Monday, January 14, 2019

Well Begun is Half Done

It's a top! 
 It measures about 66" x 66".
I had a little snag after attaching the last border frame.  It left a little awkward background area.
So I quick starch prepped a clamshell, unstitched the borders,
then appliqued it in the corners.  I would do it differently if I were starting over, but in the meantime I think it's okay.  What do you think?
Aaahh, that moment when you finish a top and say Whew!  now I can start hand quilting it....

then you remember you have to find a backing, which means going to the quilt shop because all of yours are wrong.  I found this which will work well behind my light top - I really don't like shadowing through a quilt but I didn't want to use muslin this time.
Then you have to wash the backing, press it and piece it.  Then you remember oh yeah, I have to mark it too!
My goal is to have it marked and basted by Friday!

I received this delightful dolly quilt from Sheila in Elmhurst.  I just LOVE it.  Thank you, Sheila!
 Their embroidered expressions are so charming.
 I love the hair bow on this one.
Here is one that I made.  Sadly it has a lot of sun fading.
 I'm hoping to get some information from Sheila about the pattern.  Can you believe this was dark navy fabric?  It is purple now and someday it might be grey.
Dotti sent me a photo of her finished Bow Tie Swap Quilt.  What a great setting!
It is sunset season here on Buck Hill.  I try to pause everyday to notice it.
I love the blue, white and lavender in the clouds.
I hope you have a Happy Week!


  1. I've never seen the ruler you are using for marking. That looks interesting! And I never would have noticed the gap in the corner but I think you solved it nicely. We rarely have clear enough days to enjoy the sunset, but it's my favorite this time of year when we are lucky enough to get a break in the clouds.

  2. Oh how I LOVE this one!! That center is amazing! Good corner fix although I didn't see that the little gap would have been a problem. I don't know much about the history of the little applique quilt. I do know that there was a pieced version that was very popular in the 1980's. There was a company that made them and sold them as reproductions and every once in a while I find one in an antique store for hundreds of dollars because they think it is an antique. Scary thing is, all of our work will be antiques all to soon! I think I need to thin out the herd. Just not sure which strays I can part with!

  3. Really love that quilt top--what a delightful pattern and such pretty fun prints--
    and that little doll quilt looks like one I made many many years ago--though mine where not dark faced--and I don't think the pattern showed them that way-but who knows it was probably 35 years ago--and I had it for a very long time--
    luv, di

  4. I think your flimsy is just lovely. I especially like the bird surround..beautiful work!
    the little dolly mini is just so cute...hugs, Julierose

  5. I love this post! I have waited so patiently to see the end. I love it. It is beautiful, just as I knew it would be. What a delight to my day. Have you named it yet? What a joy, made my day. Love the dolly quilt, how kind of Shiela, always a treat to get a surprise in the mail. Great way to set the bow ties and my all time favorite quilt design. The skys here at home have been some of the prettiest I've seen the past couple of weeks. Thanks for sharing Barb!

  6. I love, love, love this particular quilt top! Have been following along with you and enjoying every step! What a wonderful fix for the corners. It makes perfect sense to close those corners up! I had to laugh at getting right to the quilting. There's always so much prep time involved isn't there! Your dolly quilt is very sweet too. Love the primitive, folksy look to it!

  7. I love this project! I love the birds in the border, I love all the berries, I love the big basket, the stars, the clams - this quilt has it all and now it's going to get handquilting too - yippee! The excitement of taking those first few stitches - I'm excited for you :0)

  8. Incredible top! Love what you have done and it's going to be hand quilted .... oh wonderful!

  9. LOVE your flimsy Barb. Its gorgeous. What do you use to mark your tops. I dont usually wash my quilts after I have made them, but I know you would have to, after using the blue pen. Very nervous as years ago I saw a terrible result! Your little dollies quilt.....I made one back in the early 1990's.

  10. Your medallion folk art quilt is incredible. I love the whimsy style. It's going be totally awesome when you get it quilted. I have some fabrics mostly from the 70's and 80's that have faded long ago.

