Thursday, November 2, 2017


Thank you for so many nice comments and for entering my AQSG giveaway.  Congratulations Janet of Mrs Sew n' Sew!.

As promised, here is a better look at the antique 4-block applique' quilt that I won at the live auction event at the AQSG Manchester  Seminar.
 I love the large starburst flower center.
How great to have a provenance label on the back of the sleeve!  I think the baking is a white sheet.
 It has chunky wool yarn ties.  I think I would prefer cotton floss, what  do you think?
 One of the details that I Love is that she used the same green for buds....
 except on this one, where she used the solid green of the stems.  These are the funny quirks that I just adore.
At the Seminar Wendy and I lent a hand with the silent auction.  As I said last week there was about 450 items to sort.
 I won this set of sweet embroidered kitty pillowcases.  I also picked up a couple of embroidered towels and some old quilt books.
After winning first place at my local fair, I was invited to the CT State Fair dinner banquet.   They judged quilts, 3 baking categories and photography for top state prizes.
Hanna and I had a nice buffet dinner and saw a wonderful QOV presentation.
Alice Payne was awarded First Place in  CT - Applique - so exciting!   The Blue Feathered Star won 1st in pieced and was hand quilted.
Alice has one more quilt show next week at the Brownstown Quilt Guild show.  It is a wonderful show and I'm always happy to be part of it.
I'll be there Friday Morning and I hope to see some of my NJ quilt friends.
Have a great week!  Check out my IG feed (on sidebar) to see my Halloween Decorations.


  1. What a great old quilt you were able to nab! I'd be tempted to hand quilt it (tempted, mind you--doesn't mean I would do it). :)
    Congratulations to you and Alice Payne!! Well-deserved!

  2. How wonderful you won this...wonderful price ! Lucky youuu this quilt is soo beautiful ! I love the fabrics she used (very traditional for this kind of quilt but I love them !) But it is not quilted uhh ?
    I love the picture with you and Wendy too ! ah ah !
    Congratulations for your ribbon !! Truly deserved !! :)

    1. I'm so sorry ! I forgot to congrat the winner ! Bravo Janet !

  3. What a great quilt! I especially enjoyed seeing the history on the back. what a great idea! And the picture of you and Wendy is fabulous. That Wendy has the best smile, and the two of you together?? Fabulous.
    Congrats on another ribbon!! Well deserved!

  4. Oh I'm so glad you shard some more pictures of this wonderful 4 block quilt. I just love the applique, the fabrics, the cheddar :0) The ties are not amazing - cotton would be nicer I think. Is it in good enough shape to consider handquilting it? Fun picture of you and Wendy :0) Congratulations on Alice Payne's winnings!! How exciting to win your giveaway! I'll email you my address.

  5. Happy Fall! You have entered quilting Nirvana with adding the stunning 4-block quilt and pillowcases to your collection and winning awards with your quilt! Good luck in the Brownstone show as well. And I agree with you that cotton floss would be a better choice.

  6. That quilt is so you! Glad you won it, I know you will love it and give it a wonderful home!

  7. Thank you for sharing more pictures of your wonderful new antique quilt. It's beautiful. The colors and appliques are so typical of the period. Are you tempted to quilt it. I'd probably change the yarn ties. How about a pattern!?! What an exciting honor for you and Alice. A great big congratulations!

  8. Such a great fun filled post!

  9. Congrats to the winner of your giveaway :) Looks like you and Wendy had a challenging--but fun--job at Seminar! Thanks for the close-ups of that great quilt! Someone spent a lot of time making those sunburst flower blocks. Wonderful colors and details. Is there a layer of batting? Have you thought about quilting it? Yay! So glad AP received that CT Award!

  10. I was told by a quilt appraiser not to change the way my antique quilt was tied. Said it would affect the value. Mine was tied with yarm similar to yours. I no longer have the quilt nor a picture of it and regret both. I love the colors of your antique quilt.

  11. Your quilt reminds me of van Gogh's Sunflowers series of paintings! Wonderful! Do you have a print of the sunflowers to put on the wall near this quilt?

  12. Thanks for sharing the details of your "new" Antique coverlet.
    I love this piece!
    Your embroidered pillowcases are darling, congratulations on winning them.
    Congratulations also on winning first place in both Local and State competition in CT for Alice Payne!

  13. Your antique quilt is sooooooooooooo amazing...just amazing

  14. Ooooh, those little kitties are Adorable!!! I love looking at the little quirks in old quilts -- it looks like your new old quilt has some great ones!

  15. Looks like you had a wonderful time and came home with some wonderful items! I love that Alice is having such a success and is loved by so many. She is beautiful!

  16. Love that quilt, makes me happy just looking at it, I see the sun, I see spring, I see summer (btw, the weather is just awful here, real Dutch weather, dark grey skies - lights in the house on the whole day - strong winds and constant rain, so that may have something to do with it), wonderful!


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