Friday, November 12, 2021

Time Hurries On

I can hardly believe it is November!  More wins for my Sparrow Quilt.

My son, Andrew, and I attended the CT Fair Association 2021 Banquet Dinner.  It used to be a small homey affair but this year was held at a hotel and pretty fancy.
My Sparrow quilt qualified for state level judging and I won First Place.  Sadly there were only two quilts in my category instead of the usual 6 or so.   As an unexpected bonus I also won People's Choice, which is voted on at the banquet.  Can you tell I was chuffed?
My daughter, Hanna, has been staying with us for 2 weeks while her fiance', David, is attending the Global Climate Summit in Glasgow. 
After two long years, we finally returned to Mohegan Sun Casino for a ladies night out.
We like to play the penny slots for fun.  No table games for us.
We both won pretty big!  We were laughing and cheering so much a man came running over to see what we won.  Hey $80. is A BIG WIN for us. 
It helps pay for this at Michael Jordan's Pub.
and this at Tao' an Asian Restaurant that is new to the casino.  Yum.
We had a wonderful family picnic lunch on the patio with this fabulous Charcuterie board that my kids arranged.
The weather was perfect for a little fire and time outside.   It felt like a mini getaway.  Can you spy my little whale pick holder ?  
In Quilting news~
Not much.  I've been working on settling contracts and getting my calendar pulled together for 2022.  

I'm joining in a mystery medallion project with my Brownstone Quilt Guild of NJ.  I've finally settled on a theme.   Btw, I cut all these out wrong but will make them work. More on that later.
The center will be a mid-century styled clock face something like this.  Can you guess what time it will be???
On instagram in November I'm sharing little quilt gifts that I have received over the years.  Here are a couple so far and you'll find more details on IG.
Did you know you can enjoy Instagram on your PC or tablet?  You can go here and open a free account.  You do not have to post photos to  follow people and things you are interested in like quilting, doll quilts, orchids.....almost anything!  You'll find me at Fun With Barb or Barb Vedder.

Happy November


  1. Beautiful gifts and Congratulations on your win for Sparrow quilt--I love that one-=it turned out so beautifully. Well done!! Hugs, Julierose

  2. What time? Happy hour, of course! Love the martini fabric. :) Also, the charcuterie board is fabulous! Now I know what we're having for dinner tonight (while we get out the xmas decors). Take care!

  3. Congratulations on your WINS!!! The pix of you and your kids are priceless. They are so GOOD.

  4. Happy November! I bet you had a grand time spending time with Hanna!!

  5. Congratulations on the ribbons for the Sparrow quilt and on the casino win. Hey, any amount of money is a plus, right? Looks like you had a lot of fun at both places. Love the whale pick holder! Cute! The small quilts are all adorable. Enjoy! ;^)

  6. Ha! You would have won if there were 50 entries! Such a wonderful quilt!! So happy to hear that you had a wonderful getaway! Small things can really add up. Enjoy the day!

  7. Congrats on yet another ribbon. Well deserved. That Charcuterie board looks delicious. Your newest project looks like fun!

  8. Congratulations on your winnings - both ribbons and money! I love your sparrow quilt and it is one of my many favorites you've made. Happy Friday to you! Kelley Secrest

  9. Congrats on the awards - what fun! Love the cocktail fabric - can't wait to see where inspiration takes you!

  10. Your Sparrow quilt is definitely a winner. I'm happy it was recognized by so many. Making a charcuterie board is so much fun and getting to spend a little more time outdoors with family makes it even better. Love the whale.

  11. Congratulations on your BIG win at the state faie, Barb!!

  12. That quilt deserves every ribbon it receives! Oh, I guess you had a lot to do with it, so you also deserve those ribbons. ;)
    You have such beautiful kids--it is always fun to see them with you.
    Not on Instagram, so it is appreciated to see your quilts here. Could you share them in your Facebook group?

  13. Ohhhh your children are so kind and you have a beautiful family !! What a pleasure to spend some times with them !
    Congratulations on your ribbons ! Oh it's really well deserved !

  14. Great post, congratulations on the ribbons! I hope our paths cross in the future.

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  16. Wonderful win on beautiful quilt. So glad you got to spend time with your kids. Who is in your log cabin quilt in the medallion?

  17. Sorry, that is Lincoln. I meant to ask about the 9-patch, medalion.

  18. Oh it's so nice that Sparrow (you!) received the ribbons. How nice to spend time with your kids too. I saw the little quilts on IG. I really like Instagram. Your modern medallion looks intriquing - cocktail hour? ;).

  19. Congratulations! Bravo! I love that you have the whole family together. Those are the best times. I love a medallion!!! Can't wait to follow along.

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