Sunday, February 26, 2023

Sewing: What Else?

 This is a little dolly quilt I made for my friend, Diane Burdin's Birthday. Who can resist a purple basket quilt?
I only had a fat quarter of this fabric but I just had to use it on the back.  It paired perfectly.
It looked very sweet on my little spool doll bed for  a few days.
I'm continuing to work on my Vedderstone Ranch.  Here are the latest houses:  Bunkhouse and Implement Shed.
This is what's on the wall - this is not the layout.
This was an inspiration quilt that I really like.
Last weekend we went to a wedding in Indianapolis by way of Philadelphia (both ways) and I saw this interesting art installation.
We were rushing to our connecting flight so I didn't get to see the information plaque (if there was one).
It looks like found objects maybe.  I wish I had had more time to look at it.  I'm amazed at airport art.  It can be really great!

Linda Swanekamp sent me a photo of her Star Swap Blocks.   Read more on her blog here.  She really went the extra mile making these double stars with lots of great black and whites.  I love it!  Can you spot your stars?
Just when I thought I was done.....I found an arc that needed big stitch.
I love how it looks on the back as well.
As for  sewing today....I'll be sewing the binding down on the Double Wedding Ring quilt!  woo hoo!  

I'm doing well on my Black Films.  I'm concentrating on the top 50.
I'm also working on the Oscar Nominations.  They are always problematic in terms of equality.
Thanks for  stopping by!  Happy Sewing.


Cynthia@wabi-sabi-quilts said...

Binding day is a good day. I do spot my star block - fun! Sweet basket quilt. And your Vedderstone ranch is going to be powerful!

Sharon Stroud said...

What a wonderful basket quilt! Love the backing! All your work is so great!

Ginger Scott said...

Interesting airport art installation. It looks like there are a lot of sewing related pieces so I doubt it is found objects. Lovely quilts. Thanks for sharing.

cityquilter grace said...

what else indeed! love the purple print...i think i have some in the pile...probably that stuff is found items at the airport maybe? working on my quiltmania that DWR...

Kyle said...

Sweet purple basket dolly quilt. The backing fabric is super fun. Sewing the binding on your DWR quilt means you're heading to the finish line. Seeing the texture of the quilting in the sunlight is always a beautiful thing.

gladiquilts said...

Your little basket quilt is super nice and the house/structures quilt is looking so good at this point! Excellent fabric choices. Love your big stitch quilting on the DWR. I recently looked at the QuiltCon winners on the MQG web site and photos of lots of the quilts from the show on Instagram. It’s really ironic that almost the only hand quilting you see is big stitch style and just a few years ago it was dismissed as unacceptable by essentially all shows! I do think it has its place and looks good on the right quilts, but so does “regular” hand quilting and I hope that doesn’t become a lost art!

Anonymous said...

Nice doll quilt for your friend. Love what your friend did with her stars. I still need to make something with mine. On our way home from QuiltCon in Atlanta. My head is swirling with ideas…
I lead a book club and we discussed The Girl with the Louding Voice for Black History Month. One of our upcoming books is by an indigenous author Indians on Vacation by Thomas King. Good to expand our horizons and seek other viewpoints.
Yahoo for binding! You will be done before the wedding!!!
Back to stitching in the car.
Take care. Gail at the Cozy Quilter

Anonymous said...

I love Vedderstone Ranch! Looking forward to watching your progress. Your DWR is beautiful!! Wishing you a happy week. Kelley Secrest

Chris said...

Wow, inspirational post today! I haven’t had time to sew lately, maybe this will give me the nudge I needed!
And all of those movies! What fun!

Quilting Babcia said...

So many goodies in this post. I love the backing fabrics you chose for the wedding quilt, not to mention the sweet dolly quilt! The Vedderstone ranch is shaping up wonderfully too. Have a wonderful week.

Janet O. said...

I certainly wouldn't resist a purple basket quilt. So sweet--and that backing fabric is a real WOW factor. I've never seen it before. Gorgeous!
Vedderstone ranch is really fun. My goodness, you are being so creative with your building plans.
Fascinating art installation. Would have been fun to have time to study it, but at least you have the photos.
Very cool setting for the star swap blocks.
Well, good you found that arc. This is such a luscious quilt, Barb.
A really fun post!

Barbara said...

Wonderful post, Barb! Absolutely love the purple baskets dolly quilt. You are so clever to be making your very own Vedderstone Ranch quilt--so many possibilities for buildings and structures. Yay! Your DWR quilt is at the finish line :) Interesting art installation at the airport. Fun stuff!

audrey said...

Always love a sweet little basket quilt.:)

CecileD said...

Your ranch will be fabulous !!
I'm not a big fan of lavender and purple fabrics but I must admit that your doll quilt is soooo sweet ! And the backing is perfect !
Last part for your wedding quilt !! woo hoo !

⭐ Cosmic Fortune said...

Danke für Ihr Engagement, einen interessanten Blog zu erstellen, der voller hilfreicher Informationen ist. Weiter so! ❤️️