using the pippi longstocking block.  Here we are:  Nancy, Pauline, me and Norma (who has been known to color her hair for various holidays).
 I used this sweet backing filled with all of life's good things.  This was a gift for Pauline who will be spending a month with family in England.  We'll miss you!
To make your own pippi block,  follow the great tutorial here.  I wish I knew about this before I made mine.  Luckily I have an advanced degree in liberated quilting, ha ha.

The other day I shared this quilt on IG.  Olympic Eagles  or Obama for President which was it's original title.  The Vermont Quilt Festival made me change it to avoid political opinions, but rewarded me with a blue ribbon.
I quilted it exactly as it was shown in the pattern.
 I used a bark colored thread.
You can read more about this quilt here.  I made it before I started blogging.
I found the pattern in this book which was given to me by my friend, Mary.
I checked Amazon and there are 25 used books available.

Windows....No one like to wash them, but it is so nice when they are clean.
Here is my recipe, which I learned from a professional years ago.
 Fill half a bucket of warm water, then add a small squirt of Joy.  Joy is the secret - see that wine glass on the label?  Crystal Clear.
I use micro-fiber wipes and a foam sponge to clean the window.  I go over twice, wringing the wipe (I use 2, one in the bucket 1 in my hand). I use a squeegee from the top down, wiping off the dirty water with a dry cloth.

Change the water often and do the inside of the window first, then the outside, which is dirtier.

I keep my supplies on my step  chair and move them from room to room - I only do 1 room a day so I still have sewing time.
As part of my spring cleaning, I decided to try a minimalist approach to the family room mantel.
I asked Hanna what she thought, and she said "it looks sad"....Well, I asked, lol.  I picked up the carved stone owl at Homegoods and the sandpiper at my local consignment shop.  The rocks came from the beach.
I finally got my front urns planted with my favorite combo.
Friday I'll be going to one of the final Performances of the Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus.  It is the end of an era.   I intend to indulge in hot dogs, popcorn and cotton candy.
Have a Great week and thanks for stopping by!


  1. A fun post Barb! Love your quilted ladies! I need to start cleaning those windows too. Better get a bottle of "JOY". Your planters looks so lovely!

  2. What a fun quilt. I'll bet you ladies have fun! I've seen you Olympic Eagles before and I STILL love it! Thanks for the window cleaning tips. I'll pass them on to my window washer. I'm so thankful I am married to a man who likes to cook and doesn't mind a bit of cleaning. He is taller so windows are his!

  3. What a fun little quilt! I need to wash my windows. They do tend to get neglected. Doing one room at a time is a great idea.

  4. Delightful little quilt of you and your friends (gotta love the colorful hair).
    Your Obama quilt is stunning. Wonderful applique and the quilting is perfection!
    Thanks for the window washing tip. Having to wash them is the one downside to having lots of windows--and I mean LOTS (64)!! I just ignore most of them.
    Had to chuckle at Hanna's comment. I don't know what used to be on your mantel--I like what you show here, but it is sparse, if you are used to a full one.
    We took our kids to the B & B circus years ago when they were young. We were gifted tickets or we wouldn't have been able to afford it back then. Enjoy the show!

  5. In my opinion, it looks sadness there, LOL!! Very pretty...especially the beach stones. Love them! Your hand quilting is so very, very good...mine is not so even, but I find great joy in it anyway. Happy Wednesday!!

  6. I'm a big fan of that eagle quilt! It deserves a ribbon! Congratulations!!

  7. What a lively folk art feel your Obama quilt has. And I need to get started on my windows. Thanks for the tip. My biggest problem is getting the screens off and on without breaking.

  8. Love your eagle quilt ! I have seen it many times but I love to see it again ! And congratulations for the ribbon !
    Everytime I clean my rains after, so I confess I don't like to do it !
    On my mantel, have 2 candles, a antique oil lamp and an antique tapestry... I want to change this last by a quilt block in a frame...
    Your flowers are beautiful ! I wish you a lovely week ! :)

  9. Enjoy your blog! I am curious as to how you hang your quilts? I never see a rod. I have the Hang it Dang it but doesn't work correctly if you have a long sleeve. Not sure I want to cut into the hanging sleeve to use. Thanks!

  10. Love the Girlfriend quilt! So sweet.:)

  11. A very well deserved ribbon! Your eagles are wonderful! I love the close pictures of your beautiful handquilting :0) Your lovely ladies quilt looks like such a fun little project! Have fun at the circus!!

  12. Not surprising, loved this post. My sister was a huge Pippi Longstocking fan when we were little. I want to be sure and share this post with her. I have that book, going to have to look through it again. I love your quilt. How is the progress of your medallion you are designing? I've been reading a lot about the minimalism movement, I like the look of the mantel. Thanks for the window cleaning recipe! I'm taking notes down. When the circus comes around for the last time we are planning on going to. My Mother never failed to take us when Barnum and Bailey came to town. Thanks for blogging! Always a joy to read your posts!

  13. Thanks for the close-ups of the quilting on your eagle quilt! I have been procrastinating on quilting mine for a variety of reasons, but your gorgeous hand-quilting is inspiring!

  14. Enjoyed this post and the little quilt is sweet and the big quilt is awesome! Congrats on the ribbon. Love your recipe for windows - I use lemon scented ammonia, warm water, and a touch of white vinegar. Recipe from my mom! Happy Spring to you!!

  15. The Pippi quilt is so cute and personal. I'd make one of my mom, my sister and me. Love the blue ribbon winner! What is bark colored thread? Lol. My trick with cleaning the exterior windows is to first brush them of loose dirt with a dust broom. So much less dirt to wipe off with a cloth!

  16. Love your friends quilt Barb and what a great way to send off your friend. Bet you all will miss her. Thanks for the window tip and will try...."Congrats" on the blue ribbon and quite an honor!

  17. Fun post, Barb! Your girlfriend quilt is charming :) I remember seeing your Eagle Quilt at a NJ show way back when. I was so impressed! Thanks for the window washing tips. Who knew Joy was the key to crystal clear windows?? Nice minimalist mantel. Enjoy the circus!

  18. I like the eagle quilt very much. I like eagle quilts in general. Yours makes a nice piece for the wall without overpowering.

  19. I love both of your quilts Barb -- you always have the best quilts! Thanks for the window cleaning tips -- I have a better one -- buy new windows LOL. We got new windows in two rooms today and I tell everyone I couldn't face cleaning them again so we just bought new ones LOL. Have a wonderful time at the circus -- what memories!

  20. Oooo, inspiring as usual! I'm at Paducah with my besties, and that lil quilt may have to be copied - 5 times. Ouch. Congrats on the well deserved first! Obama is beautiful. And DH actually said we should hire window cleaners this year. Yayyy!

  21. Adorable Girl Friend quilt! Always love seeing your Eagle quilt too.
    Great tips on window washing-- I'll take any inspiration I can get for that job! Do you have any tips on painting the kitchen? LOL

  22. So much fun here that you've shared. The flowers and quilts are gorgeous and while your window washing routine is impressive, I'm not yet convinced. LOL

  23. Hello Girlfriends! so fun!! Your Eagle quilt is such a beauty!! I love the details like the bark coloured thread. How funny that Hanna said your minimalist mantle looked sad. It was worth trying just to get her response. :)
    You're such an inspiration you've inspired me to clean my windows. I've been putting it off because it seems like such a big task but one window a day is very doable. I thought when you pointed out the wine glass that you were going to say the trick is to drink wine while cleaning. That might help as well :) I hope the circus was spectacular!


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