Friday, October 23, 2009

4-patch dolly quilts

by: Barb

Happy Friday - Hooray Mary is in the state of NJ!

I thought I'd share couple of little quilts with you. I love to make doll quilts. They are so satisfying to me. Since I was a little girl, I have always loved "small" things. Here is one of Jo Morton's that I saw in a magazine. I even had the border print that she used:

I began hand quilting this one with a free form feather pattern. It quickly became apparent that you could not see the quilting, so I finished it on the machine.
Rules - shmules.

Here is the back, I guess my bobbin ran out too, because the thread changes color. This is before I started using novelty prints on the back:

A sweet little strippy--

And the back. Aren't these children well behaved?

I'm busy-busy getting ready for a little Halloween Party with my Applique' Group here tonight.
I'll share some photos over the weekend.

Raffle Quilt Update: Shar, a friend from the guild and part of my Needlers' group, WON THE BASKET QUILT. Isn't that fabulous! Not only a quilter, but a guild member too.


  1. Oh Barb, those are wonderful. It really surprised me that the machine quilting showed better than the hand quilting. What Rules????

  2. I love little quilts too.
    looking forward to seeing your collection
    these two are great...first one is perfect to use now!
    so fall looking

  3. I love to see the doll quilts, these are great, love the backs.

  4. Just found your it! Plan to visit often!!!

  5. I love little quilts and yet hardly ever make them, must do some soon they are a lot of fun.
    Thank you for visiting my blog too.



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