Friday, October 2, 2009

Cupcake Club

by: Barb

Yesterday we had a great Cupcake Club meeting at Susan's house. We missed you Mary, and I hope this post will make you feel as if you were there with us.

Our first treat was to see her newly decorated sewing room. The wall color is so happy and bright. The name of the paint is Hibiscus - Lovely!

The bookcases are from Ikea and Susan's husband customized them with cornices and footers - he is talented! Pretty little boxes all in a row...

Here is where all the magic happens.....Owen also custom made these work tables, am I jealous? You bet! Don't you love the over sized drafting tools?

We held a big discussion about our new project. We ran to the copy story to make enlargements and swapped fabrics. I will make a report as soon as we have something to show. Each of us will do our own version, and maybe size of this project.

Susan's side porch is such a cozy room to sew. It's where she also does her primitive painting. I always feel like I'm in a tree house.

Susan made a wonderful soup, which was especially good because it was chilly day.

To celebrate Susan's upcoming birthday, I made "Gooey Carmel Apple Cake". I was too embarrassed to take a photo of the whole cake, because the center was sink hole. I forgot my gift at home, doh!
After the cake was finished, Susan pointed out that were only 3 cupcakes on the plate, like our group...:( She is not happy about that, it was just a funny coincidence. She actually made a great pouty face, but asked me not to publish that one.

Susan worked on a binding for a sample that is going to Fall Quilt Market, there was a peek of it on the design board and then did hand quilting on her V&A project. Jill made applique circles and finished the applique on the swag border for her churn dash quilt (darn - didn't get a photo, sorry, Mary). And I finished my Rug!

I was going to paint the edge of the rug, where the white canvas shows, but Susan had the brilliant idea to use a marker. Thanks Susan! I had this art marker at home and it worked great -

So her it is installed on my Family Room raised hearth. It is so nice to make something custom fit. One thing I did not count on was the slight shrinkage in the width due to the tension of the rug - next time I would add about 1/2 inch or so depending on the overall size.
Once the fireplace is turned on, which will probably be tonight, the real cats in the house are sure to find it. The kids will also enjoy the cushion when they sit to warm their backs.

Speaking of cats here are my two:
Luna, who can't be bothered while she watches Starbuck outside.
And Starbuck, such pretty boy.
Have a Great Weekend everyone!


  1. Three cupcakes, boo hoo. I miss you girls.

  2. LOve the paint color of Susans room and all that natural light.

    oh would have loved to see inside the fabric closet!

    Your new mat looks great there. I now am going to have to make one of these for our table.


  3. I need Susan to come do my sewing room. I have too much stuff in it for it to ever look as good as hers, though.
    The rug looks oh so good!


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