Saturday, August 13, 2022

Maine and Beyond!

 Hello!   I had a great trip to Maine and met so many nice people and spent time with Wendy and Randy which is always wonderful.

It is such a beautiful state.  I reminds me a lot of the Great Lakes area of Wisconsin and Michigan.
Our sweet friend Wendy has been going through some medical stuff, so Randy and I pooled our orphan blocks and she assembled them into a beautiful quilt for her.
My classes were great and I met such nice and talented laddies.
here are few pieces of students projects.
I've shared several photos of quilts on my IG account but they are worth seeing again!

One of my favorites and Beth introduced herself to me which was wonderful. I see your initials and year Beth - Bravo!!
Anyone to trade/swap some of these tiny house??  I love them!!
As a teacher I was invited to display one quilt so I brought my Sparrow Quilt.
Okay, I also made a very excited and somewhat impulsive purchase of a new Janome Sewing Machine.
It is a great machine, but unfortunately, it doesn't fit in my cabinet and I really love my cabinet and set up.  The shop has agreed to let me trade it in for  this model.  It is the perfect size and will every thing I ever want to do :)
Happy August and Summer and I'll be soon to share some fabulous quilts from the New England Quilt Show.


Anonymous said...

I feel a house swap coming on…I’m in if you decide to do this. That COVID quilt is very cool! Looks like a great time in Maine! Gail at the Cozy Quilter

Susie H said...

Beautiful quilts and it looks like your students excelled in your class, Barb. That was awfully wonderful of the quilt shop to let you exchange the biggie for a machine that would fit in your cabinet. Small shop service!

Shasta Matova said...

Congrats on your new machine! It looks like it has lots of great embroidery stitches. I liked the big throat on the one you had to return. Thanks for sharing so many pretty quilts. I like the Covid one too.

Chantal said...

Such a lovely thought to give Wendy a quilt by friends. I hope the medical issues get resolved quickly. Looks like the ladies had fun in your class. You must be such a zen teacher. Thanks for sharing the quilts parade. That Covid one is something else. Who would have thought that one day we would see a quilt about a virus? Enjoy your newest toy. I still love my Janome even though it is almost 10 years old. ;^)

OT Quilter said...

So much to like in this post. I'm so glad we got to see Wendy's quilt before it was gifted--such a thoughtful treasure. And Beth French's quilt: Ooh la la! And of course I'll swap tiny houses!

Janet O. said...

I love that first shot of the three of you in Wendy's yard. What a sweet thing to make Wendy a quilt from your orphan blocks. Randy works magic with them.
Good to hear that your classes went well.
Love all those little houses. Did you find the two blocks that are alike? Are you going to do another block swap?
I'm glad you were able to display your sparrow quilt. That is a favorite.
How exciting to get a new machine! Good for you!

cityquilter grace said...

great post and good to see wendy was able to participate in your class....nice machine but does it make dinner??? LOL....looks wonderfully versatile...yeah maine in the summer is wonderful...and autumn as well

gladiquilts said...

Thank you for sharing these quilts! Getting together with friends at quilt shows and being part of the quilting community is one of the reasons I’m passionate about making quilts. It was fun to see you at Quiltfest NE! Sounds like the sewing machine situation will work out just fine. Hope we cross paths again soon 🙂.

Janet said...

So much to inspire in this post. I love the orphan block quilt you made for Wendy. I’m sure she was encouraged in receiving it. Enjoy your new machine!!!

CecileD said...

The orphan block quilt is fabulous !! Oh what a sweet present !
The first picture is beautiful and I like to see you 3 all together !
And what fun classes !
The Covid color quilt is ... wow ! So beautiful !

rondiquilts said...

Beautiful post! Looks like summer has been good to you. Looks like visiting quilt friends was just what the Dr ordered for Wendy.


Randy D. said...

Maine was a great time together and I also felt very lucky to finally have the opportunity to take one of your classes. You are AWESOME...such a great vibe in your classes.
I've yet to post my pictures from the show, which was wonderful. I loved seeing your sparrow quit up close... GREAT quilt.
Can't wait to meet the NEW Janome!!

liz said...

Beautiful post. My dream is to go to Maine it's just so far away. If you were hinting at a small house block exchanged I would love to do that : )

Yvonne said...

Wow, beautiful machine Barb! I wish you many happy hours with it.
Maine....I love that state. Fell in love with it on our first trip to the US in 1994 and we went back for a few weeks in 1998. It is about time to go back there again. I hope it is still so tranquil, peaceful and beautiful as it was.
Looks like you had some fun classes!

Meredith Loughran said...

That new machine looks like it will be lots of fun to play with! A tiny house swap would be great fun, too

Lori said...

It looks like a lovely time! I was in Maine earlier this year and it is a beautiful state!

Diane said...

What a wonderful time it looks like you had! I would have loved to join y'all! I think those tiny houses are amazing, what size are they? They would make a super fun swap! Congrats on the new machine!!!