Thursday, October 28, 2021

No Tricks all Treats

I made two new Halloween quilts this month which I didn't need; not sorry.
Haunted Mansion Medallion - 28" x 31"
I came across the liberated house block in my sewing room and decided to make a little medallion quilt. 
This witch's laundry cracks me up.  I got some scraps of it from Norma my fellow Halloween enthusiast.
It was a good challenge to organize the strings with directional prints.  I did some fussy cutting for the corners.  I quilted it in a drop diamond pattern with alternating orange and purple thread.
The backing was also from Norma and I made a special label.
I used this book and these fabric markers.
I also made this little candle mat, which I suppose is my monthly mini for October.  It is a gift for Hanna and David for their apartment.
I used a little pack of 2" halloween fabrics to make light and dark half square triangles.  super simple 
The backing is made from weird scraps that were too good to throw out.  I quilted it and then did a pillow turn finish - no binding.
I received the nicest gift from Annie of Annie's Quilt Orts blog.   There was an unfortunate mailing delay that resulted in Annie's blocks coming after I did the swap so sent her all my blocks and returned hers. 
I know she felt a little bad, but it was no ones fault but my own.  If I had triple checked all the names and packages it could have been prevented.
A few weeks ago she sent me lovely doll quilt with six of the stars along with a sweet note.  What a clever setting!  Thank you so much Annie.  It was such a wonderful act of kindness.

Last weekend I made one of my quick pantry meals in my 30+ year old crockpot. 
There are several versions of these sweet and hot meatballs.   My moms original recipe called for chili sauce and currant jelly.  I can't seem to find that so I use strawberry jelly and it works great.
The longer you leave them, the more tender the meatballs will be.  It's great for game days, sew days, busy days and lazy days.

Happy early Halloween Everyone!
See you in November!


  1. Your liberated house quilt is very festive for this time of year! Love the fussy cut corners and the wonderful Halloween scraps you included. Annie’s little star quilt is a lovely gift. Happy Halloween! 🎃

  2. Your liberated house quilt is very festive for this time of year! Love the fussy cut corners and the wonderful Halloween scraps you included. Annie’s little star quilt is a lovely gift. Happy Halloween! 🎃

  3. Love everything about your 2 little quilts. The cats in the windows, the way you quilted it, your adorable label..all wonderful! And the little mat is so cute. Never too much Halloween!

  4. As always, I so enjoy your posts!! Your larger Halloween quilt reminds me of Gwen M. but with prints and not solids. Good job! Happy Halloween to you too!!

  5. Happy Halloween! Love your little medallion quilt! Sweet quilt from Annie too. My old crockpot has been replaced with an instantpot that has the slow cook feature.

  6. Yay for Halloween! I've got my one quilt out (and have gifted the other three...). Time for more! Love the Haunted Medallion, and I can see an eerily glowing candle in Hanna and David's place. Does Andrew have a Halloween nurse's cap? Enjoy the season!

  7. that liberated house is just so spooky and adorable...great fabrics...nice work hugs, Julierose

  8. Me encantan tus todos minis, el de la casa es delicioso !!
    buenas fiestas

  9. What a delightful spookiy mansion. Love that laundry fabric too. My crackpot bit the dust eons ago. Happy Halloween

  10. i wouldn't be sorry at all either if those two cuties were mine...adorable! and oh the version is ketchup and grape jelly....

  11. What a great haunted house, the colors, the outrageous fabrics it's totally perfect for the holiday. Our crockpot meatball recipe has more ingredients but I suspect the flavor of the finished sauce is similar. Haven't made it in ages, but crockpot season is about to be in full swing - smile!

  12. Cute Halloween quilts, Barb, and darling little mini! Perfect for the season. I used to make those meatballs, with
    apricot pepper sauce. They were a huge hit at parties. Easy, too. Your crockpot looks like mine!

  13. Love the liberated house quilt - so many fun Halloween fabrics to admire! Thanks for the quilt label tips, definitely going to check that out. Happy Halloween!

  14. that looks like a cute book to have! I must check it out.

  15. I'm a big fan of your Halloween quilts! Would love to see them all again some day :) Cute label and I must check out that book. What a sweet little star quilt :)

  16. Wonderful Halloween items! You're making me regret not having any Halloween fabric on hand and regret not decorating for the holiday - maybe next year :)

  17. Your two Halloween quiltlets are very fun. The medallion is a wonderful combination of festive scraps, and the witch's laundry had me chuckling.
    Your fussy-cut corners give the whole thing a touch of elegance in kind of a "Morticia" style, if that makes any sense. And what a cute label. I have never seen that label book. Fun idea!
    Very sweet of Annie to make that quilt for you.

  18. I love your two fun Halloween quilts, your label, the meatballs, etc. Everything says fun, and cozy. And what a nice gesture, Annie's great-looking mini quilt.

  19. Great haunted house ... great quilt and the little present for Hanna and David is wonderful ... I could get started right away :-) a small pack of 2 "Halloween fabric you say ...
    Happy Halloween to you and greetings from me.

  20. Love those cute Halloween quilts! We make those meatballs (with grape jelly) every year on Christmas Eve and enjoy them with other tidbits while we open gifts. Sometimes we substitute cocktail weenies for the meatballs and they're great too. Happy Halloween!

  21. Love your Halloween projects! They turned out great. I’ll have to remember the simple stitch and turn instead of binding for faster projects! Glad you like the little quilt. I certainly did feel bad about the exploded package! It was fun to design and sew. Thanks again for all the great swaps.


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