Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Domestic Production

by: Barb

Saturday was a busy and fun filled day. Jill and I attended the 3rd Regional Quilt Study day in Burlington, NJ.

Judy Grow, of the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Study Group coordinates a wonderful day with the help of the study group. Attendees have the opportunity to view private collections of antique quilts and it was wonderful! Unfortunately no photos are allowed during the study day. Judy takes beautiful photos and offers them on a CD.

The day is held in a Historical Museum, here are some photos of the museum's collection:

I especially liked this one. And the Title, wouldn't that make a funny quilt title?

I love the way the columns are quilted like a sampler of designs...

We saw many wonderful PA quilts and pillowcases this year. One rare treat was seeing about 35 quilts from the Christ Collection. Pat and Arlen started collecting quilts after 9/11 as an investment and it's clear that now it has become a passion.

They presented an array of quilts spanning 100 years. They had a amazing scrap 4-patch quilt with over 9,000 pieces. The crowning glory was a East Coast Album Quilt, Red & Green, with a charming apple vine border which they acquired at auction.

We were able to purchase this wonderful booklet containing photos of quilts from their collection. The total number of quilts in their collection is somewhere around 500.

We had a wonderful lunch out side on the lawn. We ended the day with show and tell and door prizes. This is what I won - how lucky am I?

We visited 2 shops afterward and here is some of our booty. We are sharing these fabrics for an upcoming project....

such a sweet childrens toile'.....sigh

Isn't this a cute shop?
This is where we made a new friend - how cute is she?

This little puppy was visiting the shop with her mommy, who was teaching a rug making class. I asked her how extensive her wardrobe was. She has 40 dresses, 2 pajamas and a bikini. How funny, now if I could only remember the cute pups name. Amanda? Amelia? Abigail? We were smitten.....
I really liked the skirt on the form in front of the shop. I picked up the pattern and this fabric to make a Fall skirt. I'm a little concerned as there are no pictures with the pattern, it's all typed out. Yikes.

And finally, and the best for last, here are fabrics that Jill shared with me from the Windham Lincoln collection. Aren't they incredible? The cupcakers' are thinking about doing a little Lincoln Challenge to commemorate the bicentennial of his birth.
Hope you're having quilting and sewing fun!


  1. Wow on some of those antique quilts! Thank you for sharing the pictures. Makes great inspiration.

  2. What a wonderful time you had!! So many beautiful quilts, I'm surprised you didn't come home with your mind in quilty overload LOL.


  3. I loved seeing the quilts in that museum.
    Aren't they hung beautifully?
    Good luck with your challenge, the fabrics look great.
    I hope I can buy a copy of the booklet as well.


  4. Absolutely beautiful quilts!!! The second last one is stunning!!! I would love to make a quilt like that one day!

    I love your fabric purchases!

    That little dog is so cute!!!

  5. Any idea where to get "The Eye of the Needle" online? I'd love to buy a copy. Great pictures! Thanks.

  6. Thanks for the mini quilt show!
    I just found your blog through Kathie last week and, coincidentally, met some of your friends a day later. Turns out that I'm a new-ish member of your old group. Small world, isn't it?

  7. Thanks for sharing the quilts. It is funny to see a photo of my LQS. I just found your blog. Nice to find a new one to read. Lovely job.


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