Monday, October 26, 2009

There's No Place Like Home

by: Barb (Dorothy of Kansas)

Friday night I hosted my applique' groups' Halloween party. I love to decorate and do party set up. Here are some photos:

cupcake tree -The bar:

Costumes were encouraged, and I was so glad that some of my friends obliged. I love the self-portrait! That's me as Dorothy with PJ Peg.

Lucy and Ethel (as newspaper boys. They placard had the episode name and number on it) with a diva-ghoul

Lucy and Ethel with a Gardener

Civil War Soldier and Sherry Bobbins (this is a drinking mary poppins)

We played the "who am I" game. I made them out of playing cards by just punching a hole and using a label on the back of the card. You pin a "person" to each party goers back. They guess "who they are" with yes and no questions only. It was a big hit. My daughter made my clue, I was Tyra Banks. "Alex Anderson" was also at the party.

Gathered for show and tell, which was marvelous. I didn't get many photos because it was too crowded in my family room. Look at the beautiful doll bed and quilt on the table. Wendy made the bedding (including pillow and sheets). We'll be selling raffle tickets for it at the quilt show in 2 weeks. I will be investing heavily!

This is Pauline's lovely crazy quilt block. I love the thistle.

A wonderful finished top by Joan.

Nancy's needle case was a swap with the Embroiderers' guild.

Joan brought this little treat for everyone - a Christopher Radko repro vintage decoration.

And, of course, you're never too old for a take home goodie bag. They looked much cuter all in a basket, but I forgot to take the photo before the party....

I hope you scare up some fun for Halloween.

Wednesday Mary will be here for a Cupcake Meeting!!


  1. Look at all those smilin' faces. You all obviously had a wonderful time :0)


  2. looks like everyone had fun, love that tablecloth and the banner hanging in the window by the bar, just too cute

  3. Oh what fun for everyone! The gals quilt s and needle case were marvelous as well. Please let me purchase some tickets for the bed and quilt as that is just amazing and would look super with my needlepoint frame I have!Enjoy your time with Mary as it will go quickly.

  4. Looks like a nice day with friends...great Halloween table too.

  5. I can tell from the photos that you ladies know how to have a good time! Love the party set-up. The tablecloth is just right. I would love to be standing right by that cupcake tree!


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