Thursday, January 31, 2019

Whats up Buttercup?

I'm finishing up the 3rd block of my Whig Rose.  Woop Woop
It is almost one year since I started this project.  I'm still loving it.
A rough (okay very rough) sketch of a border idea.
Here is another idea
And another sketch (I did these while waiting for a appointment.)
I'm still doing lots of visual research with my books.

Mona, an Instagram friend has offered to share more of her chrome yellow but I need to figure out how much I need.  Do you have any of the background chrome that you'd be willing to to sell, share or trade?  How much I can have will dictate how I end up finishing this quilt.

I usually prefer needle turn, but when faced with so many leaves and a in need a of TV watching work I starch prepped all the leaves for this block.
The kitchen counter is a great height for sew basting a block.
It makes appliqueing such a pleasure!  no missing the stem or forcing the outer corner point.  love it.
Okay, so this isn't quilting, but it was time well spent.  I reorganized and cleaned out my entire pantry.  Whew.  It feels great to know what I have and have it all in order.
Recent Reads:
I read a lot of nonfiction, but I also love a good memoir. I really yearn for old timey TV and not the shlock we see today.
An easy and interesting read with beautiful descriptions of nature.
Educated is Disturbing and fascinating.  Hard to believe people choose to live this way in the modern world.
Winter Woes?
Take a page from coco's book.....
Relax Darling
Don't like winter and cold weather?  take more naps.
Treat yourself to a pretty little plant next time you pick up milk and bread.   I got three pretty primrose for $6.00.
You deserve it.


  1. I'm pretty sure I want Coco's life. That girl is wise. I felt the same way about the book 'Educated', just so hard to understand. Stay warm!

  2. This post is full of lovely colors to brighten up these cold January days! Love your Whig Rose and those primroses! Take care!

  3. I am working on a yellow background wall hanging. And thinking about a second one.

  4. Are you getting the vortex freeze with crazy temps? I like Coco's idea of winter!!
    Your applique quilt is so pretty and I like all the border options!! Is the background a solid?

  5. Barb, I love your life style, and Coco's! Your whig rose is already fabulous!

  6. Coco has things all figured out!
    Love your primroses. I love to bring home flowers when the mood strikes me, but I have so many of the potted type that I am running out of room. Last count was over 40 potted plants, 25 of which are of a blooming variety.
    Wish I had some of that chrome to send you, but it does not appear to be in my stash.
    Will watch with interest to see how your Whigging Out works out. :)
    I have the entire I Love Lucy series on DVD, along with The Andy Griffith Show, The Dick Van Dyke Show, and a few random episodes of a handful of other old B & W TV series. They are my go to "feel good" viewing.

  7. Oooh love Coco's basket quilt--and your Whig roses are beautiful; not budging outside today--waaay too cold. In homage to Old Man Winter (and hoping for a little breath of warmth) I am making my
    Sorry, I don't have any of that chrome color in my stash--lots of cheddar to be used, but not that shade...
    hugs, Julierose

  8. Your primroses are the right contrast to our layers of snow and cold. I am in love with your whig rose and so have one from Kim Diehl on my to do list. Your colors just sing and I can tell you love the, too.

  9. Tell me the name of the fabric, I'm sure I can find it around here and would be happy to go on a search! Your post was so inspiring. I am ready to get back to real life after being sick for 2 weeks. I loved the books Educated and Where The Crawdads Sing.
    Your pantry looks awesome, I need some Marie Kondo here too. I watched all her videos on Netflix when I was sick. Now I'm just behind in everything!
    Loving that second layout!

  10. That background is just so pretty! I wish I had it in my stash among other Chrome fabrics. I looked, no such luck.. even a tiny half yard. I hope you find it. Looks like Coco is handling winter just fine! Funny how so much can get done in the waiting room. Have a great weekend!

  11. I continue to admire your Whig Rose. I checked the stash. Nothing. Your bright colors in fabric and flowers could almost make you forget it's a cold winter. Coco has the right idea. Great job on the pantry. I wonder how old of a can something I could find in mine.

  12. Such a gorgeous applique project! You wouldn't want to rush the slow, relaxing and satisfying applique stitching. The primroses are so very pretty. I will have to keep my eyes open for them at the grocery store :0) I hope you can find more yellow and can go as big as you want with your borders.. I hardly buy yellow so I'm afraid I don't have any.

  13. If I had such a wonderful fabric as your chrome, you know I would ... have used it all up! I never see great fabric like that when I go to my LQS. (Maybe I should move to another city) Whig Rose looks great so far. I love the first option, but that's just me. I love Lucy too. She was such a beautiful woman. I don't understand what's with Coco. Winter is a lot of fun. (Meanwhile, in Canada, she is scraping two feet of snow off her car.) lol. ;^)

  14. I love your blocks and your Chrome yellow but I don't have this kind of fabric...I'm sorry !
    Coco has found the best place to sleep !!
    I've heard about the vortex freeze on TV !! Take care friend ! Stay at home !

  15. I absolutely LOVE your Whig Rose blocks! Taking the time to prep all those leaves makes appliqueing so worthwhile--gorgeous work :) Coco's got the right idea. She knows how and where to get comfy! I'm reading Educated. It's an eye opener, for sure. Sorry, I don't have any of that yellow fabric. Just waiting for the warm up . . . :)

  16. And Coco knows, the best naps are on or under quilts made by her mom! Love how the Whig Rose is going. Wish I had some of that chrome to send you, but it was before my repro time. And I'm visiting a friend this month, who is taking me to her book club. And they are doing the Crawdad book. And my daughter's book club is too... looking forward to reading it.

  17. Coco is so smart! Will check out some of your titles- thanks. Do you watch Marie Kondo "Tidying Up"? Her methods make a lot of sense. And it does feel good to have the household (or at least part of it) organized and decluttered. I've said that she may not bring her perky self into the sewing room though. Everything in there sparks joy and none of it is going, unless into a project!

  18. You are killing me with this "Whigged Out" quilt. I adore it! I have lots of chrome yellow, but unfortunately I have none of this one left. I think it was from the Pomegranate line. Could you send me the recipe for starch that includes a lime in it - teehee! Happy to see Coco enjoying this fine weather too. I love winter!

  19. Your Whig Rose is going to be amazing - your idea to use chrome yellow for the background was brilliant! I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who thinks about quilt design at every opportune moment!

  20. Wow! This is going to be another one of your stunning works. Love the design and the colors. Glorious!!

  21. Coco definitely has more beautiful quilts than the average dog LOL. Man oh man, I do love those whig rose blocks -- they're beautiful Barb! Stay Warm!!!

  22. Oh I just love that red and white quilt on the bed. Almost pinned it but then remembered that you don't like that happening! Your applique blocks are wonderfully fun looking. I can totally understand why you're still loving working on them. You have such a gift for working with the perfect blend of colors and fabrics. Thanks for continuing to share and inspire!


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