Wednesday, September 23, 2009

On With The Show.....

by: Barb

Saturday was a beautiful sunny day here in the mid-Atlantic. Perfect for a bus trip to the PA Quilt Extravaganza! This was the first time I've taken a bus trip to a quilt show and it's wonderful. I arrived without any driving fatique and I was ready to hit the vendors and the quilt displays.

Mary - it was nice chatting with you via cel phone, but it's not the same without you!

This was my "best in show"....those who know me, know I've never met a Toile' I didn't love.

Mark Twain collection

A hex! The cupcake club is working on this style quilt. Jill's is finished, Barb & Mary's are in progress....

This whole cloth quilt was lovely in person--

On a different quilt - lovely feathers.

Part of the World Quilt Competition. It won best in Africa

over 50,000 pieces, nuf said

This was from China...
Each cherry blossom was embroidered on a solid piece.

Look at this lovely paper piecing! So interesting

This quilt was encrusted with crystals, the photos do not give it justice (my photos anyway)

This is the back - what?

A crowd favorite. Everyone stood there naming the movies. It was such a delight and so whimsical. No foolin'...shame

Mary Poppins, Physcho, Titanic, ET, king and I. Each one was a work of art.

This was hand painted whole cloth with thread painting.

The variety of quilts was amazing. There was a lovely antique quilt exhibit, unfortunately this is the only photo I was able to take--

And now back to my regularly scheduled program. I hope you enjoyed the show!



  1. Wow! There are some really amazing quilts. Thank you for sharing them on your blog.

  2. Barb, the photos are great. It's like I was there.

  3. Thank you for the wonderful eye candy this morning. What a great way to start the day!!


  4. wow great quilt pictures! I took lots of that hat box quilt too my DD would LOVE that quilt.
    You saw many quilts I missed!
    wow loved the hexagon quilt and never saw the pink quilt either..
    missed a few aisles!
    thanks for sharing it was a great show.

  5. Terrific show of quilts. I enjoyed looking at them. Thanks for sharing.

  6. barb, so happy to have you blogging! great quilt show.

  7. I like the quilt with the eagles.

    I am trying to figure out the quilt that has roses. They look cross stitched. Do you know what technique was used?


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