Thursday, October 15, 2009

Quilts and Krispee Treats, oh my

by: Barb

Hello! This is a busy post, as there was a lot to do this past long weekend.

Saturday, Gwyned Trefethen was the guest at the Empire Quilters. She talked about her series of quilts and various design elements in quilting. Here are a couple of photos of her work:

And this is a fun little Witchy quilt that the woman next to me was working on (darn, didn't write her name down). Members who attended the October round table we "treated" to a kit to make this quilt.

Member show and tell:
This is a "mile a minute" quilt

There was more, but my photos were sub-par for publication.

Here are the Block of the Month fashion label blocks, that I didn't win :(

Hanna and I made Krispee Treats. Traditional, and Fruity Pebble, which were sweet and good! For some reason, fall always seems the right time to make these.

On Tuesday, Hanna and I headed in to the city for a little shopping and see the Quilt Exhibit at the Williams Club, which was a beautiful East Side Brownstone. It is a private Alumni Club and a full of interesting architectural details.

It was interesting to view these quilts in all the different halls, parlors and meeting rooms at this club.

This weekend, I'm hoping to spend a little more time sewing.


  1. fun quilts. I particularly like the mile a minute. I do so love string quilts.

  2. Loved the quilt show :0) My favs were the applique (with the swans) and the cute basket quilt.


  3. Lots of Show 'n Tell today. The most interesting quilt to me was the one that looks like a Snail's Trail but is pieced with those twirly parts. I don't know a better way to explain it.

  4. OH my the tree quilt is amazing, is it large? and the baskets in the last picture love that quilt!
    simple yet striking to me!
    what did you think of the exhibit?
    worth going in for?
    would have been fun to win those bom fashion label blocks
    thats going to make a great quilt.

  5. It's too hard to pick a favorite. Thank you for sharing all these beautiful quilts.

  6. What a great lot of photos, I love the tree of life quilt. Thanks for sharing Barb.

  7. What a busy post! What do I comment on? All good, especially the HUGE Mile a Minute!

  8. That's a cute picture of Hannah!


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