Friday, April 7, 2017

The Big Rooster Reveal

All Cooped Up
I machine appliqued the rooster and year.  It is machine quilted.  I lost my coin :(   I was going to sew it on.  I may turn up one day.
Here is the back
Thanks Two Thimbles for hosting a really fun challenge.   Lori is having a linky party if you want to see more.

Thank you all so much for your kind comments and emails.  It really gave me courage this week and I'm grateful to be part of such a supportive community.  I received these beautiful flowers from my family.  (you can see my new counters, range and sink, sort of)
At the AQS show in Lancaster my friends and I bought THE BEST NEW LIGHT - EVER.  It is a slimline light from 
 With it off
Aaahh, that's better.
I love that it doesn't obstruct my view of the awesome things that I'm sewing.  (okay, well I'm not sewing anything here, lol)
You can see in this un-retouched photo on a very dark and rainy day that my work area is lit up perfectly.  You may want to ask for the "show special" if you want to order one.  You never know, they may honor it.
I hung this fun quilt today because we're celebrating my son, Andrew's, birthday tonight.  I made it in 1996 which was is golden Birthday turning 7 on april 7th and it was Easter Sunday.  The eggs are gold lame' - now that's 90s for you!
I'm hitting the road again next doing
Tues 4/11 - 9am workshop (full)
Lecture and Trunk Shows:
Tues 4/11 - 7pm - Brandywine Valley Quilters 
Weds 4/12 - 10am - Calico Cutters



  1. I love your Rooster quilt Barb! The fancy lettering of 2017 is really cute!
    I wanted to add the stamp to my quilt, but wasn't sure how that would work out, so only added the coin.
    Have fun celebrating Andrew's birthday.

  2. That is a mighty fine rooster, with Oriental-ish numbers! Great chicken wire quilting pattern. : )
    Pretty flowers, and I think, from the peek, you have a lovely kitchen.
    I haven't seen that light before. Interesting design, and it does look nice and bright.
    Gotta love the gold lame` eggs!

  3. The rooster is terrific! Happy Birthday, Andrew! This year, on Easter Sunday, we are celebrating my uncle's 95th birthday--he was born on Easter Sunday, 1922!

  4. Love the rooster. Light looks like it would work great for my mature eyes. Have a fun filled birthday celebrating. Knowing you it will be.

  5. I never would have thought of cutting the rabbit shape from the Easter egg print. Unique and a good idea.
    I am enjoying seeing the rooster challenge quilts. Your quilting in the body of the quilt with the chicken wire shapes......I like!

  6. I like your rooster challenge quilt, great idea. Lame' eggs, you are the coolest ever! I am sure Andrew will treasure it.
    See you next week!

  7. cute rooster!! Love your son's quilt--bow tied and adorable...hugs, Julierose

  8. Your rooster quilt is darling. So is the son's quilt. Happy birthday to your son :)

  9. What a great rooster! I hope you can find the coin. Gold lame - I remember sewing with that stuff - lol!

  10. Love everything about your rooster quilt! The chicken wire quilting looks fabulous! Hope Andrew had a great birthday. Fun seeing the quilt you made him in '96 :) That light looks fantastic.

  11. Your rooster quilt is very cute !
    Happy birthday to Andrew ! :)

  12. Okay....your quilts are fun! I did get a giggle from your 90's comments...soooo true! And THANK YOU! Now I know what I'm treating myself to once I count my piggy bank money this summer: A Sewing Lamp! sewing room is in the basement. THIS light would be fantastic! Thanks for the link.

  13. Love those lamps. My son bought me 2 for Christmas. Rooster is fun.

  14. Love your rooster challenge! Looks like some lovely Gwen Marston influence there too.:)

  15. Your rooster is awesome and I like the spikey border adding in the other bright colors. It's funny that both you and Barbara Schaffer used black and white to add a modern graphic element. Super fun. Thanks for the recommendation on a new light. I've been needing one and have to get serious and do some research. Have a great week.

  16. Love the bunny and the rooster wallhangings!
    I will keep my eyes open for the slim light.
    It seems I need more light for stitching as each year passes!

  17. My husband would die for the rooster.....

  18. The chicken wire quilting is perfect! Great job all around!

  19. Your Rooster quilt turned out fabulous! Happy belated birthday to Andrew, such a sweet & special bunny quilt. Enjoy your wonderfully busy week!

  20. Barb, we are so very sorry to hear of Mary's passing. We know that your friendship meant everything to her and that she greatly treasured the time she shared with you on quilting activities.
    We love your rooster quilt, which is so bright and cheery ! Your excellent machine work with the chicken coop wire provides the perfect touch. What a fun project !
    Warm wishes, and many blessings, from Marina and Daryl Lynn


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