  11. Congrats on another beautiful finished top! And your corner fix works for me.
    Sweet little quilt from Sheila. Protect your little one from the sun so it will stay that pretty purple. :)
    Dotti's quilt is great--she does good work.
    I love the sunset shots, Barb. Shades of lavender in a sunset really makes me happy!
    Wonderful post!

  12. Congratulations on finishing that amazing quilt top!!!
    Love the little dolly quilts.I have a quilt top that has faded from blue to purple too.It is patriotic so it doesn't look too good now.
    Enjoy your sunsets. I haven't seen one in awhile.

  13. So much in this post starting with an amazing quilt top - it’s just fabulous! Love the birds and the quilt just says “you”! Add to that your expert hand quilting and you will have another Barb masterpiece. I think you handled the corners perfectly. Yes lots of steps between finished top and ready to quilt, ha ha. Hope to see it in person some day.

  14. I agree about geting to the point that the hand quilting can begin. Love your top those birds are awesome!

  15. Absolutely wonderful new top! Congratulations. You'll have a fun year quilting this one. You remind me that it's so worth it to spend a lot of time and handwork on one quilt. Darling doll quilt too! Happy 2019.

  16. Hello Barb! Your finished top is so very lovely! I have enjoyed seeing the process over the months, and I just love the finished top! I'm not usually an applique-er, nor would I normally choose these fabrics, not sure why, but I think I need to try something like this! So charming and appealing, and of course your work is exquisite. I love the bow tie quilt too, scrap quilts are my jam! Thanks for the beautiful sunset photos!

  17. Such an amazing quilt design - it has been so much fun to watch its creation! I like your handy corner "fix", although I probably would not have noticed the original issue. Please tell us more about your quilt marking ruler - it looks handy!

    1. Hi Angie! Thanks for your nice comments. I found that ruler in my drawer and don't know a thing about it. I think maybe I found it on a free table at guild.

  18. Boo Hoo I'm not getting comments in my inbox - this is a test.

  19. I beautiful top and I think you found a great solution for the 'problem' (if that is what it was). I love that you will be hand quilting it, it so deserves it. Lovely doll quilt and you live in a beautiful place.
    Hope this comment reaches your inbox, Blogger has been funny with me too, some comments go to my inbox, some don't, can't make heads or tails of it.

  20. I just LOVE this quilt! It is so YOU! Another heirloom, for sure :) Your corner fix works perfectly. Looking forward to your quilting progress on this beautiful quilt! Cute little dolly quilts, too. The setting for Dotti's Bowtie quilt is so creative. Looks great! I love sunsets, too, and your pics really capture those awesome colors!

  21. Congratulations on this beautiful finish Barb !!
    I love the fabrics you used too !
    Love the setting of Dotti's quilt !! Very original !

  22. A great combination of colors. I love this style. Great job. It's nice that you like to do it and share your passion with us. It's very nice to watch your every job!

  23. Your quilt top is beautiful!! I think your fix to the corner is a good solve. Doll quilts are adorable! Love the bow tie quilt. I'm finally starting to do something with my churn dash blocks and I'm thinking about combining the 9-patches with it - but haven't figured that out yet. Yes, I am finally going to use the 9-patches (hopefully).

  24. The little doll quilt design looks so familiar. I did an image search and saw a couple similar designs but none exactly like the one you were given. The fading is part of the charm.

  25. It's fabulous! Love the clam shell effect!
    It really does take so much work to get a quilt ready for hand quilting!

  26. I love your quilt - good solution for the corners. Yes, that expression - 'just have to quilt it' doesn't give a hint as to how much work there is still left to do, does it?!

  27. I am obviously in the minority - in more ways than one - and did a quick Google search about that imaagry in the doll quilt and was not surprised by what I found:

  28. Hi Barb,

    I got your reply about the Gone with the Wind origins of this pattern of quilt. Sadly, that does nothing to change the very negative connotations. "Mammy" is a derogatory term for black women. I submit to you that both are extremely racist.

    The best analogy I can offer would be using swastikas and Third Reich symbols on a quilt for the historical perspective.

    Perhaps the disconnect is unless you are in the group that is being maligned, you just do not recognize and understand the meaning behind such symbols and imagery.


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