Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Self Challenge


I'm really looking forward to this new blogging project Mary.

I am a Chicago area transplant and have been living in Northern New Jersey for about 6 years. It has been several years since I tried blogging and it was wonderful of Mary to agree to a joint blog so that we may continue our creative fun together.

While I'll miss our regular get togethers, I think we'll have sharing our lives through this blog. While it will be mostly quilting, it will include all fun things; books, movies, day trips, gardening, cooking....all the things that Mary & I enjoy. Did I mention wine? I guess we'll have to wait for in person visits for that.

One of my guilds; Brownstone Quilters, is having a quilt show in November. Members selected quilts from the New Jersey Heritage Quilt Book to reproduce, or re-interpret. I finished one, (which I share next time) and decided to take on this one too:

I guess I felt sorry for it, it only got 1/2 a page....I don't even know what the borders were, if there were any. I decided to make this a smaller quilt.

The setting blocks were made up of 3 pieces of fabric to achieve the look of the original.

Here is where I stood with the project this morning.

My challenge: to finish this quilt completely in time for the first guild meeting on Friday night. Wish me luck.

In the meantime, I'm having a blast watching the US Open Tennis matches. The women, are especially putting on a good show!



Crispy said...

Aww it's a shame the the authors didn't feel this quilt deserved a better picture. It's wonderful that you are giving it new life :0)


Kim said...

Oh good you did 2. I never even got my 1 done.
What a mess this year was. If I come Friday look for me - I still have a goodie for you.

Karen said...

A very good interpretation.

Cyndi said...

Great Quilt! Love the pillar borders....they work perfectly!!