Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Leaves of Grass - Modern Mini

 I decided a little modern sewing was just what I  needed this month.
I used scraps from a recent finish to make this little cross quilt.  I've called it Leaves of Grass to reflect the greens and blues.  

I used this Frida fabric for  the backing and did a little scrappy binding.

I machine quilted it with matchstick quilting using different thread colors.
I love this easy quilting design.  I tired to do a repeating pattern, but I messed it up - not that you can tell.
I also don't mind at all if they are not perfectly straight, do you?  
Hello and thank you to my new quilt friends of Q.U.I.L.T. Arkansas.  I had such a nice trip and met many friendly and talented ladies.  Here are some great Liberated Houses they made in my workshop.
What a fun day! What a fun group of women :) 

Sewing Machine Update~  I zipped back up to Maine on Monday to exchange my Janome.  Lucky for  me I stayed with my friends, Wendy and Gordon.   We went for a waterside lunch and then to their family property.
Cocktails on the porch - Heaven
Dinner at the Robinhood Marina where they have worked for over 30 years.  Gordon is retired, and Wendy is soo to be.
We watched the tide go out.
and the seals come in :)
Pop over to Wendy's blog to see the Monthly Mini she made with bits she made in my classes at Maine Quilts.

Finally a shameless cat photo.  I think Nutmeg has missed me with all the running around I've been doing.


Anonymous said...

Nutmeg must be happy you are home. What fun houses and the matchstick quilting is perfect for your little quilt. Gail at the Cozy Quilter

CecileD said...

I'm glad you had a good time with Wendy ! Your modern mini is very beautiful!! Give Nutmeg a hug !

Julierose said...

Leaves of Grass is so wonderful--and I love that matchstick quilting on it. That porch looks so relaxing at Wendy's--hugs, Julierose

Kyle said...

It was fun to see you join in again with your Leaves of Grass mini. I love your matchstick quilting. It's a perfect interpretation of grass! I'm glad you got to visit with Wendy again and enjoy a sweet time together. Nutmeg does look happy to see you ... with a devilish look. Watch out!

cityquilter grace said...

a very pretty modern mini....yes coastal maine is sooo beautiful...all the way up too...

Quilting Babcia said...

Your thoroughly modern mini is just great, really two quilts in one with the Frida backing. I love coastal Maine, wish I could get back there one more time. Maybe next year. Liberated houses look like fun, must try some one of these days.

gladiquilts said...

Wonderful mini, Barb! Great colors. I’m really struck by the lime strip at the bottom - it was bold to put it there, but it seems just right, balancing the blues. So happy you got to see Wendy as I’m sure your visit brightened her spirits. And good to get your machine issue resolved!

liz said...

Wouldn't it be fun to have all those wonderful wonky house to make a quilt, it would be wonderful : )
Maine is so beautiful.

Susie H said...

How come I never thought to use different colors of thread to quilt lines? Genius! Love it! What a wonderfully fun vacation you squeezed in before the end of summer. I would have loved to have a cocktail with you all. Hahaha

Janet O. said...

I always marvel at your quilting versatility. Whether modern or repro, you do it SO well! I have never done matchstick quilting, so I can't say if it would bother me on my own quilt, but it doesn't bother me at all on yours! LOL
So many fun and creative liberated houses. I wonder if I could let go and go liberated. ;)
Oh, the photos of you and Wendy at the Marina take me back to last year about this same time. I didn't get there with Wendy--we were off to Cyndi's shop when Gordon took Gregg there. But later, when Gregg and I were on our way back from Vinalhaven, Gregg drove me down to the marina and we walked out on the docks and enjoyed the view. Did you get to Cyndi's this trip?
Got a kick out of the cat photo. Is Nutmeg trying to send you a telepathic message here?

Lori said...

Maine is so beautiful! I'm sure Wendy loved relaxing with you!!
Your modern quilt is so graphic and fun!

FlourishingPalms said...

That's a lovely little mini. I like that pop of florescent-looking lime green. What do you do with a mini like this? That's always a dilemma once I've made a small quilt. I haven't gotten into matchstick quilting. Though I semi-tried, I wasn't happy with my results. I'm taking a matchstick quilting workshop with Cassandra Beaver next June, so I hope to learn how to do it properly. Love seeing all the houses made in your workshop. I saw them first on Instagram. Nice that you could be along the coast in Maine. I'm sure the weather is already turning there, so days sitting outside are limited. Enjoy being at home again now!

Shasta Matova said...

Your mini looks great! I think the quilting looks better when the lines aren't exactly straight. That is what gives it its charm.

Joanna said...

Your modern mini inspired me. It’s so fun!

audrey said...

It sounds like you are having the perfect winddown to your summer, good friends and all! I love the stitching on your latest. Wonderful work!:)

Barbara said...

Wonderful mini, Barb! Love the colors and the matchstick quilting looks great! So glad you got to spend some time with Wendy. What a lovely place to have a cocktail and enjoy the view. Cute liberated houses.